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[April 20, 2021] Video translation

Hello, my esteemed fellow fighters. Today is April 20.

Everyone can see that Wang Qishan has come out again. China and the United States are going to discuss environmental governance. The topic has now changed from co-governance of the world to co-governance of the environment and environmental protection. This is just like when someone is sentenced to death, before the execution, they want to talk about philosophy, life, and heaven. During the last days and hours, it can provide comfort before death. It’s the same as putting makeup on the deceased before cremation.  

Wang Qishan showed up at the Annual “Boao Forum for Asia” Conference in Hainan. Why? To invite the whole world to continue to make under-the-table deals with the CCP. I have your interests at heart here. I will open the market. We can continue our BGY plot together and continue to play the ordinary people for suckers. 

What else did Wang Qishan’s appearance mean? It proved that after Yang Xiong’s death, the Shanghai Gang had to introduce bigger guns. Meanwhile, they have to let Wang Qishan and Meng Jianzhu show their faces because the Jiang family has no better representatives.  They have only Han Zheng and Wang Qishan left. Right? Then a few people from Shanghai, such as Meng Jianzhu.

It also shows that “Nutty Xi” is totally incapable of making deals with the West without them. Have you read Xi’s speech? Who wrote the speech for Xi? It was written by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This speech written by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is a back-handed slap in the face of Xi Jinping. Not only that, everyone can tell that Xi’s situation is awful. He is petrified. Everything in that speech shows his fear of this matter. Everyone should read the article carefully, then you will understand.

Wang Qishan said that he was a “provisional announcer.” Why did he say that he was a provisional announcer? It is to fool Xi Jinping. Every vice-chairman or country’s vice president is waiting for the president to die, or be taken out. Only when the president is taken out, or dies, does the vice president have a chance to rise to power. The two positions of President and Vice President can never have an intimate relationship. Their apparent intimacy hides a large void between them. They are just waiting for the other person to die. This is an eternal and unchanging rule. Even blood brothers cannot change this.

Prince Charles wrote to the Duke of Windsor long ago, hoping that his mother would step down or the queen would die soon. Because this way, he could be the “emperor”. That’s what he wrote. Even your own son can think like that, right? It is easy to see how these two people Xi Jinping and Wang Qishan, who are both bloodthirsty for power, work together to do evil things. At the same time, they are strange bedfellows.  

Everyone can make inferences from this. In the nightclubs in China, when you see the oldest procuress who runs the brothel plies the trade again, it means that the nightclub business is not good, or there are problems with the firm or the customers. The old madam needs to come out, help to solve the problems, or solicit customers. She needs to find the big bosses and old clients again. “Come here. We have some young girls (chicks) who joined us recently. There are also new boys (ducks) male prostitutes, all young and from Xinjiang.” Right?

There must be a lack of guests visiting the CCP. Not Jack Ma, who solicits customers like a streetwalker, but Wang Qishan, who is short of guests. Wang Qishan’s appearance means that there is a lack of guests, the CCP needs to ramp up their BGY efforts again. It shows that China’s domestic economy is in a hazardous state, and that the CCP is encountering its most significant problems, i.e. foreign trade and international relations disasters. 

Now Xi Jinping wants to unite with Wang to solve external problems and deal with domestic troubles. This exposes the most prominent and critical issue that our Whistleblower Movement has been declaring all along – the CCP, you are toast!

What did the United States and the CCP discuss on the topic of the environment, fellow fighters? The US talked about the environment with the CCP. It is as if there is a murderer who has poisoned and killed the family members of the village chief, the richest men, and the most educated people in a village – just like in the United States, Britain, Japan, etc. The murderer has also stolen their money and belongings.  Now the village chief wants the rich men and the educated men to negotiate with that rogue. About what? 

They want to talk about philosophy, the future, the sky, and the environment. What is that for? To dull your vigilance, and then to kill you. This shows that there is a secret alliance between the village chief and the gangster. They both want to make under-the-table deals with each other. In addition, the gangster suffers from an unrealistic fantasy. He believes that the village chief, and those rich gentlemen, will allow him to go free, including that “guard with the sword” (Japan) who is right next to him.

The CCP’s hope is that they won’t be beaten. We can make more secret deals. Now they are confronted by the village chief (US), the guard with a sword (Japan), the British gentleman, and the oil tycoons in the Middle East. Well, we can we talk about the environment and governance of the environment first? Then let’s talk about philosophy, life, the future, and heaven, etc. This is an attempt to numb you. Only someone who is about to die will be offered this kind of anesthesia. This is similar to before Saddam was hung. He was given an injection in his buttock. Didn’t you see this? He was given anesthesia to reduce the pain. They do this to everybody who is sent to the gallows. 

So, the CCP wanted the United States to come and give it a dose of anesthesia. They are about to strangle the CCP, just as they placed the noose around Saddam’s neck. So, the CCP hurried called for help. “Hey buddies, let’s stop the fighting now. Wang Qishan, stop fighting with the Jiang family. Everyone will benefit if we can keep our Zhongnanhai. We will all have money and have meat to eat “. This is after John Kerry had met Yang Jiechi and had a significant setback in Shanghai. The shameless CCP behaved like those overseas fake pro-democracy bullies. They always speak with irony.

The CCP just announced 18% economic growth, then immediately held the Boao Forum in Hainan. The Boao Forum is a BGY Forum. They began their BGY strategy again without any shame. The old bawd Wang Qishan was dragged out in public again because a bawd can speak in a way that the brothel frequenters understand. International organizations such as the Wuhan Organization (WHO) and Wall Street are coming. Right? Because they have a long and close relationship with the CCP. The Madam knows what her whore masters need. So old Madam Wang Qishan showed up.

Meng Jianzhu will come out as well. You watch. Where is Meng Jianzhu’s first stop? Meng Jianzhu will definitely go to the Middle East, from Turkey to the Middle East. This is what Meng Jianzhu specialized in. The “Mekong Southeast Asia line” is the CCP’s intelligence line in South Asia that Meng Jianzhu opened up. It’s the line of benefit in Southeast Asia, a life-and-death line as well. It is also a drug line, called the “dark line.” In the Middle East, it includes Turkey-Pakistan-Afghanistan, called the anti-terrorism line. What is the line from the Strait of Malacca, to the Suez Canal, and on to Egypt and the Middle East? This is an intelligence line, an oil line, and a dark line. They want to establish a “One Belt, One Road” security organization. Meng Jianzhu was engaged in all of these lines, and they must be switched on. 

The CCP is using an old bawd, thugs, intelligence, and BGY to threaten the United States and the West. They are using all these tricks. It just shows that the CCP is really at the end of its rope.

I learned about Xi’s speech yesterday, but I couldn’t talk about it. I gave it a quick glance yesterday and immediately knew who wrote this speech for Xi. It’s Yang Jiechi. Wang Huning (a current member of the CCP’s Politburo Standing Committee and first-ranked secretary of the party’s Secretariat). I dare not say how much he was involved. But there is another key person around him. A master hand named Liang helped him write it. This expert does know about international affairs. But to write such a speech under these circumstances is definitely to defy Xi. It shows that within the CCP, they are entirely speaking with irony now. It is the same as in the era of the Qin Dynasty when that little bastard Hu Hai destroyed the Great Qin Dynasty. Together with his buddy Zhao Gao, they deliberately referred to the deer as the horse, saying the opposite of what they meant. Only this way could they survive.

So, we can tell that the CCP is finished. The CCP is still engaged in DCEP cryptocurrency to challenge the U.S. dollar. The CCP still wants the final say in the South China Sea, Taiwan, and Southeast Asia, to kick the United States out. Then the CCP is fomenting sentiments of extreme nationalism and patriotism in China, just like the situation in Germany and Japan from 1932 to 1945. 

What’s sad is that the Chinese people are the victims. The US-China discussion about the environment, old bawd Wang Qishan’s appearance, the CCP took the hard-earned money of the Chinese people to accomplish all of this. They exchanged Chinese people’s futures and lives to feed a few old bastards in Zhongnanhai (Beijing) and to irrigate the “flowers of blood” with Chinese people’s blood. Such a tragedy. People even believe in the CCP. They mainly believe in the CCP.  

In the past, we had news media. Now we have social media. News is not personal, but social media is private. That’s why social media such as our Getter, G-TV, and G-News are so important. Let’s wait and see. We will ultimately kill the CCP gangsters’ lies and destroy them. Do you all agree?

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