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MOS Himalaya 369 Wenju, Dolores

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1、00:18:00 Today is the second anniversary of my mother’s death, but since people from ShanDong use the Lunar Calendar, the actual anniversary will be on the 14th which is next week. I figured that rather than me sending prayers and blessings to my mom alone, I might as well let more fellow warriors get to know my mother. To understand mothers, to understand Chinese women, is to understand the history of China.

2、00:21:00 G-News has five times as many viewers as that of GTV. 86% of the data flow of GTV is located in the U.S, while 90% of that of G-News is from mainland China. We want our Fellow Fighters in mainland China to know the truth. To run GTV costs about 2 million USD per month; G-News is about a few hundred thousands USD, but it has a huge influence. Recently a few investment institutions took interest in G-News and want us to start selling stocks. Our volunteers contributed a lot on G-News, so we can never forget our volunteers. I want to express my gratitude for all volunteers of G-News. The several rounds of money for Fellow Fighters were all embezzled by that nine-finger demon. She used the volunteers to scam hundreds of thousands dollars. G-News is instantly different now that David took over, and its data has been improved a lot. Recently, a dozen people from the Trump administration expressed interest in joining G-News and GTV. We are currently discussing cooperation.

3、00:30:00 One of our Fellow Fighters who is close to Guo Boxiong, invested 2 millions into GTV.The most touched because I have no idea who she is but I still saved her. She recently also saved another dozen Fellow Fighters, but some of them had conflict with her recently. I want to say a few things: nobody owes you anything when they save you; nobody has the obligation to save you, so don’t put the responsibility on them. So far none of the Hongkongers that we saved started any conflict. Fellow Fighters, overseas or in mainland, all you need to learn is respect people. In China there are now more people from higher-level who want to invest in the New Federal State of China and in G-Series.

4、00:43:00 The Himalaya alliance is operating at high efficiency. The backstage operation of GTV and G-News are increasing at large scale. The Farms are not profit organisations but havens to unite all Fellow Fighters who want to take down the CCP. The core missions of the Farms are to protect the Fellow Fighter’s interest , proportionately distribute the profit of G-Series to them, and eventually take down the CCP. We will not allow the Farms to become the point of financial loss for our Fellow Fighters. I suggest not get financially involved with the South Korean Farm. Regarding what Changdao said yesterday about being blamed for the crime, it is basically the matter of GTV being investigated by the SEC and settling, but nothing serious. I chose to settle partially and they can continue investigating,I will take full responsibility. This settlement includes the fund of VOG which came from the Fellow Fighters. Once GTV sells its new stocks, those can be distributed to Fellow Fighters who are in the range of 60 millions dollars. For those 40 million dollars which are still in the Nine-Finger demon’s embezzled account, I will ask GTV to distribute new stocks to them too. In April of last year ,Fellow Fighters bought GTV stocks at the price of one dollar per stock. The Yale facility evaluated the market value of the GTV to be 1.8 to 2.6 billion dollars. Now that value is tens of billions; even if it’s just 20 billions, it has grown ten-fold,even the Loan Program of the original Phoenix Farm and VOG have the same profit. Thank you for your concerns. But it’s no big deal, other than we need to protect the interests of our Fellow Fighters. I must be responsible, because everyone came for me.

5、01:06:10 I want to talk about my mother on the live stream on 14th March. An important reminder for everyone is that the core of what we do is to take down the CCP. I hope every Farm could remember why we started and what we started. A decent and rich life is not the privilege of the CCP. I wish more Fellow Fighters and volunteers to join us, and develop the full potential of GTV and G-News. By the end of this year, GTV and G-News will reach a larger level of globalisation, making it the only platform that allows freedom of truth. The settlement between the GTV and the SEC is in process and will be finished in roughly two months’ time; then the money will be returned to everyone. Right now, only three people want out, but 260K people want in.The Phoenix and the VOG need to sign a loan assignment contract. Please contact each Farm and do not pass by this opportunity. The distribution quota of G-Coin for Phoenix and VOG are all there, but you need to deposit the money for getting G-Coin and you need to pass the KYC. I can only support with money until it goes onto the market; or else when it goes onto the market it won’t be yours. Regarding the part that I give to volunteers and those who were persecuted for Law of Order funds, I will buy the coins and save them into the account of the alliance committee, and those will be distributed to everyone in the future according to a unified distribution system.

6、01:15:00 The ultimate goal of the Whistleblower Movement is to eliminate the CCP, and our Fellow Fighters are our kernel. The CCP is afraid of none,except for the New Federal State of China getting rich and inspiring more people to join the mission of crushing the CCP’s 70-year enormous lies. Therefore, the wealth must flow to Fellow Fighters and all platforms must return their absolute controls to our Fellow Fighters. Distribution of wealth and a decent life is not the CCP’s privilege. This is what the Whistleblower Movement is about. Fellow Fighter could save you but owe you nothing. Joining the Whistleblower Movement is not for your pension. We have no celebrity here, because what we want is dignity and equality. The stories between me and the Fellow Fighters are the most sincere emotion in human interaction, without any falsehood. That kind of trust, sincerity and selflessness is the most beautiful stuff. Humanity means that even the bad guys have a good side to them.

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