Translated by: Himalaya Connecticut Pangu (USA) – Antsee-GTV
Proofread by: Himalaya Toronto Maple Leaf (Canada) – Liberte

Over the past few days, our fellow fighters have been protesting in front of the SEC building in Washington DC. It has shown me the inner beauty of the Chinese people, and the best aspects of their personality when they are bursting with energy and pride. Many of my foreign friends told me they saw, in these protests, the best side of the new Chinese people – a contemporary image. Now they dare to bravely express their anger at injustice.

One of our fellow fighters who has lived in the US for many years invested in G-TV and participated in the demonstrations. As a result, his family in mainland China received threatening phone calls from the CCP. The US has become a CCP town. Another fellow fighter in Europe reported that his family members in China also received phone calls from the police asking them to return their money to a designated account. What is even more incredible is that a mainland police officer impersonated a G-TV investor and contacted me. The CCP do you consider yourself so powerful and mighty? Why are you so keen to play such dirty tricks?

Our fellow fighters’ protest at the SEC is utterly spontaneous. The four demands they have made are reasonable. SEC, you compromised with the CCP’s black police. You threatened our fellow fighters and their families to withdraw their investments. This resulted in threats to their lives and the looting of their property, and the possible loss of their investment opportunities. Just now I received the information that the head of the SEC’s whistleblower department resigned. The investigation into G-TV is unwarranted because all G-TV investors invested according to the legal charter. I welcome the SEC and the New York prosecutor to continue studying the relationship between VOG and myself. However, I will not accept a settlement.

Chinese people have not behaved bravely for thousands of years, but this time we showed courage. Only the Whistleblower Movement and the New Federal State of China (NFSC) can encourage fellow Chinese to pursue their beliefs bravely. Encouraging them to follow their conscience in a proper and just direction. It is the first time that we have protected our legal rights on a large scale. Suppose we did not defend our rights. In that case, the SEC, or any other agency, might threaten, and bully Chinese investors in the future, depriving them of their opportunities, their rights, and even their safety. We have been declaring for many years that the CCP does not represent the Chinese people. Indeed, the Chinese are the biggest victims of communism. Under the CCP, Asians and Chinese in different cities and regions are being attacked and brutalized. Even their lives are threatened. Suppose there was no Whistleblower Movement, no NFSC. With the racial confrontation caused by the CCP in the world, you can imagine how the Chinese, including the legal and illegitimate children of the CCP, would be treated?

The Chinese people are the most likely people to forget their history and their successes. The Chinese people like to be delusional about the future, constantly staring at their own unattainable goals and dreaming of being well connected or having powerful relations. These days the country is promoting a select group of rich and powerful people. But the Beijing billionaires’ assets combined are less than the market value of a single American business. The top 100 billionaires in China can only be called business people. None of them are entrepreneurs. They play the role of agents creating financial bubbles without producing any valuable, civilizing, creative products of any kind. They are all about stealing, copying, and cheating. Brainless and fanatical fans scream about attacking Taiwan. Please try it. The whole world, including Japan, India, and the UK, will undoubtedly oppose the CCP more fiercely than the US does. This is the result of the CCP’s national strategy, madness, and challenge to the whole world. The CCP believes in slaughter, control, BGY plots, looting, suppression, fakery, cheating, hacking, and stealing, and nobody wants to be its friend.

Our fellow fighters’ protest against the SEC in Washington DC has caused a considerable outcry in the US. The CCP has long debased the Chinese image as a “mouthful of spit” to the world. In contrast, our fellow fighters proved that the NFSC brings to the world a new image of the Chinese people as brave and legitimate in their pursuit of justice. My greatest fear was that our fellow fighters would face the risk of virus infection when they removed their masks at the end of the protest. A year ago, I said that the most dangerous time would be when the transmission rate and death rate of the virus increased, and as everybody become numb to the new reality. Now is the most terrible time. My other worry was that handsome men and women were in high spirits and might ‘go into the wrong room after drinking’. Your brother-7 experienced youth, and I know how it feels. Nobody must ‘pass through the wrong door’. Brother-7 has lived this long, and the most beautiful part of my life has been taking on challenges and overcoming them, unleashing courage, bravery, and justice.

The world’s royal families evaluate a person, not based on the amount of wealth and power they possess, but based on whether they are courageous. Courage is the highest virtue. It is an aristocratic temperament. Someone with courage, and in search of justice, is a perfect God on earth. If someone has courage, power, and seeks justice they must be a God among Gods. What the Chinese lack is courage, not to mention justice. The domestic ‘elite’ class never wants the ordinary people (Lao Bai Xing) to know the truth, so they fool them with patriotism, devotion, and sacrifice. All the lefties are afraid to face reality and truth. What is the action taken by the CCP to manage the state? First, they turn the country of more than a billion people into a nation hated and loathed by the world. A “mouthful of spit” in the world. Secondly, they send their families and children abroad, not even wanting them to live in their own country. The finest side of the Chinese people that we now see in Washington is courage, a demand for justice, and the adherence to faith that our NFSC wants to portray to the world. Hong Kong people have all of these qualities, which is why we love and respect Hong Kong as our “Jerusalem.”

We want to be entrepreneurs, definitely not businessmen. We will create wealth and share the wealth. The NFSC is all about mutual benefit and altruism. Zhong Yanyan, the owner of Nongfu Mountain Spring, became the richest man in China, but the quality of that water is inferior. Mainland China is just a bragging economy, a copy economy, a false economy, and a ‘mutual harm’ economy. Such a country does not deserve others’ respect. A potential Japanese G-TV investor loves Chinese people, and he said that Chinese people are mentally sick and depressed in an unimaginable way. Look at Gao Yanyan’s husband, Wang Hongguang. His wife has been cheating on him with someone else for a long time, and he is a depressed and psychopathic person who claims to want to “liberate Taiwan.” Wang Qishan has sexually abused his wife, but I have not seen him liberate his wife, instead he claims to want to free the world. These people are all liars and braggarts. The sad thing is that some people believe what Wang Hongguang said.

About Djibouti and the Red Sea: I talked about it in the Getter video, and then there was an explosion there. I was the first one to say it. You should know that this is the result of four forces – the US, Russia, the CCP, and Japan. In Djibouti’s port, various strategic actions are being taken. Iran also wants to participate.

CCP’s “One Belt, One Road” strategy ultimately aims to internationalize the RMB and seize the Malacca oil transportation lifeline. Essentially, it is a neo-colonial challenge to maritime civilization and aimed at finally killing the US dollar. Djibouti is the most critical energy supply base in the Middle East and Africa, and Israel has significant interests there. In the future, when sanctions are lifted on Iran, the entire Muslim world will explode, and the CCP would love nothing more than to cause a regional war there over oil.

The next step is for the UK, Japan, and India to become the core forces in the fight against the CCP. There will be a series of battles in the Straits of Malacca, all to destroy the US dollar. Bitcoin is under the control of the CCP as a money-laundering tool and as a challenge to the US dollar. Once the CCP controls oil, will the US still control the reserve currency? The CCP already controls Bitcoin. Once they push their digital RMB will the US develop a digital dollar? Next, when the CCP is kicked out of the SWIFT system, then the Hong Kong dollar will be scrap paper. As a result, the international RMB will be gone. Do you think the CCP will still exist then?
It would be difficult to destroy the CCP if they didn’t feel so good about themselves and if they were not insane. The CCP is now the same as Hitler in the 1930’s. If Hitler had stopped his aggressive overreach back then, the world would have changed. We hope the CCP will continue to overreach in a similar way. The wealthy in mainland China are not worth a single dollar. All their wealth is a bubble, and they are useless for the purpose of strengthening the country or enrichening the lives of the people. Hong Kong is on the verge of collapse. When the CCP is at the end of its rope, it will attack Taiwan, which is the same as Hitler did when he bombed Britain. Once the CCP strikes Taiwan, it will be over. An objective and clear view of the CCP’s madness today is the best opportunity for our Whistleblower Movement.

Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, passed away at the age of 99. He was a very good man who had a complicated life, with family members who joined Hitler and members who were sent to Scotland’s coldest schools. Prince Philip was a fallen prince who suffered much bullying. He looked down on Prince Charles because Charles was righteous but lacked courage. The most revered members of the British royal family are the Queen, followed by Prince Charles, and then Prince Philip. A common problem with royalty is that they want status and wealth, but at the expense of the freedom of the commoners. Prince Philip eventually realized that the Queen was not a commoner and therefore chose to assist her. The person who influenced the Queen the most was Prince Philip. He was funny, brave, righteous, and had a crystal-clear understanding of England and Europe. He was the one who brought Diana into the family, and he was the one who ended up hating Diana the most. I know the British royal family well, and several of my friends had a very close relationship with Diana, Princess of Wales.

The latest episode of Lude Media, in which Hao Haidong was interviewed, was great. What Hao Haidong said is true. I thought it was the best show with Hao Haidong since June 4 last year, and it has made a considerable impact in Mainland China. Hao Haidong is a respectable and trustworthy person who has an aristocratic temperament. Among our Ph.D. Team, nobody has ever made any claim or personal demand. Each of them has built up his or her unique image. A Lieutenant General from the military circles of the CCP, who Hao Haidong and I both knew, contacted me via his driver, asking us not to expose his affairs. I told him to be the people’s Lieutenant-General, not the CCP’s Lieutenant General. Another individual related to Zhongnanhai (Beijing), a joint friend of Hao Haidong and I, commented that Mr. Hao Haidong was refined, kind, brave, suitable for business, and wasted his talent in sports. According to this individual’s words, Mr. Hao was born with a rebellious spirit. Very charming.

Mr. Bannon said on his War-room show that the US would soon destroy the CCP. Looking back just three years, many Americans thought that all Chinese were devoted communists. When I exclaimed “takedown the CCP”, everybody thought I was crazy. Even Giuliani didn’t believe it until just before the presidential election 2020.

Navarro promised to convince President Trump to designate the virus as the “CCP virus” and to meet with our fellow fighters who demonstrated in Washington DC. He did not make that happen, but he is fully committed now.

To begin with, he did not believe that the CCP could be destroyed, but eventually he concluded that they could be. If it were not for our NFSC, no one would have dared to call for the destruction of the CCP 6 months ago. After the US presidential election, we revealed to the US leftist mainstream media why we must take down the CCP, and how we could do it. We showed them the strategy of taking down the CCP by revealing the truth about the virus, and through financial warfare. Mainstream media agreed with me, and is demanding a thorough investigation of the source of the coronavirus, and is recognizing it as a biochemical weapon developed by the CCP. Our fellow NFSC fighters have displayed action, have presented a new Chinese image, and are telling the world that the CCP does not represent the Chinese in any way. By revealing the truth about the virus, more and more people have concluded that we were right. More importantly, we have no desire or intent to gain fame or fortune. The mainstream media wanted to interview me, but I refused all of them. What I want is for Westerners to wake up.

We have successfully presented the following information to the global media:

  1. The CCP must be destroyed.
  2. The truth about the coronavirus must be determined.
  3. Economic decoupling from the CCP is critical.
  4. The NFSC and the Whistleblower Movement offer the world truth and justice.

Now, the theme of ‘taking down the CCP’ has been deeply rooted. The subsequent actions the West will take are: economic decoupling from the CCP; joint sanctions against the CCP’s genocide in Xinjiang; demanding the truth about the virus; delisting Chinese stocks from the US stock market; punishing the CCP for their actions in Hong Kong. In the end, the US, Japan, Australia, and NATO will intervene strongly on the Taiwan issue.

There will be significant good news about the G-series announced soon. G-series must be firmly in our fellow fighters’ hands and become the foundation of our nation-building. Our fellow fighters should enthusiastically volunteer, and hopefully, more of them will join the management and operation level.