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1.  00:08:00  
Many of our fellow fighters have just experienced another bitcoin rip-off. You should understand what I mean when I repeatedly say, “you should only invest, not speculate.” I have risked my life, freedom, security, and hundreds of billions of dollars and have told you repeatedly that if you follow the CCP, you will go straight to a crematorium. You should never trust any of the CCP’s enterprises. Instead, a fellow fighter invested heavily in Huobi Futures and was robbed of much of his money.

When people are in feeble physical condition, in poor surroundings, or encounter lousy luck, the only way they can control themselves is to believe. Believe in faith or not, only you know best. Loyalty and integrity are different concepts.

My experience in the Qingfeng Detention Center taught me that family and friends represent the bottom line of human nature. You can see many people lose themselves in the face of fear, the desire to live, and losing their humanity as a result. Many people wish everyone involved to be loyal, keep secrets for themselves, and take the blame for themselves. However, it is almost impossible to live up to people’s idealized loyalty, even if it is your biological parents, your spouse. That’s human nature.

Since then, I have become more dispassionate about human relationships. I like to associate with people who are loyal to their ideals, and people who are sincere in their dealings with others.

2. 00:14:00 
One should never blame others for one’s own failed judgments. The Whistleblower Movement never asks anybody to be loyal to any specific figure and abandon their thoughts, which is the rogue logic of the CCP. We should be honest with people while staying true to that which is objective.

Let me give you some basic logic: you have no chance to make money by investing in Bitcoin. Bitcoin has become the primary tool for money laundering and drug dealings because of its crypto and decentralized characteristics. Bitcoin is a tool for the CCP and Wall Street tycoons to manipulate. As soon as any criminal organization, that trades through the dark web, is being investigated, the price of bitcoin plummets. Its price also plummets as a result of reduction in money laundering demand changed. Bitcoin is the preferred method for criminal elements to launder money and avoid tax. That’s why bitcoin is facing suppression by governments all over the world. Any virtual currency that has anything to do with the CCP is called an “underworld currency.”

That is why loyal but foolish people might encounter great danger, and honest but foolish people could also face some risk. People who are “real” and also intelligent are rare in the world. Our fellow fighters must develop the ability to distinguish truth from falsehood.

3. 00:20:28
Lude was interviewed for the second time yesterday on the “Real People & Real Things” show. I think it is the best show that G-TV has ever done. Lude expressed real emotion, and the questions asked by Chang Dao Ge and Masha were too mean. Mutual respect is the most important thing when people interact with each other. Yesterday’s program showed the quality, grooming, and heart, or lack thereof, of the people involved. It also exposed that everybody has their own idea about the Whistleblower Movement, about their own contribution, and about what they deserve. What angered Lude were the comments by the CCP’s ‘Army Of Paid Internet Trolls.’

Before the show started yesterday, many people sent messages to Lude telling him not to participate in the show, and telling him that Chang Dao Ge and Masha were secret  agents of the CCP, and that they were setting a trap for him. Chang Dao Ge and Masha tried to emulate the style of Oprah Winfrey (a famous American TV talk show host). Some of their ideas were excellent, but there were problems in the choice of other topics, and the professionalism of the hosts. For example, Lude was embarrassed by Chang Dao Ge’s question about the house I gave to him. The Chinese have a traditional concept of “being a little embarrassed if you accept someone’s great gifts.” This question was equivalent to implying that Lude is performing his live broadcast only for personal profit. When Masha raised the question about Lude’s ex-wife, it really angered Lude. Lude was right – why did the “Real People & Real Things” show degrade into the “Fake People & Fake Things” show? In response, Lude pointed out that Masha was the one wearing black sunglasses and a mask, and was the one too afraid to show her face.

Then the hosts raised the topic which is the “sore point” in the Whistleblower Movement – the “nine-fingered demon Sara (VOG)”. A topic which the demon is also most keen to manipulate. That was a challenging question to answer.  Their arguments and confrontations with each other made the show highly successful by gaining attention. Lude’s emotional outburst led a group of disgruntled members of the Himalayan Alliance Committee (HAC) to cheer, especially some fellow fighters who are early fighters of the Whistleblower Movement. Sara (VOG) is the evilest of all. She attempted to monopolize, and represent the Whistleblower Movement. The Whistleblower Movement must adhere to the facts.

Yesterday’s show created internal conflict and reflected people’s actual feelings, including the idea that “seniority” should confer special benefits.

Lude’s emotions were disturbed by the CCP’s ‘Army Of Paid Internet Trolls,’ and consequently he lost control several times during the show. Although he gained the image of saying whatever was on his mind, he lost the generosity of a gentleman. Chang Dao Ge and Masha were unprofessional, and they showed no manners in asking questions. The timing of the questions was also not appropriate. But the show was a huge success. The Whistleblower Movement and the New Federal State of China (NFSC), and the procedure of taking down the CCP all require loyalty from everyone, but not dedication to me – Guo Wengui. Yesterday it became clear that many people are confusing loyalty to material things with honesty to people. I don’t think Lude is a thorough committed fighter because he cares too much about the false comments of the CCP’s ‘Army Of Paid Internet Trolls,’ and he is not fully accepting the evil of what Sara (VOG) did to the Whistleblower Movement. Also, he also has disagreements with the HAC.

4. 00:38:00
We prohibit the practice of ranking the Whistleblower Movement members in order of participation time.

Anybody who feels they are valuable to the Whistleblower Movement should leave. We do not force anybody to be a fighter, because destroying the CCP is not a trade. The Whistleblower Movement does not owe anybody anything, as in a normal commercial transaction. Instead, members owe the Whistleblower Movement and the NFSC everything, because we are taking down the CCP!  Nevertheless, the Whistleblower Movement and the NFSC have given all our fellow fighters something that has never been offered to people in the history of mankind, and will never be offered again.

We have a very close relationship with the FBI, but it is not based on rogues and corruption as is the CCP’s habit. We live-broadcast in order to destroy the CCP. And the people who are causing us trouble, and doing harm to us, are being manipulated by the CCP.

When Lude became angry yesterday, the happiest people were several long-time supportive fellow fighters of Himalaya Toronto Maple Leaf Farm, Jiang Cai Shen, Wen Feng, and Sister Xi Shan, because they don’t like the HAC. Himalaya Toronto Farm, you are still in piles of trouble. Some fellow Canadian fighters still have their money frozen by the Securities Commission. You have not yet solved the problem, but cheer in support of internal disagreements? How can you convince of your virtue?

Other groups of fellow fighters expressed their love for Lude as he showed his true emotions. If you can so easily express love, it must also be easy for you to hate. If you don’t have a more discerning attitude towards love and hate, you are also unable to distinguish truth from falsehood, and  good from evil. The “Real People & Real Things” show was a mirror that succeeded in revealing these shortcomings, and this broke my heart.

5. 00:45:00 
One of Jack Ma’s former finance executives was held for trial by the Dalian Procuratorate. This beautiful female fellow fighter also used to work for Ye Jianming. The first few days of her detention were relatively normal. She was treated relatively politely and interrogated about the financial relationship between Yang Xiong, Meng Jianzhu, Sun Lijun, Jiang Mianheng, Jiang Zhicheng, and Ma Yun (all Shanghai gang members). She was asked about the “Ant Financial Services” case for several days. On the last day, she suffered through torture. Three people who claimed to be from the Procuratorate and the Discipline Inspection Commission interrogated her. One of them, a woman in high heels, stepped on her private parts and tortured her for two or three hours.

She was one of the first to tell me about Ye Jianming and Jack Ma. Also, she told me that all interrogators and detainees follow our Whistleblower Movement, and watch the Lude Media Show. They all know about Dr. Yan. The interrogators must look up to Lao Guo (Guo Wengui) as the only person who does not tell lies, or do deceitful and dirty things.

The Whistleblower Movement should not hide any secrets. We should present ourselves in front of the cameras, and take down the CCP under the gaze of the world.

Some of our fellow fighters hero-worship the Whistleblower Movement after the Wang Jian (HNA former chairman) incident, the Hong Kong incident, and the adventures of Meng Jianzhu and Wang Qishan. The Whistleblower Movement never relies on anybody. We do not follow anybody’s orders. We do not owe anybody. We do not care what anybody thinks of us, which is the source of our power. The G-Series and the intelligence information that I expose are unique in the world. We have rescued more Hong Kong people than any other country. I have never made any promise that I have failed to keep, and I have not asked for a penny from our fellow fighters.

6. 00:54:00 
Coinbase’s price has increased from $0.25 to over $300, a 1,900-fold increase in 10 years. It will become a trillion-dollar platform in the future. Bitcoin and Huobi Futures are instruments of crime, and their decentralized nature will surely make them disappear eventually.

G-Coin is centralized and traceable, it is also subject to oversight. Countries and corporations will adopt it. We designed G-Coin with inspiration from a deep understanding of wealth, and people-to-people relationships. We are loyal to the NFSC and the goal of destroying the CCP, to the Whistleblower Movement, to financial regulations, and a commitment to our fellow fighters, but not to any single person.

I think highly of Americans who, despite their cold-bloodedness and greed, do not tell lies. They are consistent in what they say and what they do, and they treat people with honesty.

7. 01:00:00 
This past week I was highly focused on three events:

  1. Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga’s visit to the US;
  2. John Kerry’s visit to China;
  3. The domestic battle between the Shanghai gang and the Xi gang.

Therefore, this past week I activated all my intelligence sources to understand these three things. Kerry went to Shanghai to meet with Yang Jiechi (Shanghai gang) before Yoshihide Suga visited the US.

Kerry raised several things with Yang Jiechi. Firstly, the personal relationship between Biden and Xi should never be wholly broken under any circumstances. They should never reveal each other’s private affairs. Secondly, the US would release a white paper report about the viruses, and the CCP should be ready for it. It was US public opinion that necessitated this white paper. Finally, the CCP must not attack Taiwan. If the CCP attacks, the US will have no choice but to fight a proxy war with the CCP. The meeting also discussed changes in US policy toward Japan, upcoming actions against Hong Kong, and the CCP’s Genocide in Xinjiang. The US promised not take further action related to the Xinjiang Genocide, but would only mention it. The US urged the CCP to get ready for these responses. Kerry also asked Yang what amount of US Treasury bonds the CCP was prepared to buy, and whether the CCP was willing to continue playing the role of a producer. Yang Jiechi refused almost all these requests. In addition, the Kerry raised the hope that the CCP would unite with the US against Russia, but not with Russia against the US. Yang refused to agree to this as well.

8. 01:04:00 
The world situation has changed dramatically in the past week. Since World War II, Japan has had three aspirations. Firstly, Japan wants to upgrade the Self-Defense Forces (SDF) to a national army. Japan relies on imports for 80 to 90 percent of its energy supply, so Japan’s lifeline is the Strait of Malacca. Japan needs a national army to protect the energy supply through Malacca. However, the essence of the CCP’s “One Belt, One Road” strategy is to control energy resources and the Straits of Malacca. Whoever becomes the proxy for Asia – the CCP or Japan – will control the energy supply. The US and Japan have reached a consensus: if the CCP attacks Taiwan, it will lead to a war. This means that the US (the lion) and Japan (the Asian wolf) are cooperating to deal with the CCP (the Wolf Warrior in sheep’s clothing).

If war happens, Taiwan will become a fatal casualty. Secondly, Japan has always wanted to become a permanent member of the UN Security Council. If Japan became a member, it would be like joining the IMF and the WTO, and would allow it to participate in the joint management of the world. Thirdly, Japan wants to be permitted to have nuclear weapons.

The US has lifted restrictions on Japan’s Puskanda base, allowing Japan to place medium and long-range missiles there. This enables Japan to perform non-reactive strikes, and allows Japan to deploy NMD and TMD anti-missile systems. This will allow the US to implement a proxy war from there. Japan has had three aspirations for many years. Permanent membership in the UN, acquisition of nuclear weapons, and militarization of the SDF. These aspirations will soon become a reality. This all points to the fact that the CCP is on the verge of being destroyed.

I am very excited, but I hope people in mainland China can be spared too much suffering in the process of taking down the CCP. Our fellow fighters must engage with each other with kindness and honesty.

9.  01:19:30 
With respect to the economy, the anti-CCP alliance of the US, UK, and Japan forms an iron triangle, becoming the “New NATO.” The GDP of this iron triangle alliance accounts for one-third of the world’s carbon emissions, 80% of the world’s scientific and civilizational products, and 90% of the technical developments. The US, the UK, and Japan represent the new civilizational power of the world, together with Europe.

It is a competition between the $58 trillion GDP of this triangle versus the CCP’s $15 trillion GDP. The CCP will be treated as a bird with its fur plucked and its wings clipped. This iron triangle alliance controls 90% of technology, and controls world finance, currency and energy. Does the CCP have any chance to win?

The CCP today is like Iraq back then. And there are still people who think the CCP can survive? John Kerry’s words in Shanghai were not just words but represented future actions. Will the Hong Kong dollar and the RMB still have any value if these actions are implemented? Will the Chinese still be welcomed in luxury stores around the world? Will everyone in the world be able to distinguish between the Chinese and the CCP? This is my biggest worry. Kerry’s visit to Shanghai was the result of a battle between the Xi gang and the Shanghai gang. Xi is expected to overreact because of this. Although this situation contributes to destroying the CCP, it will bring a massive disaster to the Chinese people (the Lao Bai Xing).

10. 01:25:00
When Kerry went to Shanghai and was faced with the CCP’s uncooperative and uncompromising attitudes, their insistence on pushing forward with their Wolf Warrior Diplomacy, the US made a decision. Soon the US Secretary of Defense will take a series of actions. The Strait of Hormuz, the Suez Canal, the Red Sea, and the Strait of Malacca will become critical for Japan, the US, India, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Iran, and many other countries, to control.

World oil prices and stock markets will go up and down like a roller coaster. Taiwan, the South China Sea, Cambodia, and Myanmar may become warzones at any time. The world economy will continue to deteriorate, descending into hyperinflation, and becoming a financial disaster. The price of Bitcoin and Huobi Futures will also fluctuate. In the end, only our G-Coin will continue to grow, because G-Coin is a centralized currency with gold reserves and stable coins, that can never be used for money laundering. Therefore, governments around the world will support and adopt it. Our G-Series will be the biggest beneficiaries.

11. 01:29:00
We planned many events for our June 4 anniversary, but the CCP seemed terrified. The virus is still spreading worldwide, and the vaccine disaster has killed people. After careful consideration, we have decided to cancel the offline activities. Given the cooperation between the US and Japan, the CCP may do unpredictably things, perhaps opening another Pandora’s box. As a result, our fellow fighters’ safety is of the utmost importance to us.

We must adhere to the facts and not engage in any false formalism. That is why we will celebrate this year’s first anniversary of the New Federal State of China mainly on G-TV via live broadcasts with our fellow fighters around the world. We will review some highlights of the past years and discuss our future plans.

We will not engage in singing praises or bragging to each other, but only consider how to effectively deliver messages to further the cause of destroying the CCP. We also do not plan to invite celebrities to participate because we don’t need others to endorse us.

12. 01:31:00
Fellow fighters, as we re-register G-TV and complete the KYC related to G-Coin, please do not cause a waste of time and resources as a result of incorrect applications, like we experienced with G-TV applications the first time. This time tens of thousands of fellow fighters will complete KYC verification. Two months have been reserved for this. We are allocating a team of 60 volunteers who will be on call 24 hours a day to help you with the KYC process, but you must study the instructions carefully to avoid errors.

Everybody, please remember this: if you fail to pass KYC this time, you may never have another chance. So the sooner you pass KYC, the better. In the future, every single G-Coin will be valuable and sought-after. Therefore, fellow fighters, don’t miss this opportunity because of your carelessness, indifference, or inaccurate information.

Both the re-registration of G-TV and the KYC related to G-coin will end at the end of May. The number of G-Club memberships purchased is increasing rapidly every day. But I have to remind everyone to make sure to fill in the information accurately. Otherwise, it is difficult to verify the payment.

We must maintain the honor of the G-Series and the image of the NFSC. Brothers and sisters, you should first learn to do essential things properly, or you will never get what you deserve. Please!