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According to the Central News Agency on April 19, 2021, Chairman Zhuoren Li in Hong Kong was sentenced to 14 months in prison, having been accused of participating in an illegal assembly. The Secretary of the Alliance, Cai Yaochang, said in an interview that although this matter created an impact on the operation of the organization, it does not hinder their determination to hold the June Fourth party.

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Li Zhuoren was accused of participating in the two unapproved Anti-Extradition Law Movement rallies on August 18 and August 31 of 2019. On April 16, 2021, he was convicted and sentenced to 14 months. As a union leader and democracy activist, Li Zhuoren has long fought for the economic and political rights of Hong Kong workers and citizens. He personally influenced generations of young people in Hong Kong to join the movement for democracy.

According to the news from Hong Kong 01, Secretary Cai said in an interview on the 18th that although Li Zhuoren’s absence will affect the organization and operation of the Alliance, the Alliance has 30 consecutive years of experience in commemorating the June Fourth Movement and will work together to persevere to hold this year’s June 4th series of commemorative activities. At present, the Alliance plans to hold a long-distance race on May 16, the June Fourth parade on May 30, and the June Fourth candlelight evening party on June 4 as usual. At the end of April, the Alliance will apply to the Hong Kong government for notice of no objection, in accordance with public security ordinances, and it is expected that there will be a result in mid-May.

However, Secretary Cai said that the current political environment in Hong Kong is wretched. The June 4th party last year was banned. Also, the authorities recently imposed sentences on the August 18 and August 31 cases, which were more stringent than their pre-assessment. Therefore, the Alliance will evaluate the current political situation and possible scenarios and formulate different contingency plans.

Secretary Cai added that Li Zhuoren has been a member of the Alliance Standing Committee for the past 30 years, and this is the first time he has been absent from the June Fourth mourning activities. But Li Zhuoren has stated that even in prison, he will observe the June Fourth activities in his own way.

Since 1990, Hong Kong citizens have been holding a yearly candlelight gathering in Victoria Park attended by more than 10,000 people memorializing the June 4th movement. In 2020, the Hong Kong police banned the June 4th candlelight memorial under the pretext of a “Pandemic Restriction Order.” This has caused citizens to believe that the purpose of imprisoning Li Zhuoren over the previous rallies in Hong Kong was to interfere with this year’s June 4th candlelight party. The CCP’s tactics have always been despicable and shameless. The CCP believes that it can use its dirty tricks and white terrorist tactics to scare the Hong Kong people away. However, the Chinese Communist Party and the Hong Kong Communist Party governments have tried in vain to suppress Hong Kong people’s attempts to pursue democracy and freedom. Even though under the CCP’s terrorist dictatorship, Hong Kong people may no longer be able to go to Victoria Park to hold a candlelight memorial. The candlelight of their pursuit of democracy and freedom will not be extinguished. Citizens can use various methods to commemorate June Fourth and spread Hong Kong’s fight for the truth.

The brave Hong Kong people will never succumb. The light of democracy and freedom of Hong Kong citizens will not be extinguished. To use a Hong Kong proverb: Threats and intimidation will never work in Hong Kong.

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