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Picture Source: – Mr. Miles Guos Getter – April 1st, 2021

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 “Illegal bypassing of the Chinese firewall monitoring and connecting to overseas internet website constitutes a crime. The people’s public security bureau will pursue criminal charge in accordance with the law”. – <The CCP’s Cyber Security Law>

“Bypassing the Great Firewall of China is a category of crime punishable with a minimum of 3 years and up to 7 years in labor re-education. Under certain severe circumstances, people might be sentenced for life-long in labor re-education.” – People’s Daily (State Media)

Internet censorship in China is among the most oppressive countries in the world such as Iran and North Korea. It is classified as pervasive in social and political areas. Thousands of websites are blocked under the notorious “Great Firewall of China”. Recently, the CCP exerts a higher level of control with an extreme repressive law under the name of protecting national security. It forces people to comply with government surveillance and censorship by ruthless regulatory pressure.

As a typical CCP’s propaganda, government claims that the censorship of cyberspace can protect its citizens from getting negative influence abroad or posting harmful online content. It also prevents users from accessing government’s blacklisted websites from within the country. The CCP’s has blocked and blacklisted popular websites or blogs such as Google, YouTube, Facebook, Human Rights Watch, Breitbart News and Reuters, to name a few. The CCP’s totalitarian censorship commonly limits use of website access and content filtering mechanisms.

By amplifying harsh punishments and multi-level motivations for self-censorship, the CCP not only prohibits general public from accessing websites from the other side of the Firewall, but also enforces self-censorship in China. However, some people in China have tried to get around the Firewall by using a variety of methods to bypass website blocking or cyber security enforcement. If people used anti-filtering methods, for examples, URLs, HTTP proxies, DNS servers or VPNs, to bypass the surveillance power of the CCP, they violate the contentious censorship law. Consequently, they are subject to fines, punishments, and prison sentences in re-education camp.

By taking steps towards more forceful internet censorship restrictions and measures, the growing climate of intolerance is sweeping across China. By imposing vigorous criminal charges against those who bypass the Great Firewall of China and “jeopardize” the national security, the CCP abuses political repression of dissidents and human rights. By controlling telecommunication backbone of people, the CCP’s daunting propaganda aims at silencing all opposing voices. While the CCP’s authoritarian cyber security laws are getting more intimidating to its people, it has become an international symbol of digital authoritarianism.

In short, the CCP’s tyrannical dictatorship wants to show legality by adding a new legal scrutiny in its dying halo of manifestation of communism. The CCP has made a concerted effort to ensure that the voice of people is silenced, and the sight of people is blindfolded. The defense of free speech and free press are critical that general public must continuously fight against internet censorship by awakening from the darkness under the CCP’s iron curtain.

GTV is the only true media that can push back against the repression of CCP’s digital authoritarian regime. It is our battling ground to promote open access to the truth and freedom of speech, especially for the people in China.


Picture Source: – Mr. Miles Guos Getter – April 1st, 2021

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