The most influential and authoritative Chinese military Website alleged that Shi Zhengli, a Chinese virologist and researcher at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, leaked the Wuhan coronavirus which is now spreading out of control.

The title of the article is:

Wuhan virus was artificially altered, Shi Zhengli’s fatal evidence was caught red-handed

This is the screenshot of the article published on (please try not to visit this Chinese Webpage to avoid computer virus) is the same website that alleged that the U.S. created the Wuhan coronavirus as a biochemical weapon to attack China a few days ago, which prompted Miles Guo to identify the lead scientist behind this epidemic to be Guo Deyin.

Guo Deyin is a lunatic according to Miles Guo’s description

During one of his broadcasts, Miles Guo provided an insight into Guo Deyin’s crazy war plans.

Here is the translation of Miles Guo’s video transcript:

This guy whose last name is Guo played an important role (in the viral attack). He was originally from Hubei and is affiliated with the military especially with the School for the Central Party.

Many times in his speeches, he advocated that China should be prepared for large scale apocalyptic warfare in the world:

The best option is for the Chinese to change their mindset (to plan) from the so-called weather warfare to biological warfare including geographical warfare which is related to geographical science by changing the geography, geomorphology, and earthquakes.

Most of the time, Guo Deyin focused on biological warfare and weather warfare in his speeches.

He is now being monitored by the West. He is the person that controls the (Wuhan) P4 lab behind the scene.

With his military background, this guy often proposed to reclaim Taiwan through unrestricted warfare by putting Taiwan in such a situation that it would ask to reunite with China.

He even said Taiwan would reunite with China naturally after the death of half of its people.

The most suitable option for Taiwan is to create some kind of large-scale weather-related disaster, the so-called weather warfare. Earthquakes or even storms are also options.

What he talked about most in 2018 was preferably to have something like the Wuhan incidence to happen in Taiwan – an epidemic which is also known as virus-warfare or biological-warfare – to eliminate half of the aging population in Taiwan.

Taiwan will return to China on its own for sure after such biological-warfare.

Miles Guo said this showed the evilness of the CCP. Its ambition of global hegemony has created such lunatics. The Chinese people’s “tolerance” to be enslaved has also cultivated such a black-hearted government.

Picture: Shi Zhengli

Shi Zhengli is no doubt an accomplice and has become a low-level scapegoat

Please click the link to read more about Shi Zhengli and the controversies surrounding the Wuhan P4 Lab.

The Chinese government has not issued any official statements yet. Maybe this article on the military website is just to test the water.

According to intelligence gathered by Miles Guo, a group of Chinese kleptocrats planned this viral attack to target Hong Kong, but it got backfired.

The Chinese Communist Party has been covering up the source and magnitude of this epidemic from the very beginning. But they cannot hide it anymore after the U.S. launched an official investigation of this virus.


Please read this article published by GNews for more background information.

[Special thanks to VOG volunteer Auther for translating Miles Guo’s description]