Author/Editor: Yi Zu

Translator: Zhi Shi

Proofreader: Janyvo

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The Chinese have a profound folk belief system, especially with the Han Chinese, who have always worshipped an extensive range of gods and goddesses, such as the god of the door, the god of wealth, the god of the land, and countless others.  The emperors of the feudal dynasties called themselves the “Son of Heaven” as the spokesman of God in the secular world, in order to mandate themselves as the orthodox rulers of the people.  However, never a “Son of Heaven” lived beyond hundred years, let alone over tens of thousands immortal years. 

In modern times, a group of so-called atheists “Chinese communists” emerged, singing the Internationale: There was never any saviour, nor did they rely on gods and emperors.  Under the banner of atheism, they relied on violence and deception to cheat their way to power and began to eradicate all other religions and beliefs, Buddha, Allah, and also Christ Jesus.  It appeared that all the Chinese people abandoned their heavenly deity almost overnight, and started to pursue the highest communist faith of mankind.

Soon after, the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) propelled Mao Zedong to the altar through a series of god-making campaigns. The supreme leader of the CCP became an omnipotent god, a living god. The irony was that Liu Shaoqi, who single handedly praised Mao to become this god, died in the hands of this very “god”, and god Mao himself was mortal after all.  Even with god Mao’s human carcass laid out for public viewing, many people in China today still hang Mao’s portrait in the hall, in the car, hoping to bring blessing.  In their minds, Mao is God!  And more absurdly, a new wave of god-making movements is surging again in the mainland, China has another god Xi, the rising Sun from the red East…

It is more than clear that the CCP, who advocates “atheism”, does not really believe that the world has no god, but rather they only wanted to praise themselves as gods.   Sadly, for the Chinese who never truly live happily under the rule of these “communist gods”, only in poverty and oppression for many years until the voices calling for reform culminated in the bloody June 4 Event in the late 1980s.  It was only after that that the CCP had no choice but to open its doors in order to keep its brutal regime alive, and the popular Catholic Christianity of the West finally had a chance to gain an inch of a room in China.

In fact, Catholic missionaries have been active in China since the 13th century and until the middle of the 20th century, Catholic activity had its ups and downs influenced by international forces.  But by the time the CCP came to power in 1949, the Catholic Church was seen by the CCP as a form of Western imperialism, Catholics and other Christians were under serious suspicion and attack, and the Vatican and the CCP were locked in a struggle for Catholics.

In 1957, Beijing established the Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association (CPCA) to exert control over Chinese Catholics, rejecting the authority of the Vatican and appointing its own bishops.  But the absurd thing was that sometimes the CCP-appointed bishops have not even been baptized.  According to a 2011 Pew Research Center’s estimate, about 5.7 million of China’s 9 million Catholics are registered with the Patriotic Catholic Church, while the rest have become underground church congregations that have to face persecution by the CCP.

For the CCP, the term “freedom of worship” means nothing but a shroud of shame. For many years, the non-endorsement of the Vatican over patriotic Catholicism in China is a neglect of the CCP’s standing.  But in 2018, an important figure in the Vatican, offered the CCP this Catholic shroud of shame.  It was the current Secretary of State of the Holy See, Secretary of State of the Vatican, Cardinal Pietro Parolin who (recently exposed of being involved in the London scandal) facilitated the shameless deal between the Vatican and the CCP, sold out millions of Chinese underground church congregations to the CCP and sinfully stood with the CCP in its ongoing suppression of true Catholics.

On September 22, 2018, the Vatican and the CCP signed a provisional agreement on the appointment of bishops, which is effective for two years from October 22.  The Vatican’s endorsement is the reason why the CCP was able to continuously suppress and persecute Catholics over the past two years, demolishing and burning Catholic churches across the country and intensifying its campaign to trample on religious beliefs.  After the agreement expired in 2020, the Vatican renewed the agreement with the CCP again, which sparked outrage from all walks of life.  According to Mr. Miles Guo, the reason why the Vatican still colludes with the CCP against righteous forces is because certain people in the Vatican receive up to $2 billion in bribes from the CCP every year, and that of course includes Cardinal Parolin.

This greed driven “religious” leader was only wearing a “choir” cassock, but doing everything he could to undermine and destroy true religious beliefs in real life.   Cardinal Parolin not only failed to follow the will of God but has even lost the basic morality as a human being.  Such devilish deeds rendered Catholic church, which has been pursuing benevolence and love for more than 2,000 years, a “Catholicism with Chinese Communist characteristics” in today’s China.  

With the sundown of the CCP fast approaching, the scandalous nature of this pseudo-religious figure eventually will be out in broad daylight for public scrutiny across the world.   Cardinal Parolin, the Vatican big shot (also seen as Wang Qishan of the Vatican), will not only be judged by the law, but also the religious trial that has been going on for more than two thousand years.  He will forever be nailed to the pillar of shame in history.

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