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The Background

G-TV is a legally operated corporation that were successfully launched in the United States in 2020. Its purpose is more than just being a media platform as it was established to battle against the tyranny and enslavement that the Chinese Communist Party imposed on the Chinese people. It exposes the Chinese Communist Party’s ambition to rule the world by unveiling its widely spread propaganda. As nowadays, under the situation in which almost all the mainstream media have been bought up by the CCP, G-TV has become the only platform voicing for the truth and delivering real news to the world.

The Motives Behind the Chinese Communist Party’s Actions

G-TV follows the mission of “only truth stands the test of time.” The investment process and opportunity were published on the G-TV platform. However, it simultaneously gave the CCP a big chance to damage G-TV, or, we could say it this way: to destroy the only platform that dares to stand up to the CCP. They sent their agents to pretend to be the true supports of G-TV, engaged in the investing process as staffs and investors, and leverage it to acquire confidential information about G-TV’s private placement.

Several of these agents utilized their “staff” status, which is illegal, as an advantage to get personal information of G-TV investorsand disclosed that information to the Chinese Communist Party.

As personal information being disclosed to the Chinese Communist Party by those agents, the CCP began persecuting the G-TV investors residing in mainland China. It threatened those investors to call the SEC and make false accusation on G-TV. Under the situation where the investors themselves and their families faced life threats and were pointed with a gun on their heads, they had no choice but to report a false case on G-TV to the SEC.

Two masquerade agents who pretended to be the investor of G-TV soon started to maliciously demand a refund of their investment, leak the investment information, and falsely accused G-TV as a fraud to the SEC while they lack any reasons or evidence. In fact, there were only about 5 people [quote-unquote] “reported” the G-TV, out of the 1300 investors at that time.

G-TV, on the other hand, fully cooperated with the investigation process and provided all information that the SEC required, including thousand-pages of evidence.

The Indefinite Investigation from The SEC

As an independent U.S. federal government agency that regulates the securities market, the purpose of the SEC is to protect the public investors from being harmed by human intervention in the market. It’s reasonable that it initiated the investigation after receiving any allegations of investment violations. However, the investigation conducted on G-TV did not follow the regular timeline, rather, it was “taken care of” for an excessive time. 

The G-TV team fully cooperated to participate in all quires and evidence collecting. The legal team worked excessively to provide thousand-page documents that include facts and evidence showing investors being threatened by the CCP.

However, the SEC ignored the vast number of facts G-TV provided and only adopted information from the false accusations. With the background of the CCP’s crime in genocide and it being a tyrannical regime, the SEC rejected to accept the fact that many of those people who made false accusations were threatened by the CCP, despite the evidence provided. Nor did the SEC obtain any evidence to prove those false accusations being true.

Itunreasonably prolonged the investigation duration for more than 8 months, leaving the releasing date of the investigative results far behind.  For a digital media platform that requires high daily operating expenses, a holdup of a single minute will result in a huge loss to the company and its investors. 

Many G-TV investors in China were tortured by the Chinese authorities to confess their investment. Some of them even paid the price of their lives. They are not only investors. They are fighters who devote themselves to defend truth, freedom of speech, and justice.

With all the tiring and heart-breaking moments that our G-TV investors suffered. The SEC’s action in prolonging the investigation for multiple times and ignoring the solid evidence that G-TV’s legal team provided has called into a question: whose interests is the SEC protecting?

Today, we are here. To protest against the unfair investigation of G-TV conducted by the SEC. You harmed the interests of not only the worldwide G-TV investors, but also their freedom, belief, and even life. And, you must openly provide a justified answer! 

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