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CCP’s Madness, Economy Crisis and Biological Threats

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Over the past week, the CCP took bold moves to challenge the entire world and tried to take it over. General Secretary “God” Xi openly orders the world to follow the CCP regime, and the CCP plans to build more and more biological labs to produce more biological weapons. We are very honored that Mr. Bannon is here to share with us his insights about such a turbulent world situation.

1. Mike: John Kerry, President Biden’s envoy, went to Shanghai for two days, and produced a joint statement on climate issues. Meanwhile another envoy from Biden’s administration visited Taipei. Does this imply the US is re-evaluating its ‘One China Policy’?

2. Castle: In Bo’ao Economic Forum’s speech, General Secretary Xi Jinping warned against decoupling. Would this message have any impact on America’s effort on the decoupling process?

3. Daniel: Just last Thursday, the Global Times disclosed that the CCP approved the construction of 3 more biosafety level-4 laboratories, similar to the Wuhan P4 lab. How well prepared is the world for another unrestricted biological attack from the CCP?

4. Castle: A team of American and Chinese scientists announced human-monkey hybrid embryos have been created, and their study was published in the journal, Cell. Can this staggering experiment make the world see what the CCP truly is?

5. Winston: President Biden and Japanese Prime Minister announced the ‘New Competitive and Reliance Partnership’ to counter against China. Does this imply Japan is preparing for a military confrontation with the CCP?

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