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The U.S. climate envoy John Forbes Kerry has just concluded a three-day visit to Communist China. This first official diplomatic visit by U.S. officials to China (during the Biden Administration) is kept secret and in low profile. In contrast, the US-Japan summit meeting held in the same period demonstrated aligned interests between the two countries. Through accurate intelligence, Mr. Miles Guo offered a detailed revelation and explanation of the two diplomatic activities taking place almost simultaneously.

During his GTV live broadcast on April 18, Mr. Guo noted that the significance of Kerry’s visit to China is akin to U.S. diplomatic visits that delivered the “Hull Note” to Japan during the early stage of World War II. And the CCP’s response made the U.S. resolved to approve Japan as its proxy in the Asia-Pacific region. Japan ignored warnings from the U.S. in the early days of WWII, and on December 7, 1941, twelve days after receiving the “Hull Note,” Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, triggering the U.S. to declare war against Japan.

Prior to this, the U.S. imposed international oil embargoes and economic sanctions on Japan because it invaded China and Southeast Asia.  In response to the increasingly urgent domestic energy crisis, Japan formulated the strategy of negotiating with the U.S. while preparing for war. As a necessary condition in response to Japan’s proposed peace talks, the U.S., which was still a neutral country at the time, delivered the “Hull Note” to the Japanese ambassador to the U.S., which included the following terms:

At that time, the internal feud between the imperial Japanese army and navy was fierce. Emperor Hirohito, who considered himself a god, agreed to a few warmongers to wager a big war gamble. The Pearl Harbor incident was an undeclared Japanese attack against the U.S. The Hull Note failed to prevent Japan from making crazy choices.

More than 70 years later, on April 14, U.S. Special Presidential Envoy John Kerry arrived at the Dongjiao Hotel in Shanghai. The world once again reached a historical moment that changed rapidly. Mr. Miles Guo revealed the secret talks in Shanghai between John Kerry, who represented U.S. President Joe Biden, and Yang Jiechi (Tiger Yang), who represented Xi Jinping and the CCP. What exactly did Kerry and Yang discuss?

First, Kerry notified Yang that the red line for the U.S. is that the personal relationship between President Biden and Xi Jinping should not be broken. They should not hurt each other or expose each other in the media. This is the primary prerequisite. Next, Kerry explained to Yang a series of policies to be implemented by the U.S., the core points of which are the following:

1. The virus issue: The U.S. will definitely publish the “white paper on the CCP Virus.” This is the public will. The CCP has no choice but to be prepared for this;

2. The Taiwan issue: The U.S. directly warned the CCP not to attack Taiwan, or otherwise, the U.S. has no choice but to fight back. The U.S. will counter the CCP by proxy wars;

3. U.S. policy to Japan: Concerning the South China Sea and Senkaku Islands (Diaoyu Islands), the U.S. has made a series of updates in its policy toward Japan, and the CCP must be psychologically prepared;

4. Hong Kong issue: The U.S. will take some actions as appropriate;

5. The Xinjiang issue: The U.S. will remain opposed to the Chinese Communist Party’s genocide in Xinjiang but won’t advance further actions;

6. U.S. Treasury Bonds: The U.S. demands the CCP’s commitment to purchase U.S. Treasury Bonds.

7. Role of the CCP: The U.S. demands the CCP to announce its role and to remain a manufacturing nation;

8. Issue on Sino-Russian relations: The U.S. warned the CCP not to partner with Russia against the U.S. Communist China should better ally with the U.S. against Russia.

Mr. Guo’s intelligence indicated that the CCP, as represented by Yang Jiechi, almost totally rejected the above-mentioned U.S. policies delivered by John Kerry. Kerry’s low-key, secret meeting with Yang Jiechi in Shanghai was by no means an apparent cooperation between Communist China and the U.S. on climate, nor was it the new “ping-pong diplomacy” as advocated by the CCP’s official media. It represented the pre-war dialogue between the U.S. and the CCP, and the CCP’s answer to the U.S. is completely uncooperative and uncompromising. During the live broadcast, Mr. Guo opined passionately, “The world has undergone tremendous changes in the past week.”

At the same time, during the Communist China-US meeting in Shanghai, the summit meeting between American and Japanese leaders was also underway in Washington D.C. The entire world’s political structure quietly underwent tremendous changes, because of the undisclosed actions by the U.S., Japan, and Communist China.


Live broadcast by Mr. Miles Guo on April 18, 2021

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