Contents of Mr. Guo’s speech:

Our current g-fashion is yesterday’s Gucci and Cartier.

Join us, join our g-fashion.

The president of Chanel started working yesterday.

The whole American team has come to work with us.

There are also two big brands, the most prominent and most awesome deputy director of design, and the marketing director communicated to us that he would give him half a year to come to g-fashion.

G-fashion hasn’t even started yet.

It didn’t even start.

The real thing of g comes out, and it’s the end of this year that is going to be awesome, and the end of this year is pretty good.

The golden whistle and silver whistle you see now will be very valuable in the future.

It’s really that much.

How much do you think this dres’s costs, it may be worth one hundred thousand dollars.

Why? The material we bought, the material we purchased for millions of dollars, is left there.

The material of Loro Piana.

Our typesetter made this one piece, two pieces, and three pieces.

Some of the ones you see hanging in our G-fashion may be produced in dozens or one hundred or eighty pieces and then gone.

Our design fee is more than 4 or 5 times higher than turnover.

I said five times that day, and they said that Mr. Li, it’s 7, 8 times, or ten times.

But we want to be original, which may be valuable in the future, it may be advantageous.

But don’t think about speculating. The real G-fashion will start at the end of this year and the beginning of next year.

So G-fashion started with G-club.

G-club is a certified passport for the world, and the new Chinese go to the world.

It is also the standard of dignity and the representative of dignity.

Then GTV and G-news convey the absolute authentic voice of the new Chinese and the Chinese people’s history.

We must show the dignity of the Chinese nation, Hong Kong as a holy city, the massacre in Xinjiang and Tibet, and Taiwan’s threat that has lasted for decades. These are all shown to the world.

The only bridge through which the West can understand the West and China is GTV and G-news.

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