Contents of Mr. Guo’s speech:

On the other hand, let’s see America

The whole Wall Street

is playing an extremely dangerous game

The stock market of Wall Street crash of this time is a matter of time

Only differences are how high it goes and how many people go bankrupt

When Wall Street plays time this time

two things have been prepared

Firstly, they (wall street) speculate the stock

making it a continuous bull market till the end of this year or Maynext year

and they will sell out at the highest point

So where do you think the money will go, brothers?

Crypto currency and gold of course

These are the only options left (for investments), nothing else

Check out onCoinbase

and calculate how many times are multiplied from 20 cents to 340 dollars

That is why now

today’s chairman of SEC

Gary Gensler, who comes from the elite community supporting crypto currency.

And now the hidden hands of Wall Street all play with the crypto currency

Bitcoin belongs to two guys only

the CCP and the Wall Street

Behind all ballooning of the other crypto currencies

stands CCP and Wall street, mostly

 (they are serving as) two money laundering gangs

skyrocketing the market so they can crash it down later

When everyone else collapse down to death, would they themselves survive?

Brothers, this is the very time

you should remember that speculating and gambling psychology

will make you lose everything

We have achieved goals no one had made before

We have constructed GTV, Gnews, Gcoin, Gdollar, Gfashion and Gclub

all these platforms at the same time

stepping on the right time of world history

with our hands clean

We proceed steady step by step

nobody can stop us

Crypto currency, virtual economy combines with real economy

Gcoin, Gdollar, Gfashion,

Gfashion will be paired with Gmall

and Gclub, all of these will be the only enterprises in the next critical period

that will make huge profits every year, 100% for sure

GTV and Gnews are scarce resources of the time

How do you feel when these combines together

Let’s think about it, brothers and sisters

You see others speculating crypto currencies

They are making big money but you chose not to participate (in those speculations)

Well this time, the Whistleblower Movement, the NFSC will let all the fellow fighters to

take part in this great moment

We must live and enjoy a decent, wealthy, and safe life

And this is the only way to TAKE DOWN THE CCP

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