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The vaccines to coronavirus(COVID19, CCP virus) Chinese Communist party(CCP) promoted globally and suppressed Chinese including Hong Kongers to take included Sinovac vaccine. Then why did this happen? It’s similar to the pattern CCP promoted Huawei 5G through coercion diplomacy.

Overall background of Sinovac

As reported by Business Wire on December 6, 2020, Sinovac Life Sciences Co., Ltd. (“Sinovac LS”) (formerly known as Sinovac Research and Development Co., Ltd.), shown on the package picture above as the manufacturer of Sinovac vaccine, is a subsidiary of Sinovac Biotech Ltd. (“Sinovac” or the “Company”) (NASDAQ: SVA).[i] The relationship could be verified on page F-12 of the F-20 document filed with US SEC (annual report) on April 30, 2020 as follows.

[i] Sinovac LS is a subsidiary of Sinovac.

The company’s website informs that Sinovac shares are listed on the NASDAQ Global Select Market with symbol of SVA and the overall group’s main products are products to viruses. It also confirms Sinovac owns Sinovac Biotech Co., LTD, Sinovac (Dalian) Vaccine Technology Co., Ltd., Sinovac LS and Sinovac Biomed Co.,LTD, translated with Chrome Browser from Chinese respectively as Beijing Kexing Biological Products Co., Ltd., Kexing (Dalian) Vaccine Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing Kexing Zhongwei Biotechnology Co., Ltd. and Beijing Kexing Zhongyi Biomedicine, through its wholly-owned subsidiary Sinovac Biotech (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd, translated with Chrome Browser as  Kexing Holdings (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd.

The webpage was translated by Google Chrome from Chinese into English as follows:

English translation version:

(Note:Kexin, Chinese pronunciation of “科兴” , is Sinovac; Beijing Kexing Zhongwei Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is Sinovac LS,Sinovac Biomed Co.,LTD )

Original Chinese language version

(Picture source:Official webpage of Sinovac[1]

According to webpage Beijing Enterprise Credit Information, a website of CCP government, Sinovac LS was incorporated on May 7, 2009 in the same address as shown on the package above with submitted capital $40,51m. Keding Investment (Hong Kong) Limited (Keding Hong Kong) ,Prime Success,L.P., Talent Forward Limited,Theresa Tse, VIVO CAPITAL FUND IX, L.P. , and Sinovac Hong Kong had submitted capital for $5.14m, $2.57m, $6.09m, $0.14m, $2.57m and $24m in the Sinovac LS. But prior to the capital increase as at December 4, 2020, its shareholders only included Sinovac Hong Kong and Keding Hong Kong. Therefore Sinovac LS is a foreign-owned company with registration number 91110108688350614B active, the major shareholders of which are registered in Hong Kong still regarded as overseas by CCP government in Mainland China (PRC) despite its long practices of violating Hong Kong autonomy and actual control over Hong Kong regime, disregarding its duties in The Sino-British Joint Declaration on the Question of Hong Kong signed on December 19, 1984 by Zhao Ziyang and Margaret Thatcher and registered with United Nations with Registration Number 23391. Shareholders of Sinovac LS take the form of natural person, limited corporation, and limited partnership, as shown below.

(Picture source:Beijing Enterprise Credit Information [2]

The Incorporation of Sinovac LS’s other shareholders

As shown at the website of SEC, Prime Success,L.P.[3] and VIVO CAPITAL FUND IX, L.P. [4] were incorporated respectively in the Cayman Islands and Delaware. VIVO CAPITAL FUND IX, L.P.  , together with VIVO CAPITAL IX, LLC, were incorporated on March 12, 2018, on just the same day. In Cayman Islands, there were also three companies – PRIME SUCCESS INVESTMENT LIMITED, PRIME SUCCESS HOLDING LIMITED, and PRIME SUCCESS LTD-with names similar to Prime Success,L.P.

Keding Investment (Hong Kong) Limited and Talent Forward Limited were incorporated on Oct 20, 2020 and Dec 31, 2007 respectively.

(Picture resource: Hong Kong e-Registry)

Who is Theresa Tse

As reported by [] Bloomberg on December 7, 2020, Sino Biopharmaceutical Limited (Sino Biopharm, HKEX: 1177) announced the investment of $515m in Sinovac LS when Ms. Theresa Tse made a speech as the chairwomen of Sino Biopharm.[5] The annual report for the year ended with 31 December 2018 of Sino Biopharmaceutical Limited verified she was the chairman of Sino Biopharm on page 22.[6]

Sinovac Hong Kong

Hong Kong e-Registry informed us that Sinovac Hong was incorporated on Oct 21, 2008 with English name Sinovac Biotech(Hong Kong) Limited while its Chinese name was amended once on Mar 8, 2010.

(Picture resource: Hong Kong e-Registry)

Sinovac Holdings

Sinovac’s annual report showed to us that it was incorporated in Antigua – a country with non-transparent companies information making it hard to conduct research[7] – on March 1, 1999 with prior name Net-Force System Inc altered in 2003  , and its consolidated financial statements were prepared on the basis of its control over Sinovac Hong Kong, Sinovac Biotech Co., Ltd, Sinovac LS, Sinovac (Dalian) Vaccine Technology Co., Ltd and Sinovac Biomed Co., Ltd.[8]

Shareholding structure of Sinovac

Page 65 of annual report outlined that major shareholders included SAIF Partners IV L.P., SAIF IV GP, L.P., SAIF IV GP Capital Ltd, 1Globe Capital LLC, Prime Success, L.P., Green Vision Partners Limited, Advantech Capital Partners Ltd, Vivo Capital, LLC, Vivo Capital VIII, LLC, Vivo Capital IX, LLC, Weidong Yin, and other management members. But there were more than 0.1 billion outstanding shares, and the abovementioned shareholders didn’t own more than 0.07 billion shares. It’s not news that the audit work performed on financial statements of entities from People’s Republic of China registered with US SEC can’t be investigated by US authorities because of CCP’s obstacles in terms of national security and national secrecy. Therefore, it will be a blunder to trust its annual report completely and it’s uncertain whether there were other major shareholders undisclosed. Readers could search the backgrounds of shareholders of the abovementioned shareholders at the websites of Cayman Islands and Delaware respectively to find the final truths about who the real beneficiaries of Sinovac Vaccine are.

Who are the Sinovac’s management?

As disclosed on pages 57-58 of annual report, there were close relations among management, CCP regime, and Hong Kong regime.

Weidong Yin, chairman, president, chief executive officer and secretary since September 2003,  previously worked as a medical doctor in infectious disease at the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CCP’s CDC), Tangshan City, Hebei province, a principal investigator at the CCP’s Ministry of Science and Technology for many key governmental R&D programs such as Inactivated Hepatitis A Vaccine R&D, Inactivated SARS Vaccine R&D, and New Human Influenza Vaccine (H5N1) R&D. He was also the president of Zhongguancun Listed Companies Association, whose charter dictated “Article 4:  This association adheres to the overall guidance of the Chinese Communist Party. According to the provisions of the Constitution of the Chinese Communist Party, this association does not currently have the conditions to establish a party organization alone. It conducts party work through the establishment of a joint party organization and invites the responsible person of the party organization to participate Management meeting of the Association. Hear the opinions of party organizations on important decisions, important business activities, large expenditures, receiving large donations, and carrying out foreign-related activities…The leading agency for party building is the Comprehensive Committee of the Chamber of Commerce of the Beijing Municipal Industry Association of the Chinese Communist Party” as translated with Google  Chrome Translate. [9]

Yuk Lam Lo, an independent director since March 2006,was the Chairman of the Advisory Council for Food Safety of the Food and Health Bureau HKSAR and was heavily involved in several committees of the CCP Hong Kong regime. He had been appointed as Director of the Hong Kong Applied R&D Fund Co. Ltd., Chairman of the Biotechnology Committee of the Hong Kong Industry & Technology Development Council, and Chairman of Biotechnology Projects Vetting Committee of the Innovation and Technology Fund, HKSAR. In PRC, He was a Member of Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference in Jilin province, and a Consultant of the CCP’s CDC. He had been an Independent Director of CSPC Pharmaceutical Group Limited (1093.HK), Chairman of GT Healthcare Capital Partners, and Partner & Investment Committee Member of Hangsen Investment Management Limited. As informed by website of Hangsen Bank, Hangsen Investment Management Limited, established in 1993, was once the largest provider of exchange-traded funds (ETF) in Hong Kong in terms of average daily turnover, among the first group of northbound Mainland-Hong Kong Mutual Recognition of Funds-funding securities traded in PRC-managers and the first group of Qualified Foreign Institutional Investor Scheme fund-funding investments in PRC- managers in Hong Kong. The Company launched Hong Kong’s first Renminbi Qualified Foreign Institutional Investor Scheme ETF from a local financial institution, Hong Kong’s first retail index fund and the world’s first renminbi denominated gold ETF. The photo of 25 anniversary also evidenced that the fund was heavily related to CCP’s Hong Kong regime as follows.

(Picture source:Hangsen Bank[10]

Meng Mei, an independent director of our company since March 2012, who founded TusPark – a science park established by Tsinghua University in 1994 to incubate high growth companies, was the director of TusPark’s development center since its inception, also the Chairman of TusHoldings Co., Ltd. , and a member of the judging expert panel of China’s National Science & Technology Award. As revealed by European Guanxi, the science parks of PRC were closely related to CCP regime.[11]

Shan Fu, an independent director since July 2018, was appointed as a director by the PIPE Investors in connection with the PIPE transaction described above. Prior to joining Vivo in 2013, Mr. Fu was Senior Managing Director in the Private Equity group and the Chief Representative of Blackstone’s Beijing Office, and his experience included serving in the Department of Foreign Investment in CCP’s National Development and Reform Commission, the State Economic and Trade Commission, the Office of Economic and Trade in State Council, and the Office of Production in State Council. It could be evidence on the official website of Vivo Capital. [12]

Qiang Gao, vice president since April 2016, joined Sinovac Beijing in 2002 and had been a quality control manager, quality assurance manager, R&D manager and R&D director at Sinovac Beijing in the past years, and the general manager of Sinovac LS since 2010. Mr. Gao was a member of the Beijing Virus Society, Master of Engineering Supervisor of Institute of Microbiology (CCP’s Chinese Academy of Sciences), and a subject review expert of the Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission.

It could be easily inferred from the points mentioned above that Sinovac vaccine was a de facto cashing tool of CCP gangsters in collusion with those foreign capitals in Antigua, Hong Kong, and USA. Because CCP reigned China simultaneously, it shouldn’t be expected that Sinovac vaccine had been scrutinized thoroughly and independently before authorizing for large scale production. Wuhan Institute of Virology was controlled by CCP and it could be inferred here that CCP virus, as an unrestricted bioweapon to collapse [] and coerce society, was released to sell Sinovac vaccine to obtain criminal proceeds both from Chinese and global consumers via the vaccine passport scheme.

The most effective vaccine is to take down Chinese Communist party. Before taking down CCP, any other vaccine is to make vaccine supply chain investors wealthier, make the deceased from toxic vaccine [] incur inheritance tax ahead of time on estate being transferred to a descendant and relieve state pension crises.


(The content of the article represents the author’s personal opinion)

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