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April 21, 2018: Mr. Miles live, talk about without the reminder of many good people with justice in the Zhongnanhai, he will not live today. Many heads of state in the Middle East, Europe and Japan have also strongly supported Miles. He only fights for the justice and dignity of the 1.4 billion Chinese people, for the families, friends, employees and partners who have been insulted, and for the heavenly supporters of Miles, without compromise.

Three years ago today, Mr. Miles issued a vow that was his commitment to himself and an inspiration to his fellow fighters in the Whistleblower Movement. For more than three years along the way, we have personally verified the scale and smokeless fierceness of the battle, and witnessed the unbeatable CCP crime syndicate of three years ago going from its peak to the grave of history.

Over the past three years, I have gone from being a political outsider to one of the few people today who can see the global landscape of the world situation – the Whistleblower Movement is such a journey that elevates the mind and soul. In this process, we learn how to see the essence of the problem from all kinds of chaos. In fact, it is much simpler to understand the world as long as we see that the CCP is not equal to China, the CCP does not represent the Chinese people, and the CCP is the driver and root cause of all evils in the world. This process cannot be achieved by one’s own perception alone, because a person’s pattern is determined by his insight.

For example, for a poor tramp who has never seen the world, the best thing he could hope for in the world might be to be able to eat a lot. It was only after Mr. Miles’ live broadcast for more than 4 years and thousands of hours that we learned that the CCP is more horrible than the Nazis and more evil than Satan, and that the extent of the CCP’s evil is the extent of the rise in the pattern. If four years ago they were applauded for the glamorous Hollywood stars, admired for the NBA, admired for scientists and experts, and praised for Wall Street, why are politicians moved? Now they have lost any aura that can be compared with themselves, the world turned out to be only Whistleblower Movement fellow fighters, can do for justice and dignity.

The fellow fighters of Whistleblower Movement are many good people who have justice to remind Miles of his actions three years ago in the Zhongnanhai, and people who see the essence of the CCP in the system and in China, and the fellow fighters who have persistently revealed the truth in various social media and on our GTV for four years, as well as international friends who “the heads of state in the Middle East, Europe and Japan also strongly support Miles” . If it began as a fight for the justice and dignity of 1.4 billion compatriots, it has now become a fight for the justice and dignity of 7.5 billion people of the world. The orthodoxy of our New Federal State of China will lead the way to a new future!