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Regarding the truth about the origin of COVID, Mr. Bannon did three of the most risky things in the world.  So he will either be completely ruined, or ascend to heaven. 

(1) Bannon was the first white man that followed the Whistleblowers’ Movement to tell the world that the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) is not the same as the Chinese people, and the CCP must be taken down.  He is a devout Catholic, who grew up in an African-American district in Virginia, went to Harvard, worked in Goldman Sachs, served in the military and subsequently the White House.  He can be seen as a modern version of Wu Zixu, a mentor to the nation (the  Wu kingdom in the Spring and Autumn period 722–481 BC).

(2) Bannon was determined to challenge the Vatican’s dirty deal with the CCP.  Pietro Parolin, Vatican secretary of State, was the one who planned, negotiated and executed the secret agreement between the Vatican and the CCP.  Like Wang Qishan, Cardinal Parolin has the full control of money, intel, national foreign political relations, and he is in charge of all the frenzy money-deals across the globe.  He is the type that breeds the crocodiles in the swamp, not just involved in money-laundering.  The whistle I blew on that $2 billion had made a huge impact (on his credibility). (3) Bannon was the first white man that followed the Whistleblowers’ Movement to call COVID for what it is, the CCP-virus, to take HCQ (hydroxychloroquine), and to oppose the vaccines for CCP virus.

After the Qingming Festival and Easter, I was attempted to take a “Shuang Xiu” (metaphorically, the CCP members’ routine sexual practice), and the trick to put off such desire is to think of Nine-finger Goblin, for she specializing in lowering Yang (meaning lowering the libidos), to so-called “exterminate-yang and strengthen-yin”. 

When I was a child, a family member in my hometown was a Catholic who believed in being a good person, and adhered to the principle of not ‘an eye for an eye’.  That’s the reason why the world has evil people.  I am of the opinion that one shall definitely scold back when being verbally abused, and fight back when being physically attacked.  Many people said that Nine-finger Goblin is not even worth mentioning.  I disagree.  Because we turned a blind eye to the CCP’s ill deeds,  that’s how Zhongnan-Pit’s managed to rule for 70 years.  

No matter what, Nine-finger Goblin, PJ Pan, Wei Xiuzhu and others will definitely go to prison.  What I don’t want to see is Nine-finger Goblin taking away the conscience, wisdom, the basic human nature in distinguishing between true and false, good and evil from our fellow fighters.  The CCP’s fall is inevitable, but don’t let the Chinese fellowman fall with it.   The CCP has already taken Hong Kong, and it will attack Taiwan, destroy America, and conquer the world.  Don’t let yourself become their sacrifices.

We talked about the plain ignorance and sheer greed of Nine-finger Goblin in the lawyers’ meeting yesterday.  For the frozen accounts of Maywind and G-Service, it was the bank who initiated the lawsuit against them (Nine-finger Goblin and her gang).  Although they insisted that it was their money, investigations concluded that all the money belonged to the fellow fighters of the farm.  In light of that, she continued to falsify documents, and repeatedly asked the court for a private settlement and to enable her to keep three million of the four million dollars.  The gang of hooligans surely made the court, and all the lawyers dumbfounded.  Being 100% guilty of fraud, she still expected to settle privately, and yet some people still believe her and follow her.

Any fellow fighter who failed to register with the Farm, or Himalaya Global Alliance Committee (abbr. Committee) for holding/purchasing (G-Series) on behalf of another person, or being represented by another person, is close to committing a crime.   I was flabbergasted that an unknown individual was actually holding on behalf of more than two hundred fellow fighters.  Once again, I reiterate: (1) no one will be responsible for you if you are cheated/harmed by your representative;  and (2) failure to disclose to the farm or the Committee about your holding on behalf of another person will result in cancellation of all the G-Series deals between the parties.  We strictly forbid those who believe in the Nine-finger Goblin to follow the New Federal State of China at the same time.  If such people do not go to prison, it’s over for America!

We have made the accurate “guess” every time because we possess core intel from the CCP.   We do not have any official status, or involved with any organization.  We don’t need anyone to believe us.  Those who don’t believe us can go for vaccines, don’t wear masks, invest in the CCP, move their homes to Hong Kong under the “rule of law”, or even move to Beijing.

Some say that they got vaccinated because they are afraid of the virus.  This is because these people don’t understand that unrestricted bioweapons are not top secret.  So long they are unrestricted bioweapons, the true origins can be traced and proven.  When the BBC in the UK was ready to interview me, the CCP intervened and blocked the interview claiming there was no evidence.  BBC’s peers said that “Miles risked his life to bring this breaking story, facts shall override evidence.  Do you have proof of Princess Diana’s cheating? Do you have evidence on the ex-marital affair committed by Charles and Camilla in the past?  This man looks at matters logically and he is the one of the few people in Europe that has the most profound understanding of the real threat posed by the virus, and the CCP.”  We don’t care about anyone’s comments.  CNN, CNBC, all of them will surely stand with us, for reasons of the virus and money to take down the CCP.  There is no escape for the CCP this time.

Jack Ma is the CCP’s frontman to scam money from the public, and then his assets will be stripped away,  and his family members are held as hostages in China.  Yang Xiong, the Mayor of Shanghai, just died.  He was one of the secret weapons of the Jiang (Zemin)’s family, a key person in the South Putou meeting.  He was a trusted aide of Zeng Qinghong, and Jiang Mianheng (son of Jiang Zemin)’s life-and-death pal. So Yang belonged to the superior segment.  Whenever Yang Xiong appeared, Jack Ma knew the big boss arrived, and even the arrogant Meng Jianzhu suddenly subdued when he saw Jiang Zemin and Yang Xiong, and Sun Lijun just turned into a dog in Yang’s presence. 

There were five big guys representing the Jiang family.  Meng Jianzhu and Yang Xiong were two of them.  Others representing the Jiang family will die too.  Xiao Jianhua, Ye Jianming, Wu Xiaohui, Pan Shiyi will take many people down with them.  Jack Ma is like a death machine.  He disappears once, someone will die; he appears once, someone else will die.  Now Yang Xiong is dead, Ant Financial Services is gone, Jiang Mianheng is dead …… Eventually, he will be over too.

The Chinese people in Mainland today seemed to be on steroids,  worshipping God Xi, so WWII is really just a stone’s throw away from us.  When the Midway War, the battle which determined Japan’s fate in World War II was lost,  Tojo Hideki concealed the news from the nation. He was the executor of Japanese nationalism, militarism and imperialism.  Like the CCP. he relied on the same measures of “weakening people” and “devising god” to rule, not allowing people to hear the voice of the emperor and even to see the appearance of the emperor.

Emperor Hirohito was the offspring of a consanguineous marriage.  Since he was a young child, he was taught by the most driven mentors in national and military studies, and read “History of the Japanese Empire” and “Theory of Sino-Korean Relations”, which is the origin of Japanese militarism and imperialism.  Initially, he was not a regent, but after talking with King George of England, he knew how to be an emperor and a representative of God.

The economy of the Hirohito period back then was exactly the same as Germany before WWII.   He was actually suffering from extreme fear, and such fear turned into madness.  Then he was portrayed by the Japanese nation and militarism as God, and ordered killing as God.  The 918 Incident was the result of the world’s connivance, and the selfishness and fear of the Chinese people.  Many people thought it was America that defeated Japan, but in fact it was the Soviet Union that beat Tohoku to death in its final moment.   Japan was defeated when Japan’s domestic economy collapsed.  In the end, Emperor Hirohito traded Japan’s massive overseas wealth and top secrets with America, and fooled the Japanese people into serving the US, to which MacArthur accepted.

The notion “all under heaven as one family” advocated by the Japanese emperor back then, is the same as the CCP’s slogan today, “everything follows the Party, everything belongs to the Party, and the Party is dearer than your parents”.  The economic prosperity of those years led to the final madness of militarism as a result of push for extreme nationalism, control of the media, weapons and resources, and brainwashing.   Japan’s ultimate defeat had nothing to do with nuclear weapons.  The secret that the emperor sold out the Japanese people, no one really knows.  In 1946, the emperor officially announced (in a speech): I am a man, I am not a god.  Thereafter, Japan joined the Western democracy, adopted rule of law and freedom of faith under the leadership of the US and was accepted by the world.  They suddenly realised that Japan did not have to conquer the world (by military force), they can conquer the world with their distinguished brands such as Toyota cars, Nikon and Sony.  It turned out that a country without God and without killing people not only can survive, but can also be highly respected worldwide.  A country belonging to the people can become steadily stronger.

It was only after 1946 that Japan really broke away from Asia, and joined Europe and the US.  It was only after 1946 that Japan distinguished the rule of law from moral disciplines, and fostered freedom of all schools of religions/faiths.  An independent system of rule of law has completely transformed a military state that used to believe it was so powerful.  Emperor Hirohito’s ten plus years, starting from Hirohito’s economy heyday to militarism, to Hirohito’s hell period, to Hirohito’s suicide followers, to Hirohito finally retreated and handed Japan’s top secrets to the US military, but continued to assist the US military in controlling of the Japanese people, exhibited all the hallmarks of the CCP today.  

We do not want the CCP to be like Hirohito, declaring that I am the Party, not your mother, but more dear than your parents, and then send all the Chinese to hell.  If this drama is repeated in China, Xi Jinping on behalf of God, sending the Chinese people to attack Taiwan, then the death toll in China is definitely not just 20 million. The CCP bandits are determined to attack Taiwan.  Xi wanted to be regarded as a God or a saint, and conquering Taiwan is the cornerstone to seal that status.

Prior to the CCP’s 20th Congressional Meeting, they wanted to execute the “Double Dragon plan”.   To weaken the US is to strengthen the CCP; to divide the US is to unite the CCP, to showcase the world an untrustworthy America is to present a credible Communist China.  All kinds of DCEP (Digital Currency Electronic Payment) launched by the CCP aimed to take out the US dollar.  The CCP is adopting the same methods as the emperor and Hitler by fooling, threatening, and challenging humanity.  A man with true faith should combat evil, not condone the bad guys getting stronger, not condone the bad guys growing confident, and not allow the bad guys to abuse the good people.

The anti-Whistleblowers’ Movement pack is sowing discord in each farm at all cost, to prevent G-coin and G-dollar from succeeding, and GTV from restructuring.  Since we are “fraud”, what are you still afraid of?  Good news awaits for the US investors, be rest assured that you will be rewarded no less than others.  Your persistence will be rewarded with my utmost loyalty.

The DCEP promoted by the CCP is to screw up the US dollar, and the SWIFT system will face great challenges.   Coinbase Inc. from its establishment in 2012, to now going public, priced at $250-$340 a share,  $100 billion is out of the US stock market, setting a milestone in the financial sector.  The digital currency, cryptocurrency era can’t be stopped by anyone. The person who favours cryptocurrency the most became the chairman of SEC and is a close friend to Zuckerberg of Facebook.  We are neither too early or too late, we are at the perfect time, equipped with the most controllable cost, minimum risk, the most matured technology, at the eve before this splendid market about to boom… not winning is impossible!

G-Fashion and G-Coin perfectly combined the virtual and real platforms at one.   G-Clubs will become the modern financial pool.  GTV, G-News, and G-Fashion will become G-mall, and then in combination with G-Coin, just imagine how powerful this is.   When G-Coin is filed worldwide, it will present 17 features that are the one-and-only in the world.   G-Coin’s governing law, and Whitepaper report exceed the standards of the DCEP marketed by the CCP.   The encryption ability, security factor, code technology, the best blockchain technology, 5 exchange houses, payment system, the only independent G-Coin data center in the world, even electricity is independent, all proven to be the one-and-only in the entire world.

G-Coin can be encashed with a certain country that has a digital currency.  We are the first private digital currency that they want to collaborate with, and right now, they are being gravely threatened by the CCP.   When the CCP heard that we are going to celebrate our one year anniversary, they made despicable threats to end the diplomatic relations between the two nations, and cut off personal ties to the country head if they dare to allow our celebration to go ahead.  Australia and Japan are all under such threat.  But the Japanese government said that “Mr. Guo, we will never be affected by him, you just go ahead”.  Australia is more difficult, whilst Canada is hopeless by yielding to the CCP.  A particular country’s leader personally arranged three meetings with us.  We will open the account for him.  I am personally involved in all these dealings.  Because of my long established credibility, resources, and extensive network, all the world top companies want to work with us.

In 1991, when I first built the hotel, the founder of Westin asked me to inform him of our standard operating procedures (SOPs).  A management team of 20 at that time (11 executives were foreigners) developed Yuda’s SOP after one sleepless week.  You can see that Pangu, Yuda, Founder Securities, National Securities, all have SOPs, and corporate culture.  Internally, we put affection above reasoning.  Externally, the red line is marked by law, and moral obligations, then SOP.  Since that, my five-star hotel does not adhere to the foreign system, but focuses on Chinese culture, and that is the incarnation of G-Fashion today, the Eastern soul and Western craftsmanship.

So the essence of the G-Series is the synthesis of my decades of personal relation, personal growth, and knowledge of Chinese culture, Western culture, international culture, political and economic and everything I encountered.  They are huge wealth that must be kept firmly in the hands of our fellow fighters.  From the bottom of my heart I reiterate that I just hope to find decent people that I like and need from the Whistleblowers’ Movement and G-Series for the future development of the New Federal State of China.  Together as fellow fighters of the New Federal State of China, we will pursue an affluent lifestyle, independence, rule of law, freedom of faith after the CCP is eradicated, and as a team we can exhibit how to live like a true Chinese in a fulfilling way.

The G-Translators Team does one third of the heavy lifting, but ask for the very least in favours.  The surplus in subscribed G-Coins will be used to take care of the fellow fighters who have been prosecuted by the CCP, and who worked as long-term volunteers, G-Translators Team, and Simultaneous Translation Team.  They deserve recognition.

On April 15 last year, I was on the boat, and I had the most interaction with our fellow fighters on that day.  It was also the most critical day for GTV’s private placement.  We created GTV, G-News, started G-coin, G-Dollar amid the entire world was in lock-down mode and suffering from the CCP-Virus.  Over merely a 12-month period, GTV has already increased from the original 1,300 chairs to 23,000 chairs.

Since we satisfied all the legal licensing requirements a year ago to our operation today, we have been subject to the SEC and the CCP joint framing, yet we have not touched a penny of investors monies.  At the same time, the gain on investment continued to rise, from zero to two billion, and to tens of billions of dollars appraised today.  GTV was the only media that covered Hunter Biden during the US presidential election, provided comprehensive coverage of the CCP-Virus and offered a platform for our Chinese people to speak freely.  G-Series continued to advance steadily over the past year.  And only the New Federal State of China, the Whistleblowers’ Movement, Lude Media are growing stronger day by day.  It is not difficult to see that only Dr. Yan is the real angel, only the Whistleblowers’ Movement is our real hope, and only the New State of China has created real magic.

Taking down the CCP is not our duty, nor our promise.  If you are truly determined to take down the CCP, go ahead by all means.  You don’t need to care about what others may think or comment.  But you must ensure your own safety, and the safety of your and your family is priority.  To take down the CCP provided that does not affect you or  your family’s way of life.  You cannot be like the emperor of Japan to ask his people to sacrifice for him.   Even if we don’t take down the CCP, we wouldn’t want to see you risking your life, getting arrested, or compromising your basic living standards in the process of taking down the CCP.  Even without us, the CCP is still doomed, just a matter of time. 

We were the earliest and the most determined force to take down the CCP in the world.  We accelerated the demise of the CCP and in effect, saved all the people in this world.  But taking down the CCP is by no means our duty.  It should not be the goal for us to achieve at all costs.  Taking down the CCP is the hearts and minds of people, and taking down the CCP is for the money too!  It is the money that can fundamentally destroy the CCP.  As long as the US cut off its money, cut off its food supply, cut off its technology, seize the wealth of its illegitimate children abroad, and restrict the money they have hidden overseas, then that is equivalent to digging up the CCP’s ancestral graves.  None of us need to be cannon fodder (for the CCP in its war against humanity).

We will destroy our enemy in the most cheerful and safe manner, and with the least cost.  Social media today made this possible, winning the war without causing a bloodshed or physical slaughter.  So we must give more importance to social media.  G-Clubs members will be thrilled by the good news coming.  I cannot disclose it now.  G-Clubs will close the door (for membership) at a particular time, it will not stay open indefinitely.  For those fellow fighters who received that G-Fashion sweater that was made in China, if you are G-Clubs members, please reply to our message and keep that sweater as a complimentary gift; for those purchasers who are not fellow fighters, we will have to take back all the items.  G-Fashion caters for G-Clubs members and fellow fighters.   so you are the key focus.  Any concern, please let us know immediately.   All the G-Fashion items are of original designs, and will not be made in China.