Video Extraction: Ablec(文A)
Chinese Subtitles: Himalaya LA (USA)– Yanbohaomiao
Translator: Himalaya LA (USA) – Philip
Proofread: Himalaya LA (USA) – V
Subtitles + Editor:Himalaya LA (USA)- Yaxiangdiderxiwang


Recently, he testified in the hearing of the military committee of the US Senate
said clearly that the US military is establishing an Indian-Pacific Joint Special Task Forc
to deal with the growing rumor-making activities from CCP’s cyber ghostwriters
CCP’s unrestricted war and information war
There are many fields in CCP’s unrestricted warfare
as we said previously, including all kinds of war, such as information war
cyber war, media war, propaganda war, financial war, currency war, legal wars
political war by influencing the domestic political trend of US
And last but not least, the current unrestricted biowarfare
Why does CCP spread cyber rumors? As we said before
releasing the unrestricted bioweapon (Sars-COV-2) is only one of CCP’s tactics
the craftiest one is muddling the water to mislead/confuse people
This is why Dr. Yan’s third report focuses on the unrestricted scientific misleading
Now the cyber deceptive newsis posted by foreign Wumaos
To make it look like some what professional
as CCP has invested more and more in this area, the US has finally understood
that all kinds of misleading and confusions on Twitter by Fauci, Peter Daszak and others
talking about virus from nature, let me tell you, the US has known what’s going on
So it’s time to fight back and build the cyber Task Force
This is why it is valuable for you to comment while watching Luther’s media
As I mentioned, your comments and thumps up are in fact being watched by the US military
if none of us stands up, Chinese, forget it
CCP’s cyber ghost writers are just like its massive maritime militia in the South China Sea
They are disguised as civilians, look like normal people, and send all kinds of tweets
This is not easy to deal with
Why? Because, like in the anti-terrorism war, terrorists usually wear robes as civilians
suddenly, if you’re not careful, he shows up with a gun and bomb
CCP is playing game like this now
In the future, as long as they come from the CCP, there is no way but to destroy them
This is how the US did in history
the two nuclear bombs delivered to Japan did not recognize civilians from Japanese military people
so they went down directly
1.4 billion of people inside the firewall, please stand up and do not die for the evil and deceptive CCP