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The week leading up to April 18, 2021, is a week that will change the international order and human history. Although Mr. Miles Guo said that this year he is focusing on the action of exterminating the Communist Party, he neither leaks any sectional news nor comments on politics. But at the request of his comrades, based on his personal understanding and intelligence, he made a concise analysis of the world’s situation, so that we can better understand the meaning of what the Chinese Communist Party calls the world’s unprecedented big change, “the sea overturning a small pond.”

[What did Kerry get from his visit to China?]

Biden’s term of office will be three months in two days. This week, before Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga’s visit to the United States, President Biden sent his envoy, veteran diplomat and politician John Kerry, to China. Kerry first arrived and met with Yang Jiechi, trusted by Xi Jinping, at the Xijiao Hotel in Shanghai. Both sides reached a point of agreement: that they don’t counter each other between Biden and Xi, and that the personal relationship should not be broken.

Other issues raised by the U.S. including viruses, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Xinjiang, policy towards Japan, alienating Russia, the U.S. Treasury bonds, etc.. For details as the following list, Yang Jiechi basically refused all of them.

The intention of the CCP behind this is to have a war against the U.S.. Xi, in order to save himself from the internal struggle of the party, has to refuse and chooses to fight to the death. And he wants to have the U.S. concede.

Are the three long-term pursuits of Japan satisfied?

Japan has been pursuing three things since World War II:

First, to have a national army. Second, to join the United Nations Security Council with permanent membership. And third, to have nuclear weapons.

Yoshihide Suga had accomplished two of them in his first visit to the United States since he became the prime minister.

After World War II, Japan could only develop self-defense (Army) force, which could only be responsible for domestic defense. Now, Japan is allowed to develop a national army that can go abroad to protect its energy supply lines in the name of preventing pirates. The Chinese Communist Party’s “One Belt One Road” project is nothing but hurting the U.S. dollars, controlling oil, and blocking the Straits of Malacca and Hormuz which control Japan’s lifeline as 80-90% of Japan’s energy rely on imports.

The U.S.-Japan bilateral talks, for the first time, explicitly allow the U.S. to deploy medium- to long-range missiles in Japan that can directly hit Shanghai, Dalian, and Hainan; to deploy NMD, TMD national anti-missile systems, regional anti-missile systems, and to prepare proxy wars with full force. Taiwan is turning into a normal country in the future, as long as the CCP attacks Taiwan, the United States and Japan can absolutely declare a war on CCP.

The South China Sea including Myanmar, Cambodia will become a gunpowder keg. The middle east is the hottest spot in the war.

The Chinese Communist Party is trying to control the sea route as well as the product supply lines, and change the rules of the world game. Iran will be the CCP’s only alliance in the Middle East. American lions and Asian Japanese wolves jointly stand together against a Chinese Communist sheep in wolf’s clothes.  The sacrifice is Taiwan, Taiwan becomes a hostage of the U.S.-China-Japan war. The most miserable thing is no one cares about it.

Mr. Guo Wengui said, heard about the news, his heartbeat accelerated many times. No one knows the meaning of medium- to long-range missiles and proxy wars. Hope that the Chinese people will have less death, nor be taken away by the American lion and Asian wolf. Otherwise, it will be the most unacceptable thing.

We must have our Chinese compatriots in our hearts, and we must have kindness and justice. Otherwise, we cannot succeed.

The battle of the small pond in Asia has already begun. India, Japan, and the Chinese Communist Party, who can decide it?

Author: Taohua Shuimu | Editor: Spearofgod | Reviewer: Irene

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