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On April 17, 2021, Dr. Lawrence Sellin, a renowned bioweapon expert, tweeted an analysis of the Covid-19, stating that it is a bioweapon unleashed to the world by the CCP. He said, “my analysis of the Chinese Communist Party’s dual-use military-civilian R&D program for novel genetically-engineered coronaviruses & heterologous vaccines against multiple strains, roughly follows this development plan, but involves more than one virus and a premature release.”

Dr. Sellin also attached a quote by Mr. Miles Guo, the leader of the Whistleblower Movement. It was Mr. Guo, the very first person who courageously exposed the CCP’s “13579” Plan and warned the world. The meaning of each numeral, i.e., the essence of the plan is:

On September 6, 2020, on Mr. Steven Bannon’s War Room Pandemic (Episode #371), Mr. Miles Guo again sternly warned the world about the CCP’s 13579 Plan, a bioweapon plan geared to attack the world. On this live broadcast, Mr. Guo told he initially planned to give a speech at the Hudson Institute back in 2017. But when the Hudson Institute canceled on him last minute, it made him aware of the chilling depth of the CCP infiltration into the West. He then decisively made the decision of burning the secret document signed by Xi Jin Ping. The burned document was the “13579” Plan, which outlined the CCP bioweapon plan to attack the US. Mr. Guo originally planned to hand this highly confidential document to the FBI during the speech, however, the unilateral cancellation of the speech forced him to change his mind. Out of concern for the safety of his family members in China and the fellow fighters who risked their lives in acquiring the document, he knew the time was not ripe, and burned the paper. On September 4, 2017, at the press conference at the National Press Club in Washington D.C., with a heavy heart, Mr. Guo spoke, “I am here to tell my friends in the US, Japan, Europe, and all the peace-loving people in the world. Trust me! Dark nights are descending upon us soon! You must be vigilant! Dark nights cast by the Chinese Kleptocrats will descend upon us soon. It will devastate the entire world and western civilization, and threaten each and every one of us. We must be on guard.” In early 2017, Mr. Miles Guo kicked off the Whistleblower Movement aimed to expose the CCP’s evilness and its damning plans to enslave the entire world, and eventually take down the CCP.

In retrospect, starting from December 2019, the CCP engaged in an attempt to “vacuum up” all available personal protective equipment (PPE) from around the world. In Wuhan, the CCP experienced the seriousness of the pending World Pandemic. At the same time, while colluding with the WHO, the CCP started its campaign to conceal the truth of the COVID-19 virus outbreak, one key fact being high level human to human transmission. The CCP encouraged the people of Wuhan to travel internationally but restricted and even stopped Wuhan people from traveling within China. Up till now, there are 140 million infected and 3 million perished due to this COVID-19 pandemic. While people are still dying every second, the CCP wastes no time to promote its so-called self-developed vaccines to the world. When we bemoan the sad situation the world finds itself, we cannot help but ask ourselves these questions, “Would the world be much different, had we listened to Mr. Guo’s stern warning four years ago?” Mr. Guo and his fellow fighters tirelessly warned the world about the human-to-human transmission of the virus since January 19, 2020, which was the day when Dr. Li-Meng Yan first revealed the shocking truth on Lude’s Show on YouTube. We’d better learn the lesson. The CCP is the culprit, the root cause of this tragic pandemic. We’ve got to continue our fight in exposing the truth of the virus and holding the CCP accountable for the damages done to the world. Until the CCP gets taken down, there will be no solution to end this pandemic.


Dr. Lawrence Sellin’s Tweet

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