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In a CCP controlled China,  a very young child is trained to march like a PRC soldier as he shouted: “One, Two! Cotton is soft but PRC is hard!  National Dignity is Inviolable!”

A Young Child Imitates a PRC Soldier

Kindergarden age is a golden age to learn values and morals, but under the control of the CCP, even these young children could avoid being brainwashed so severely.   They are completely instilled in the CCP’s so-called “patriotic love of the party” war-doctrine education, which is shocking and distressing.   If this Chi Haotian witnessed this,  he should be “more gratified” in a new tab) to see the successor of the “national rejuvenation”.

I only hope that under the future education system of the New Federal State of China, children can receive true education and learn the fundamentals of order and cooperation with others,  production of value for the society instead of stealing from others and attacking others. in a new tab)

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