Author/ Editor: Ana
Proofreader: Dandan

The Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that China has invited more 20 ambassadors to visit Xinjiang to see an exhibition on the theme of “Xinjiang’s struggle against terrorism and extremism.” This is a bit like The W.H.O visit to the exhibition of Wuhan’s anti-epidemic achievements is meaningless, purely glorification.

So many western media report that the document reveals for the first time the system used by the ruling Chinese Communist Party to justify the indefinite detention on trivial grounds of hundreds — and possibly millions — of other citizens in heavily fortified internment centers across Xinjiang. 

It is leak of sensitive Chinese communist party’s government documents, and together the information paints an increasingly alarming picture of what appears to be a strategic campaign by Beijing (the CCP) to strip Muslim-majority Uyghurs of their cultural and religious identity and suppress behavior considered to be unpatriotic. 

The CCP wants to see the unsteady situation in the Middle East, specially after the “911” they use the name of “against terrorism and extremism” to control and depress people in Xinjiang. 1) Create ethnic conflicts between Uyghurs and Han. 2) Strengthen strict militarization control with cameras and army. 3) Strengthening the propaganda of terrorism in the local news media has an inevitable connection with Uyghur. But the truth is the CCP mainly done it for strengthen their dictatorship and create instability, so that there is a reason to carry out their control and dictatorship. The Chinese common people in Xinjiang, or other places in mainland of China, they will never have the opportunity to know the truth due to the firewall.

Nowadays the CCP organise exhibition to show what they done for the Uyghurs by the beautiful name of “Xinjiang’s struggle against terrorism and extremism”, but all this is built on the role of the firewall in mainland of China. Once the firewall took down, the Chinese people won’t believe the lies made by the CCP. 

[Disclaimer: This article only represent the author’s own opinion.]