Following the revelation of a series of facts by our powerful Exposé Revolution, the CCP finally came out with proof that the Wuhan outbreak is man-made and was not borne of nature, then like a hypocrite, blamed the United States

First, let’s introduce the Xilu website of the CCP ( It is the CCP’s largest military portal,  equivalent to the pentagon’s website portal, and its voice stands for the CCP’s Central Military Commission. ( is a Chinese military portal that brings together authoritative generals and well-known experts to focus on world military trends with military enthusiasts. 

As the largest military website in China, purports itself as an online spiritual home, attracting numerous thoughtful and aspiring netizens and forming an increasingly large group of military enthusiasts. At present, it has 1 million open forums, more than 400 thousand private forums, 15 million registered users, and the average daily single post traffic can reach millions. 

Since its establishment in 1999, Xilu has been famous for providing high-speed, stable, open, and free Internet services. After decades of trials in the world of the internet,  Xilu hasstood at the forefront of military websites, relying on the strength of its robust technology, open platform services, and impeccable management system. In 2002, Xilu was awarded 19th place among the top 100 commercial sites in “China Internet Weekly” magazine. In 2004, Xilu was rated as “the most popular online community among netizens.” In 2004, Xilu was ranked by netizens as the second among the Top 100 Global Chinese forums. The long history of is filled with honors and awards.

The video is based on an article published on the Xilu website on January 26 and has recently been widely circulated on the internet in mainland China. Following is a transcript of this video.

Chinese scientists have discovered a terrible secret, four key proteins in the Wuhan virus have been replaced, so that it can target Chinese people.

Several papers have already analyzed the Wuhan coronavirus and said that it is not a product of nature. Finally, we have the proof. On January 21st, SCIENTIA SINICA Vitae published a collaborative study by three researchers from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, revealing the true nature of the new coronavirus. Please read the report:

On January 21, at the Pasteur Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Hao Pei, a researcher from Shanghai, Zhong Wu, a researcher from the National Engineering Research Center for Emerging Control Drug Technology of the Academy of Military Medical Sciences, and Li Xuan, a researcher from the main laboratory of the CAS Center for Excellence in Molecular Plant Sciences, published their article online in the English version of SCIENTIA SINICA Vitae,” Providing an academic explanation the evolutionary origin of new coronavirus of Wuhan and its mechanisms for human infection.

The most important conclusion of which is: Although four key proteins of the Wuhan coronavirus were replaced, it still maintains a strong affinity with human ACE2.

Amidst their surprise, the researchers carefully compared the s-protein structure of SARS with that of the Wuhan coronavirus. They found that, despite four key amino acids being replaced, the structure did not change, the 3D structure of the RBD domains of the two are almost identical, no wonder it’s so similar to SARS. It was very easy to mislead people into thinking it’s the SARS virus, then go in the wrong direction.

This study suggests that the Wuhan novel coronavirus may infect human respiratory epithelial cells through the interactions of S-proteins with human ACE2. Furthermore, this result also suggests that the Wuhan novel coronavirus has a strong ability to infect people.

This study has laid a scientific theoretical foundation for the scientific prevention and control of the Wuhan novel coronavirus by Chinese medical workers, as well as the development of detection and intervention techniques.

After reading the report, people were even more enraged in their state of panic! The key is: “4 key proteins of the Wuhan novel coronavirus were replaced,” First, the goal is to disguise the SARS virus so that it would be difficult for the doctors to identify, and mislead people down older roads of prevention and treatment related to “SARS” in order to delay treatment time.  

Next, make it possess “a very strong capacity to infect people” to achieve the goal of rapid spread and infection. Are bats and bamboo mice responsible for this apocalyptic biotechnology?

In a natural environment, this precise “replacement” of “four key proteins” would be impossible, even in 10,000 years!  

Evidence has proven, the Wuhan virus can only be produced by laboratory intervention! Human nature has been obliterated to this point!

In 2010, China triumphed over the SARS virus. In 2015, the medical team of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) defeated the ebola virus in Africa. We meet a new challenge with this outbreak, in which hostile forces chose to unleash a new virus precisely on the Chinese people’s traditional festival.

Medical and Health Research and Epidemic Prevention Units across the country have entered a state of “war readiness.” The whole country is prepared, the Chinese people will definitely win this battle!

Evildoers will be punished by heaven in the end.

The imperialists have never ceased their destructive attacks and campaigns against China, China’s rapid growth and rise have brought imperialism to the point where it has stripped away all pretence and stepped out in public. The enemy always attacks by any means, we must at least fight back the same way.

Let’s emphasis this again, we are human beings. We should play morally. Tooth for tooth, blood for blood!

From SARS to Wuhan’s novel pneumonia, look at America’s amazing plan

Sixteen years after the last SARS outbreak ended, the “novel coronavirus pneumonia” infection suddenly occurred in China. As of 24:00 on January 21, the National Health Commission has received….

郭德银 Guo Deyin

Currently Dean of the Zhongshan School of Medicine of Sun Yat-sen University. Former Dean of the School of Basic Medicine at Wuhan University, Vice President of the School of Life Sciences at Wuhan University, Professor of the School of Life Sciences of Wuhan University, Deputy Director of the National Priority Laboratory of Virology, and Director of theModern Virology Research Center of Wuhan University. From 2016-2020, he served as the Dean of the School of Basic Medicine of Sun Yat-sen University (Shenzhen), performing research on the RNA viruses’ molecular mechanisms of genome replication and interaction with host cells (Coronavirus and hepatitis C virus). 

His research areas include: RNA viruses’ molecular mechanismsof genome replication and the interaction with host cells(Coronavirus and hepatitis C virus); the molecular mechanismsof viral immune escape; and HIV gene therapy based on RNA interference (RNAi). 

On November 26, 2015, at the invitation of the Ge Hong Senior Forum, Guo Deyin, then a professor of Wuhan University, brought a brilliant academic report titled “novel coronavirus: from structure and function to drug screening” to all teachers and students of Wuhan Institute of Virology, Chinese Academy of Sciences. 

Regarding the notion that the novel virus which started in Wuhan and has impacted the globe originated in a laboratory, Guo Deyin, Dean of the School of Medicine at Sun Yat Sen University, also told China Science Daily that “A conspiracy theory does not require evidence, but science does.” Currently, he claims that based on the analysis of the evolution of virus’ genome sequence, it provides strong evidence for a natural origin of the virus, which is enough to destroy the rumors of its artificial origin.

华春莹Hua Chunying

Press conference on February 3: The US government hasn’t provided any substantive assistance to China, but it was the first to evacuate personnel from its consulate in Wuhan, the first to suggest partial withdrawal of its embassy staff, and the first to impose a travel ban on Chinese travellers. What it has done can only create and spread fear, which is a very bad example. Even American media and experts doubted the government’s decision, saying that the US government’s restrictions on China are precisely what the WHO rejects, that the US is turning from overconfidence to fear and overreaction, and suspected that banning the entry of visitors who travelled to China in the past 14 days may be in violation of civil rights instead of reducing risks of virus spreading.

Source : Chinese Foreign Ministry