Translated by: Himalaya Connecticut Pangu (USA) – Antsee-GTV

Proofread by: Himalaya Toronto Maple Leaf (Canada) – Liberte

A week ago, I had a secret conference call with Americans who know the CCP very well and some CCP members who know America very well. We had a four-hour discussion. Those well-informed Americans are usually from the outer circle of advisors to the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS). They have foreign identities in the US, Europe, or Japan and can still be trusted. They are also unofficial overseas national policy advisors. People like the former Qian Qichen and the soon to be retired Yang Jiechi belong to this group. In history, the notorious Isoroku Yamamoto – the central figure in the sneak attack on Pearl Harbor – was the most central Japanese figure who knew the US during World War II. He was also a military attache to the US.

The meeting was scheduled for one hour, but went on for four hours. After the meeting, someone specifically contacted the participants to understand the meeting’s content and to brief the bastards at Zhongnanhai (Beijing). Wang Qishan listened to the session’s recording from beginning to end, smoking constantly and occasionally taking notes. The man asked Wang Qishan what he thought of me, and Wang Qishan said, “Is there anyone within the Party who has as much insight as Guo Wengui? Have you paid attention to the intelligence that Guo Wengui has been revealing? Is there anybody, except Guo Wengui, who could have brought down HNA like this?” Anyway, HNA is finished. Wang Qishan added, “Why is Guo Wengui not only alive but also getting stronger and stronger in the US these days?”

I signed a confidentiality agreement to keep the meeting’s contents confidential for life, so I cannot tell you more details, which is the definition of integrity. First of all, our New Federal State of China (NFSC) emphasizes the most important virtue – the ability to distinguish truth from falsehood, to discern good from evil, and adhere to the facts. The flip side of the Axis of Evil and the rogue states is the aristocratic, civilized states. Falsehood and evil are our enemy because our NFSC always purses the truth and goodness. The aristocracy’s essence is honesty – the adherence to the covenant – and then justice and courage. The rogue’s nature lacks any honesty or courage, it only bullies the weak and treats falsehood as truth. The CCP is typically such a rogue. Nobles must have a sense of responsibility. Before George VI died, he told the Queen that the most important thing is responsibility. For the Queen the first requirement for taking responsibility is not to reveal her personal opinions in public.

On the contrary, for the CCP, the higher-rank the individual is, the more deceitful they are. Those old bastards at Zhongnanhai (Beijing) have phony hair, teeth, kidneys, liver. They create a phony domestic economy, make fake speeches and a fake constitution. Therefore, they are rogues. But rogue is not the same as being an underclass. When the ruling class of a country is rogue, that country is a rogue country. There is fraud underpinning the rule by the CCP, from entrepreneurs to intellectuals, to the arts and science communities. No one takes any responsibility for it. They lack courage and guts. The CCP is the biggest rogue.

Why do Americans still support China after a series of events such as June 4, 1989 (the Tiananmen Square massacre) and the militarization of islands in the South China Sea? It was the Chinese people that the US was supporting. They thought that the CCP’s reforms, “opening up”, and economic development would give the Chinese people democracy and freedom. Instead, the CCP repeatedly showed its rogue nature – fake, cheating and stealing. After the 1989 Tiananmen Square protests and the reforms and “opening up”, the CCP got rich, and a book entitled “Unhappy China: The Great Time, Grand Vision and Our Challenges” appeared. A few years later, another book entitled “The China That Can Say No: Political and Emotional Choices in the Post Cold-War Era” was published. When Xi Jinping and Wang Qishan came to power, they published a third book called “Amazing China”. The US waited for a trilogy claiming the CCP’s greatness.

In 2001, China joined the WTO, and in 2008 China hosted the Olympics, but athletes were doped en masse – what Hao Haidong and Ye Zhaoying call “the powerful rogue state, the powerful country with a fallen road”. After 2008, the CCP thoroughly infiltrated Interpol, the IMF, the WTO, and other international NGOs. How does the US treat the CCP? It is similar to when you treat a person well, but they repay you by doing evil. You help them once, and then they are always annoying you for more help. Finally, when you don’t want to help them anymore, they want to strangle you – which is the definition of rogue.

Who are the enemies of the US? America is an exquisitely self-interested, realist, capitalist country. The US is also a multi-religious country of faith. Whoever harms its interests and challenges the ideology of the US will be its enemy. During World War II, why did the US fight against Japan? Aside from the two reasons mentioned above, the conflict was related to the need to secure energy. When Japan invaded China, the US initially did not care because it did not challenge US interests or ideology. At that time, Japan depended on the US for 80% to 90% of its energy. The US began to see Japan as an enemy when Germany aligned with Italy. Today there is a similarity in the alliance between the CCP and Russia. The three books – “Unhappy China”, “The China That Can Say No”, “Amazing China” – a well as the One Belt and One Road strategy, the 2025-2035-2049 process, and the alliance between China, Russia, Iran, and North Korea make the US see clearly and feel a threat.

Japan’s situation is also similar to 1941 before World War II. In the Hull Memorandum of November 26, 1941, the US demanded that Japan withdraw from China. The US recognized that the ultimate purpose of Japan’s invasion of China was to challenge the US, and the world, when Japan allied with Germany and Italy. The domestic reason that prompted Yamamoto Isoroku to attack Pearl Harbor was the conflict between the Japanese army and navy. The emperor handed over the maritime energy supply to the navy. Isoroku Yamamoto knew that he could not compete with the US, but he had no choice but to decide to gamble. So, he attacked Pearl Harbor. Yamamoto Isoroku was known as the world’s favorite gambler.

I believe the gambler is bound to lose. Today within the CCP, political hooligans promote Nutty Xi so that he cannot retreat. Many old hooligans who know Russia very well spend their days suggesting the uniting of Russia, North Korea, and Iran in order to fight against the US. The CCP has given Xu Qiliang essential responsibilities and powers, and the navy generals make up 88% of the CCP generals. Nutty Xi is the equivalent of the Japanese emperor back then, and Wang Qishan is the equivalent of Yamamoto Isoroku. If the US attacks the South China Sea, the CCP will have a battle with them. If the US strikes the mainland, the CCP will hit the US base in Guam. If US troops land on Taiwan, the CCP will destroy Taiwan and the US army. The original words of Nutty Xi: “a small pond can turn over the sea”! The US never thought about getting involved in any war before World War II, but once the US made up its mind, it did not care about the cost.

Here are six crucial points to consider:

  • The CCP steals science and technology and does not pay for it, and at the same time threatens the United States.
  • The CCP competes for control of a strategic location on the energy supply line – the Straits of Malacca.
  • In the field of space, the CCP gets ready to fight a deadly battle with the US. Even if the US wins in the end, it will pay a great price. So, a US victory is equivalent to a loss.
  • The CCP is destroying the world’s religious beliefs. It wants to be a God itself and unite with Russia, North Korea, Iran, and Turkey to challenge the US’s world leadership.
  • The CCP plans to threaten the world by spreading the coronavirus.
  • The CCP committed genocide and crimes against humanity in Xinjiang.

These six items will make 70% of the US population believe that there must be a war between the US and the CCP. American public opinion will support the two core elements of American ideology and economic interests.

At the conference, I raised the issue of whether the CCP ought to be destroyed, and whether it can be. I cited a series of CCP propaganda points and facts to support the need to destroy the CCP:

  1. Hu Xijin said the CCP could kick the US back to the Stone Age (the agrarian period).
  2. The CCP can destroy all military bases in Southeast Asia with missiles and torpedoes.
  3. The CCP party members are inciting Nutty Xi to recapture Taiwan.
  4. It was the US who created the coronavirus.
  5. Events in the Straits of Malacca and the Suez Canal will go badly wrong.
  6. None of the US social media and media dare to raise a voice to question the CCP.
  7. The CCP has controlled the US Congress, the White House, and the judiciary. The world has returned to the Hitler era. The CCP propaganda declaring “Unhappy China”, “Amazing China” and “Wolf Warrior Diplomacy” proves the CCP’s ambition.

Moreover, the CCP tore the Sino-British agreement into pieces and threatens the future of Britain, India, and Japan. They can mobilize 500 million land forces. The CCP’s space weapons can destroy everything in space. No joke, they can destroy all US bases in Asia in three hours. The CCP is ready to sacrifice 1 billion Chinese lives. Even if 1 billion die, the CCP would still be the second-most populous country.

I made 11 points without stopping, and the room was silent.

In 2014, I talked to McEwen, the director of Asian security under the Obama administration. I told him there would be a war between the US and the CCP, and one would be defeated. He didn’t agree with me at that time. At this recent conference Kissinger’s teacher, someone who knows the CCP very well, said: “what you said today and what the NFSC has done impresses me.”

Throughout history, we Chinese in the Warring States period have suggested that.

When a country is strong and has many people, it should not bully a weak nation.

When the government is rich and powerful, it cannot use its wealth to push developing countries around.

When a country is strong, it should not ravage vulnerable countries at will.

When other countries respect you, you should maintain honor and dignity.
The CCP defies all these principles and heads in the opposite direction. Therefore, it is not about whether to take down the CCP or not, but when and how. That is essential for justice.

The most challenging issue is Taiwan. Taiwan is equivalent to Pearl Harbor. Taiwan now has about 260,000 troops and 5 million in reserve, but Taiwan has no chance to resist the CCP. If the CCP captures Taiwan it will be a nightmare for them, therefore the US and Japan must prevent this outcome.

The CCP has all the conditions to fight a deadly war with the US. What will the US do now? If there were no NFSC, like before World War II, CCP family members in the US would be sent to concentration camps. And it would be even worse than the Japanese concentration camps back then.

The CCP will probably use nuclear weapons so we will face the first life-and-death Armageddon on earth. If the CCP launches atomic missiles, they will not leave the Asian landmass. Instead they will most likely be shot down over Mongolia or Tibet, which would lead to the nuclear contamination of half of China’s land mass.

Therefore, Chinese people overseas must recognize this danger and ensure that history does not repeat itself. We should develop our media, unite with the leaders of both political parties in the US, and make the West separate the Chinese from the CCP. The CCP cannot represent the Chinese.

G-TV and G-News are on a historical mission. Investment risk and opportunity exist simultaneously. For a year I have been exhorting the West to make a distinction between the Chinese and the CCP.

G-Series is our Noah’s Ark. If you only want to speculate and make quick money, please do not join the G-Series. You should only invest in G-series if you are sincere in wanting to destroy the CCP, if you feel that the time has come for humanity’s ultimate battle, if you sincerely want to change the future and safety of the Chinese people and your family.

We have to prepare for after the destruction of the CCP. The Chinese people cannot be put into concentration camps or be targets of hatred and victimhood. The NFSC must serve as the national and ethnic power for the remaining ethnic Chinese..

We will bring about significant changes characterized by unity and power – like the aristocracy – within a few years.

Our fellows must not have naive or simplistic ideas, replacing reality with rosy illusions. Businesses must all go through the necessary process to make money. Our most considerable investment risk is the persistence of the CCP. Once the CCP is gone, we will have an enormous opportunity. After taking down the CCP, everything is possible, but the ultimate outcome is still uncertain. That is why I never advise anyone to invest in G-Series, unless you are prepared to embrace the fact that the success of the G-series is dependent on your ability to support the NFSC.

I said at the conference: “the most sad paradox about China is that too many of the 1.4 billion people are still incapable of thinking correctly”.

The CCP thinks it is necessary to treat Chinese people with violence, and in their eyes, the people are not only stupid but unable to think at all. Eileen Chang said: “I can endure anything, but I can never endure being a wimp.”

Now, China is full characterized by fake “rolling pins” and braggarts. Except for the poor ordinary people (Lao Bai Xing), all the rest are rogues. Ultimately, an evil society is destined to be wiped out by civilization, and no one can stop it.

Wang Qishan once said: “the Western world believes Guo Wengui and Bannon’s words more than ours, and it won’t take long for the Chinese to realize what the NFSC has done and said. All Chinese people will try to learn about Guo Wengui.”

At the meeting there was an individual who knows the US very well. This is an individual who I once had an in-depth conversation with, together with a former member of the Politburo Standing Committee of the CCP, along with a former vice-premier, and Mr. Zeng Peiyan. At the time, this Standing Committee member said: “there must be a reason why Guo Wengui has been able to toss around the West for so long.”

As the individual was leaving, he was asked if he had invested in G-Coin.

When I evaluate people I encounter, including foreign heads of state and worldwide tycoons, I always imagine how these people would behave if they were put in the Qingfeng Detention Center. Maybe they would obey orders. Therefore, there are few people I respect and admire from the bottom of my heart. Not yielding is my standard for measuring people, and those who do not fail are usually people from Henan, Shandong, Hunan, and Guangdong. The Northeasterners are often the quickest to kneel. When a person faces a life-or-death situation, a threat to their wealth, pain beyond their physical limits, or a sexual temptation, their essence will become evident. If communism and socialism continue to exist in the world, 99% of people would be insane. The CCP will take its stupid, crazy, rogue followers with it to hell.

Britain’s economy is ten times bigger than Taiwan’s, but the CCP sees Britain as nothing, and easily tears up the Sino-British Joint Declaration. How long do you think Taiwan’s economy will last? The CCP’s primary adversary is the US, then the UK, Japan, and India, but the countries that will hurt the CCP the most are Russia, North Korea, and the Middle East. There is a high probability that Xi will suffer a similar end as Ceausescu did in Romania, and that the first person in the party who exhorts Nutty Xi to attack Taiwan will surely step on Xi’s corpse 100 times. The coronavirus will definitely be the root cause for the world to unite to destroy communism. The NFSC will leave a strong mark in history if they are blessed. Destiny always carries the will of God. Everything has already begun.