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During an interview with CGTN, Thomas Friedman, columnist of the New York Times, proposed the U.S Government allowing Huawei to implement its technology and business in Idaho.

“We need to build a pathway for Huawei to become what we consider a good international actor…China is our economic peer, one day, it may be our equal. One day it may be our superior for all I know.” Said the columnist. At the same time, he suggested that American universities recruit more Chinese students, despite U.S. intelligence officials cautioning the potential for espionage and intellectual property theft.

Meanwhile, the host of the interview has revealed that she is a “fan” of Friedman, and the last one also said that they are old friends.


Although Thomas Friedman is a columnist and Pulitzer Prize winner, we can quickly discover that he has been bought by the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) and works as a “running dog” for this evil party. The Trump administration has already labeled Huawei as a “national security threat,” and intelligence officials have warned of the dangers from CCP agents who disguise themselves as Chinese students. This columnist still suggested opening the door to CCP.
Let’s hope that the whole world wakes up and boycott any CCP related business and technology. Meanwhile, we should continue spreading the truth about CCP does mean the Chinese population.

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Source Link: NYT Columnist Suggests Chinese Communist Party Runs Technology in…Idaho?

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