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Someone shot the video in Nanzensi street, Liangxi District, Wuxi,The nurse is wearing a white coat in the video. Still looking around for people to get vaccinated at night. She followed this driver and said: Vaccination! You can play now. But time and time again, she was refused, and she followed behind and tried to persuade. There are still dozens of shots left. But the driver was indifferent to her persuasion. The CCP has turned vaccination into a political task and turned the nurses into street vendors.

It’s good to get vaccinated, but the CCP has never produced a vaccine. How could a coronavirus vaccine be developed in such a short time? There are videos on the Internet of people who have been unconscious and fallen to the ground after receiving the vaccine, but the news is blocked. In the face of BAIXING’s questions about the role and safety of vaccines,  Not only has the CCP failed to give a convincing answer but Instead, it has escalated its tactics of coercing BAIXING into getting vaccinated. First, it was the lure of eggs, cooking oil, and even cash, and then it was the coercion of people to give good reasons for not getting the vaccine. In some places, they cannot enter or leave the community or village without vaccination and even require employees to resign, which will affect their children’s education and work in the future. But the more this is done, the more uneasy BAIXING is about these practices. However, we do not know what conspiracy is behind the CCP. But we all think there must be something fishy in it.

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