Author: Jin Wang Editor: Isabella

It Is… 
But One Life 
We Must Conquer

Pain of Truth
Masking our souls
Bleeding out
In one last gasp
To breathe

It is here…
We must immerse our hearts
In Love
Looming in the depths
Of our soul
Our desperate need
To rise and succeed
Whether we are 
Or we are not
At our best

I don’t understand 
How we went so wrong
And why…
But I have always
Known somewhere deep inside
If we see beyond this realm
That clouds and taints our minds
And open our 
We see
There is only One
Be known
That I am you
And you are me
So when we learn to Love ourselves
We also Love everyone else

A World
Racism, Hate or Greed
A World
Not Divided
A World
Where we are All
Compassionate, Grateful and Free

Reality kills the beauty
Of our true existence
And the very fabric of
All living beings
For only in our minds
Lies the Truth
The Way
For the better of
All Mankind 🙏🏻