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Author: Carol Z. Translate: Summer

Dead man with limbs tied up is determined suicide

On April 9, 2021, the Hepu Police Bureau,Guangxi Province in CCP China, received a call:  it was suspected that a dead body was found in the river that needs to be salvaged and investigated.

After receiving the call, the police immediately set up a task force to carry out investigation work.  After they arrived at the scene, they retrieved a dead body with hands tied and feet tie.

What is surprising is that the police declared the result of initial investigation on the same day, and ruled out the possibility of murder.  Rather, they said, Mr. Bai committed suicide from suffering from a major illness.


The video clearly showed Mr. Bai had all his limbs tied up.  It is quite puzzling to think about how he could throw himself into the river.  The difficulty was no less than that of Emperor Chongzhen ( a Chinese emperor in Ming Dynasty who committed suicide in 1644) riding a bicycle to the sky to the moon.

The plain lie of the police has disregarded common sense and the starting point of one’s own profession. The police demanded “not to spread live video,” which has shown timidity.  Because to a large extent, the video is all about the truth.  When the public knows the truth, the police’s random fabrications will not work, and the credibility of the police will be reduced.

Therefore, blocking the video and blocking the truth for the first time is of course the first choice of the police.

As the saying goes: When Satan is in power expect shocking surprises; when CCP is in power, expect non-stop rumors.


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