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Being part of NATO is not so much as important as join the Five-Eyes alliance, because NATO gets dozens of countries, but only a few countries are part of the Five-Eyes alliance. Intelligence is only being shared among the top few countries. All that is in the world, only these few countries know everything. NATO has dozens of countries, France and Germany are not qualified to be the Five-Eyes alliance, right? A lot of countries could not join. Japan was going to join just like we said Japanese proved with decades of time, they are reliable. All they need to do is to sign the document. That is how this works, right? Once you sign the document, we can share everything with your eyes. You can join and send your own people here and funds as well. Of course, you need to provide funds to it. Then, you can send your people in there to take responsibility for part of this.

Once you get in there, almost opens a whole new world for you. It is almost like, wow, that is the truth of the world. Just think about it, if you have some evil guys get in this. This world, these five counties we just mentioned. UK, US, Australia, New Zealand and Canada. These decades already proved they have huge power. But they did not use the power for evil purposes, because they all honor the agreement. Every party in the Five-Eyes alliance need to follow the rules. Every one of the Five-Eyes has a huge power. They can utilize everything to attack any terrorists, or any targets. There is no doubt about it. However, no one can use it against any individual citizen, or use it for personal benefits, or getting personal profits, or get a few billion dollars, none of these! That is the verification of the system. So, all Chinese people