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Max Baucus, the U.S. Ambassador to China who has been picked up in 2014 by Joe Biden, now serves as an adviser to CCP (Chinese Communist Party) linked cryptocurrency platform.

According to The National Pulse, Baucus joined the cryptocurrency exchange Binance as a policy and government-related adviser last month. His role is to provide policy advice and guidance when dealing with the world’s most important financial and jurisdictions and agencies, as well as “a key role of consulting and connection with the United States authorities which affect the large global industry and practices to further guide sustainable developments for Binance and the broader cryptocurrency ecosystem.”

Binance, the China Blockchain Institute, announced a strategic partnership with Zhongshang Beidou Supply Chain Management Group, which is another state-owned company for supply chain innovation and application.

Besides, Binance is also a partner in China’s Belt and Road Initiative. They joined the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) and aimed to facilitate this project. The crew of directors and Managers also has a various working history for Chinese state-own media, universities, and companies.


Since the Biden administration begins, more and more traitors have exposed themselves, who sacrificed the future of Western and sold themselves to the evil CCP. They provide advanced knowledge and technology to CCP and make this devil stronger. One day these traitors will submit the consequence of their greed and perversion.

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Reference: Biden’s China Ambassador Pick Now Advises The Chinese Communist Party on Crypto

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