Translator: Himalaya Rose Garden Team (noraTina)


I haven’t been live broadcasting much these days, I’m busy with taking down the CCP using the truth of the virus as well as our G-series. A lot of brothers-in-arms (BIAs) asked me investment related question and I cannot answer every single one of them. Regarding how I feel about Ma Huateng, Jack Ma, and Baidu, you can arrive at the answer using normal logic. There are many things that you can’t redo, that’s why you need to have basic common sense.

The US cracks down hard on cryptocurrencies because they are challenging the US dollar, and they will eventually replace the US dollar, it’s just a matter of time and method. One of the three biggest things that recently happened in the financial world is bitcoin passing $50,000. With more than a trillion dollars in market value, there are only 20 million bitcoins, so they have no intrinsic value. Under these circumstances, bitcoin – encrypted, decentralized, and with no intrinsic value – fired the first shot at traditional currencies, and the US is the first being challenged. Facebook ranks among the top five world powers, and if they have a virtual currency, they’ll be among the top three. The world’s largest cryptocurrency trading markets are all in the US. The largest one, Coinbase, used to be blocked by the entire US financial system and had a very hard time, but eventually, it grew bigger, and a fund in the Middle East that I work with was the first to invest in them. Coinbase was tough and did not raise funds, it was listed directly without going through Wall Street or investment banks. Its market value is now at $100 billion, and the earliest investors and original shareholders made the most profit; timing and opportunity are the most important.
Coinbase will be worth trillions in the future. It has five characteristics: it is the safest, it was the earliest platform, it has more than 40 million users, it is being carefully operated without succumbing to Wall Street’s suppression while creating the largest market, and it repelled cyber attacks. This is the charm of finance and the era. With advanced foresight, they created digital cryptocurrency in this era, got through deliberate impediments, and broke conventions regarding Wall Street agents. This is the answer to investing; if you want to make quick money then you will be out of luck just as quickly; if you want to make big money then you will be struck by disasters just as big. Timing, opportunity, and knowing current affairs are the secrets to investing.

Furthermore, investing also requires basic judgment, common sense, and logical thinking. Using the Nine-Fingered Witch (Sara) as an example, when over 100 million dollars went into her bank account overnight, she mistakenly thought that the money belonged to her, but her so-called value was actually dependent upon others. I would rather burn my money than invest in her, and this is discernment. Another thing is basic logical thinking; if someone who doesn’t even own a single piece of hair from a pig tells you that they will make you pork stew, it would be ignorant and stupid. After learning about the VOG incident, a certain former SEC official said that if these pieces of trash don’t go to prison, America will be done for.

The current GTV and G-series are all in the initial stage. GTV had a few hundred million views in a few months, which was an unprecedented feat in human history. It’s down a bit now, but no platform can keep going up – that would be on God’s level. But it’s up there now, with a market value of tens of billions. The new GTV company will not be appraised; a value will be assigned and all the risks will be disclosed according to the law, and you can invest in it if you want, or not if you don’t. All the original investors will receive those documents, so please read them carefully and then decide whether or not to invest, because estimation and valuation are two completely different concepts.

Recently, the CCP has been attacking the G-series and assessed the value of GTV, G-Clubs, G-News, and G-Coin, but they don’t understand anything. According to their logic, Coinbase is worth nothing, and Bitcoin is a scam so it’s also worth nothing. According to them, nothing is worth anything, but they are the best. It’s like when the CCP states that they are atheist, then they kill all the gods, and finally they want to become god. Second, capitalism is evil, private entrepreneurs were responsible for 70% to 80% of employment, but funds of state-owned enterprises must be held tight, because state-owned enterprises belong to the CCP and must obey the CCP. When the CCP needs money, they need capitalists, so they would arrest all the capitalists, and that’s their gangster logic – kill all gods to become god, and arrest all Chinese capitalists to become a capitalist.

A couple of days ago, a relative of a certain high-ranking official went to Europe for medical treatment and is not planning on going back to China. This person said to me, “Before, when I listened to you talk about the CCP governing the country using falsehood, corruption, and mafia, that all made sense. But right now, governing the CCP using corruption, mafia, and falsehood, that’s unbearable.” Basically, those who raised animals are now being treated as animals, and they can’t take it anymore. They also said that Wang Yi is like a dog, he is definitely a narcissist, and the show that he and Her Highness Yang (Yang Jiechi) put on in Alaska were extremely ugly. When the Malaysian foreign minister who is closely linked to the Malaysian Airlines incident went to China, they taught him to call China big brother. Wang Yi was so embarrassing; this was their typical gang culture. The CCP accuses all other countries of being gangsters, including the Whistleblower Movement, but they are actually the biggest gang. They want to challenge the entire world, because there are no good people in the world, and because they are good people, so the 1.4 billion people under their control are all bad people – these are CCP’s the gangster logic. There are no good people in Hong Kong, so they are being arrested and killed; there are no good people in Taiwan, so Taiwan should be destroyed. If you understand their logic, you will understand the CCP.

The CCP inflicted the virus upon the world, and the Left media is more vocal and more active about taking down the CCP than the Right media. Before, I said that Biden might be more active about taking down the CCP, we will not be involved in American politics, we just need to do what we need to do well, and we are neither capable nor qualified to judge him. The virus has a huge impact. Yesterday, Dr. Li-Meng Yan’s third report came out and she was interviewed on Newsmax, and this shows America’s greatness. People of the New Federal State of China as well as the G-series will accept criticism and doubt from anyone. With the rebuild of GTV, we encourage people to leave rather than stay. We need brothers-in-arms, and we want to search for better people during this process. In order to grow and mature, we need to accept criticism and doubt, and we cannot make enemies everywhere. The current Left has been very active since they took control; the WHO is done for, because they never dreamed that even the Left is demanding the answer from them. The new US Secretary of Defense and government officials will first cut ties with the CCP, and then they will take the US stand to confront the CCP. Trade sanctions will continue, China concepts stocks will keep being taken down, the truth of the coronavirus will keep being researched, white papers will continue to be written, stance on Taiwan, Hong Kong, and the South China Sea issues will be clear, and Hong Kong human rights report will continue to be written. Finally, they will follow the overwhelming majority of US public opinion and be anti-CCP, decouple, and take down the CCP.

Look at how many people LUDE Media, the PhD Corps, and Dr. Li-Meng Yan saved until now. Ever since Dr. Li-Meng Yan’s debut, she has not had a single day of break – she never stopped writing, being interviewed, doing scientific research, analyzing data, and keeping track of the daily virus situation; she is an angel. She swears on her life that the rumor involving her and Lude are completely fake. Lude has kept up the twice a day live broadcasts which is no easy feat. What Dr. Yan, Lude, and the PhD Corps achieved have earned them respect and support from lawyers, the scientific community, and the expert community. You can tell what a person can do in the future from what they have done in the past. It is almost a year since the New Federal State of China was established, and the world has changed a great deal. When the world was completely stopped for the first time in human history, the New Federal State of China was born, and the G-series was born. Can you name any other group of Chinese people in the entire world who were able to come this far overseas after being suppressed by the Chinese government? Can you name any others who were able to continuously fight against the CCP for four to five years and have such influence on the Chinese people? Or name anyone who has been overseas for so many years and, while being framed by the CCP, can still protect the Chinese people’s reputation, rights, safety, and interests, separate the CCP and the Chinese people, expose the horrid crimes of the CCP, and cause the world to unite to take down the CCP? This is a crucial time for taking down the CCP using the truth of the virus, let’s see the future from the past.