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There was a short period of freedom in Communist party-controlled China. That was after the death of the evilest Mao Zedong and it ended by the brutal massacre in Tiananmen square on June the 4th 1989.This bloody massacre made Chinese people realized that the violence and terror of totalitarianism would repeat itself in China at any time. Therefore, the political enthusiasm of the Chinese people in the early stage of the “June 4th Democracy Movement” was replaced by the political despair and indifference since the 1990s.

Although Beijing’s political crisis was quickly dissolved by machine guns, tanks and mass-arrest,   However, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) no longer possesses the ideological mobilization ability comparing with the Mao Zedong’s era. In order to preserve its power, it can only use make-believe lies, short-sighted propaganda, slogans, harsh ideological control and self-deception to support its corrupt and inefficient ruling machine under the iron-fisted political control.

Many “smart” members of the party turned their eyes on the economy. They realized that the communist manifesto has failed once again. Economy, labor and money can control people more effectively. And more importantly a strong economy based on slavery is the only way to maintain its maximum political pressure at the cost that the CCP would never care.

The economic development directed by the CCP comes at the cost of total sacrifice of social justice. Most of the development opportunities brought about as market economy are monopolized by powerful “red loyalist”. At the same time, the “marketization” of the economy has become an excuse for the authorities to abandon its responsibility of maintaining social justice and to shed the “burden” of social welfare expenditures.

The majority of the population, especially farmers were deprived of almost all social welfare guarantees and became the disadvantaged group. The superficial economic boom under the CCP’s “new society” system conceals a series of serious economic and social problems, such as erosive corruption, unfair justice, disparity between the rich and the poor, the despair and helplessness of vulnerable groups, the plundering and destruction of resources to the extreme, and public opinion manipulation, lack of trust, political indifference, etc.

Although under the system of “one party dictatorship” , it yet put forward slogans such as “three representatives”, “Govern by the people”, “Maintain the advanced nature and purity of party members”, “harmonious society”. However, in an dictatorship environment where political democracy is stagnated and public speech and press freedom are severely restricted, these statements meant nothing but a propaganda method to soothe the people, they never intended to change the system nor to solve the problems stated above.

The CCP’s system seems to be very successful economically, but this superficial economic achievement does not mean that it has found a magic wand to last. On the contrary, the political, social, and moral crises hidden under the surface of economic booms highlight the reality that the CCP’s system will never find a way out. That is, in the process of the disintegration of political ethics, social ideals and common values, neither the ruling class nor the people can rely on the current system to re-establish a promising alternative future supported by common values, which is widely recognized by the democratic society.

Despite the desperate reality, I believe there is still hope in China. When a political party kidnaps the entire system, it must be responsible for the failure of the system. The CCP does not equal to China as a nation, but a crisis in China cannot be solve with the CCP system still in place. As long as the CCP is still in power, there will be no hope for the Chinese to rebuild a bright future. In another word, CCP must be brought down to its knees. This year marks the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Chinese Communist Party. In its 100 years of criminal history, tens of millions of people were executed or starved to death. Hundreds of millions of unborn children were killed for forced abortion. And most recently, The CCP created and released viruses have caused the world economy huge losses. The CCP is no longer a Chinese problem. It is indeed a problem of the world.