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Can Japan take this responsibility? It depends on the assessment of all aspects. First, 70 years of security, and 70 years assessment of Japan after WWII. What is your understanding of universal values? Second, can Japan be able to maintain the security in the Indo-Pacific region under the precondition that the U.S. is too late to deploy?

Can you support India, Australia, and South Korea? Can you provide the U.S. with a lot of specific information on intelligence? Can you face Russia? So, Japan’s choice is a responsibility and a heavy duty. More importantly, the CCP must suppress you in all aspects of the market. Can you bear it? This will test the integrity of your internal economic system.

If you can’t do your business without the CCP and you could not survive without the CCP’s market. If you take this responsibility, you will get a hot potato, or you will sit on the crater of the volcano. Japan has built their entire system over the past few decades. I can tell you that all Japanese companies are globalized and absolutely globalized just like the United States.

For any of brand sold by Japanese companies in China, sales will not exceed dozens of percent of the total sales of their company, at most 10 percent, 15 percent. Why? Because this is their long-term strategic plan. If your sales in China accounted for more than 45% of the company’s total sales, you will die if the CCP stucks your neck. That is what South Korea companies did. But some of companies in South Korea have done well. All companies in Japan have done well. Because the Japanese government has developed strategies for them in this matter.