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Abstract:The Chinese Communist Party(CCP) has issued the Bluebook – Annual Report on Development of Oceania(2019-2020), in which relations between the CCP and Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Islands were sorted out to politics, diplomacy, military, science and technologies. In the book, the facts of infiltration into those countries were presented, which provides concrete evidences to understand the schemes, for CCP to dominate the world, of 2025, 2035, 2049 and the Belt and Road Initiative.

Chinanews reported On April 17th that the Center for Oceanian Studies at Sun Yat-Sen University and the Social Science Academic Press jointly issued an online report on 17 – Annual Report on Development of Oceania (2019-2020) [1].

The bluebook is comprised of General reportChapter for Australia and New ZealandChapter for Pacific Island CountriesSpecialized topics, and Appendices,as shown below:


The bluebook mentions that:

1. In the year from 2019 to 2020, a tough trial of development of the Oceania region was experienced. Impacted by the lack of international economic increasing power and the global prevalence of CCP’s virus in 2020, the economy of Oceania has become depressed, and pressure on the economy was growing, which is making the governments forcefully intervene.

2. Public crises are challenging the ability of social governance of the government’s imposition of multiple factors, such as environment protection and populism, which causes the political arena of Oceania to be more complicated and unpredictable. 

3. Although significant advances of China (CCP) diplomacy in Pacific Island Countries have been achieved, attitudes towards china are still ambiguous. Here the Pacific Island Countries is the collective term for the 14 independent countries scattering over the Pacific Ocean region, roughly divided into three areas, i.e., Polynesia, Melanesia, and Micronesia. During the reporting period, as with serial successes of the visit of Vanuatu’s Prime Minister to China, respective establishment and restoring of diplomatic relations with the Solomon Islands and Kiribati, and presence in the 3rd China-Pacific Island Countries Economic Development & Cooperation Forum.

Visit of Prime Minister of Solomon Islands to China, visit of President of the Federated States of Micronesia to China, visit of President of Kiribati to China, construction of the China(CCP) town in Papua New Guinea, technical assistance in farming King grass (Pennisetum sinese Roxb) and Upland rice, steady progress in 5G projects. These countries have been progressively brought into the Belt and Road Initiative by the CCP.

4. the Sino-Australia relation has slid into the abyss once again. In the context of rapid reshaping strategic deployment in the Indo-Pacific region by the Trump Administration, the Diplomacy of Australia continued to keep aligned with America in 2019, while New Zealand downsized its defense. In June 2019, New Zealand government declared to call back its troops from Iraq and shift the emphasis of defense to the Pacific region. In relation to China(CCP), Australia and New Zealand kept the double-track policy of development for the exchange in economy and politics. 

The bluebook was baked in the context of decoupling of Sino-US relations and elimination of CCP on the global scale. The book sorted out aspects of politics, diplomacy, military, science, and technologies, and also presented its infiltration into those countries, which provides concrete evidence to understand the schemes, for CCP to dominate the world, of 2025, 2035, 2049, and the Belt and Road Initiative.




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