1.We shouldn’t divide people into parties. Instead we should see if they are righteous and able to take down the CCP.  One more thing is how we could do to keep more people away from becoming a single mother or a single father. This is the key point.
Aug 9,2020

2.We could talk on an equal footing, 
allowing other people to lose temper, 
to make mistakes, 
and to tell you the truth, 
even the wrong truth.
Apr 27,2020

3.The national flag of 
our New Federal State of China 
must be respected as such in the future. 
Each of us should love it 
the same as we love ourselves. 
This is our faith, and our symbol.  
Jul 27, 2020

4.Himalaya allows the Chinese people have the rule of law. 
It will be the real and independent rule of law,
which is separated from the government.
Apr  6, 2019

5.Your behavior are your fruits.
One single prayer gives birth to ten thousand new Buddhas.
All Buddhas come from your heart.
A single prayer is the cause and result.
Aug 4, 2020

6.A momentary decision 
makes you be a Buddha or Devil.
You will become a Buddha 
when you have good intention
in your heart.
Apr 29, 2020

7.How many people have been ruined 
because of the so-called unrealistic 
hope and the desire, which is like an apple,
always tempting you . 
The more you desire, 
the more disappointed you will become.
Aug 4, 2020

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