Written by: 8 Mile

Mr. Miles Guo, the initiator and leader of the Whistleblowers’ Movement, has just dropped a bombshell on 22 April 2021 by revealing there is a cure for COVID-19! This information was sourced and confirmed through internal intelligence whistleblowers and scientists. 

This is a game change. The CCP has ANTIVIRAL for COVID-19! They not only unleashed the unrestricted bioweapon, but also controls antiviral. 

Think about this, how come even the president of the U.S. was infected with COVID-19, while none was infected within the CCP’s senior government officials. 

the front two lines are the top power officials

As COVID-19 is a bioweapon, vaccines won’t be effective. The logic is quite simple: no vaccine has ever been made in such a short period in human history and how the vaccine can be produced without confirming whether it was originated naturally or from a lab.

The vaccines from the CCP are all fake and harmful to people’s health. On the contrary, the CCP holds the fate of mankind in their hands by controlling antiviral.

This is another example of committing crimes against humanity by the CCP.

We must hold the CCP accountable for this pandemic! We must ask them for truth and antiviral!

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Editor :Jenny