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During his two live broadcasts on Saturday, Feb 8, Miles Guo explored the reasons behind the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak based on the intelligence he has gathered so far.

Xi Jinping and Wang Qishan made many enemies during their brutal consolidation of power and wealth, which affected over a million CCP members.

The CCP opened Pandora’s box but it backfired.

Great chaos “within the hearts” of the Chinese people, army and ruling party

Information gathered from various sources within the CCP have indicated great chaos at all levels of the social hierarchy. From the very top to the local governments, the communist regime is on the verge of collapse due to great pressure.

Clarifications on CCP’s motives

Miles Guo disagreed with those who said that the CCP intended to kill half of the Chinese population especially older people with this manmade virus.

He did not think that the CCP wanted to use the virus to wipe out Hong Kong completely or to attack the U.S.

The unleash of manmade coronavirus was not a “collective” decision made by the Communist Party. Instead, it was a decision made by a small cadre of the kleptocrats at the top in order to impose martial law in Hong Kong and kill political opponents.

The original intention could be a limited and controllable viral attack to kill people in the city of Wuhan and Hong Kong with precision strike but somehow got out-of-hand due to sabotage or human error.

The most famous biochemical weapon expert in the world told Miles Guo that the Wuhan coronavirus came from the Wuhan P4 Lab

Without disclosing his name, Miles Guo said a world-leading expert in the field of biochemical weapon confirmed with 100% certainty that Wuhan coronavirus is not from animals or nature but a lab in Wuhan.

CCP’s imminent demise is the backdrop of this disaster

One year ago, Miles has said that the CCP would create a humanitarian or natural disaster before its demise. But he never named the persons who would create such a disaster, because he did not have the information back then to identify them. But he knew that someone within the CCP had such intention.

Three years ago in 2017, Miles declared that the CCP would be eliminated within three years.

Last April, Miles stated that June 4 2020 would be the day without the CCP.

Three groups within the Chinese Communist Party

The main power struggle is between the Beijing Gang and Shanghai Gang:

  1. Beijing Gang includes Xi Jinping, Li Zhanshu, Ding Xuexiang, Chen Xi, Xu Qiliang, etc.

2. Shanghai Gang includes Wang Qishan, Jiang Zeming, Han Zheng, Guo Shengkun, Meng Jiangzhu, Sun Lijun, Li Chunlan, etc.

3. The powerless Middle Group represented by Wang Yang, Hu Chunhua, was not involved in the viral attack.

Among the three groups within CCP, either Beijing or Shanghai Gang ordered the viral attack.

The Chinese premier Li Keqiang is an outsider disliked by people in those three groups.

Unusual activities before the epidemic

The U.S. government will investigate the stock market manipulations taken place before the Wuhan epidemic including (but not limited to):

  • “Exists” from Stock Exchanges in Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Hong Kong.
  • short-selling
  • People with knowledge of the viral attack sold a large number of stocks to American, European and Saudis investors. Those “predicted” the market turbulence and sold stocks include Jiang Zhicheng (the grandson the former president Jiang Zeming), Meng Haijin (the daughter of Meng Jianzhu), and Gao Yanyan, etc.
  • Li Ka-shing, a pro-CCP tycoon in Hong Kong, unloaded a significant portion of his stock holding after Nov 12, a move he did not take during the Hong Kong pro-democracy protests.

Many Chinese business tycoons have been shorting stocks and selling their shares to foreigners while keeping their mouths shut since Nov 12, 2019.

Han Zheng of the “Shanghai Gang” warned his close confidants in Shanghai in early January to stay away from Hong Kong and Hubei Province. Wuhan known as the epicenter of the novel coronavirus is the capital city of Hubei.

The CCP’s initial reaction to the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak

In mid and late January, the top CCP leaders decided unanimously to give up Hubei province in order to protect Beijing and Shanghai, the center of power for Beijing and Shanghai Gangs respectively.

But things did not go according to their plan, because the virus was spread to Beijing very early on.

Some officials in the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection in Beijing brought back the virus from Wuhan and died. They also infected doctors in Beijing. But all these infections were kept as top secrets.

President Xi no longer works at Zhongnanhai due to safety concerns.

But Li Keqiang was sent to visit Hubei without knowing the lethality of the virus.

The CCP’s internal struggle became vicious after the first plan failed

It has become a struggle between Beijing and Shanghai manifested by their fight for masks.

Zhu Rongji sent his family members abroad immediately. Most of them are now in New York.

Jiang Zeming, the former president of China, took a series of decisive actions (no further detail is available).

The CCP’s continued coverups have led to more deaths in many cities.

The CCP’s apparatus of government stopped functioning except for its propaganda machines.

Turning point

President Trump asked the U.S. scientists to investigate the origin of the Wuhan coronavirus.

What to expect next

We will see some terrible outcomes around Feb 29.

The Stock Exchanges in Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Hong Kong will be shutdown.

Hong Kong will be put under lockdown.

The U.S. will publish an official investigation inquiry.

We will get answers soon.

The whole incidence will end quickly.

The perpetrators will get severe punishment.

There will be a new China without the CCP.

The significance of the U.S. involvement in the investigation

U.S. leadership is essential to the international collaboration to unearth the truth.

The US will provide an accurate report from the investigation to answer these questions: