On Feb 1, 2020, the most influential Chinese military website www.xilu.com published an article to acknowledge that the Wuhan coronavirus is manmade accusing the U.S. of creating such bioweapon against china.

http://www.xilu.com/20200201/1000010001119927_19.html (please avoid visiting Chinese Websites due to computer viruses)

According to Miles Guo, the publication of this article became a turning point in the history of mankind. It opened Pandora’s Box of the Chinese Communist Party.

Xilu is the most prestigious Chinese military website

Xilu means “West Road” in Chinse, which is a knockoff “West Point” (United States Military Academy).

Here is its official introduction:

[As the largest military website in China, Xilu website adhering to the banner of the online spiritual homeland has attracted countless thoughtful and purposeful netizens, forming a growing group of military enthusiasts. It currently has 1 million open forums and more than 400,000 Private forum, 15 million registered users. The average daily single post traffic can reach as many as millions]

There is a CCP propaganda video with the same message accusing the U.S. of creating Wuhan coronavirus to attack China

The article on xilu.com to acknowledge that the Wuhan coronavirus is manmade

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Title: US official tipped his hand, the culprit of Wuhan pneumonia is revealed

You can download the Chinese research paper mentioned in the article here (it is written in English in PDF format)


Simplified translation of the article:

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The US Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross’s recent remarks during a Fox interview is quite disturbing. He said that the Wuhan coronavirus would “help” to accelerate the return of jobs to North America. But his shocking remarks are not totally baseless.

Chinese scientists found four protein inserts in the Wuhan coronavirus which led them to believe the virus was designed to kill with SARS-like disguise and ease of spreading.

It is a manmade virus for sure.

But why did someone design such a virus? The behavior of the US government after the coronavirus outbreak has been quite suspicious.

The US overreacted to the viral outbreak in China. It violates human rights by mandating quarantine and bringing back US citizens from Wuhan. Then came the shocking remarks from Ross. Their cold-bloodedness to the extreme tipped their hands. 

There were too many coincidences in Wuhan viral outbreak: time, location, dense population, and even bats. The US Army collects large quantity of bats for research. Both SARS and Wuhan pneumonia were caused by bats. Why are there so many coincidences? Who are the “black hands” behind it?

Why did SARS always target Chinese?

Is there a possibility for biochemical warfare, and are we facing one now?


Sixteen years ago SARS epidemic terrorized China, and we still live under its shadow in fear of another outbreak. But our country’s development in recent years can be too perfect for us to remember infectious diseases like the plague and smallpox.

Bio-chemical warfare

After the SARS epidemic in 2003, many were questioning why SARS mostly killed people in eastern Asians instead of white people.

Is SARS just a virus or spread on purpose? Nobody was able to trace the source of SARS. We blamed it on animals like masked palm civets without proof.

The world came to know biochemical warfare and the apocalyptic virus through a movie called “Resident Evil”. But the Japanese army used bacteria weapons in China during WWII as well as plagues and smallpox.

In 1947, the US secretly pardoned the war crimes committed by the Japanese “731 Unit”, so they could get their hands on the Japanese test results conducted on live human beings.

During the Korea War, the Chinese army was attacked by the American’s bacteria weapons.

Many do not believe that the US used any bacteria weapons. But this should not be a surprise. The US used gasoline bombs and poison gas to attack the Chinese army without winning the war. In the end, Truman even assessed the use of an atomic bomb.

In the 1930s, the US planned to use poison gas to attack a Canadian harbor. In 1971 Cuba had African swine flu. In 1975, the US joined the “Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention”, and destroyed those weapons in 2015 but still kept the viral samples and 78% of its weapons made before 1997.

This is the cruel nature of our enemy and the war has never left us.

We think that our enemy has been armed to the teeth, but actually they are more prepared than that. If we don‘t stand on guard, we may lose our ability to fight back in the face of apocalyptic weapons. That’s why Chairman Mao insisted on building nuclear weapons to deter our enemies.

We will not use the evil weapons on our enemies first, but we must also be equipped with such weapons. Only with this kind of reciprocal deterrence, we can have an international ban on biological and chemical weapons. Of course, global hegemony like the US is not bound by the rules.

In 2018, Putin confirmed that the US was collecting genes from the Russian people. This became a concern because they did not want the genes collected to be used to make bacteria or biological weapons targetting them.

In 2019, Russian revealed that the US established over 200 labs for biochemical weapons around the world to develop a new generation of biochemical weapons, which is restricted by international conventions. America established such labs in countries surrounding Russia which made the Russians very uncomfortable.

The author points out the timing of the African swine flu in the midst of the US-China trade war. China never had African swine flu before, but is now facing a severe outbreak. It is spreading out of control. This puts pressure on the Chinese financial system due to inflation induced by rising pork prices.

(GNews Editor’s note: China’s African swine flu came from imported Russian porks as China attempted to stop buying American products to hurt the American farmers.)

During the African swine flu outbreak, there were reports of drones’ spreading the virus. Some said it was done for price hikes.

But the writer doubts that African swine flu was created only for commercial reasons. Let’s ask a question: how can we rule out the possibility of someone spreading the virus under the order of someone else?

It is possible that our enemies want to destroy our productivity. It is the so-called unrestricted warfare affecting all aspects of our economy. The CIA can infiltrate China through propaganda warfare and provoke “color revolution” in Hong Kong, why can’t it initiate a biochemical attack in China through manipulation?

Many Chinese cannot imagine the darkness of this world due to years of brainwash by the Western media or their own naivety.

According to the secret report from European intelligence, the US military has been selling human organs from the battlefields of Iraq and Syria in order to offer organ transplants for the billionaires.

Old billionaires controlling international capitals favor young and healthy organs. It is hard to imagine how evil those billionaires are.

The largest online organ trade black market is established and run by the US military. The online orders are fulfilled by the local gangs in Syria, Libya, and Afghanistan controlled by the U.S. Once the organs are sent to the US and Mexico border via U.S. military transportation, the transplant will be done at the hospitals on site.

Every organ is clearly priced in this underground market.

Timely organ transplants are critical, so organ harvesting cannot be ruled out, which makes the transplants very expensive.

Many people will label this article as a conspiracy theory. They are too kind or timid to face the reality of the world!

Today’s America has become a tool for international capitalism to prey and control the world through war and disasters. The U.S. is no longer the perfect country as seen by the Chinese free thinkers thirty years ago, it is a country completely falling into a deep chasm.

We must see: the main reason for the troubled US economy is its over-consumption of resources to maintain its world supremacy.

It spends lots of money on its military comparable to Nazi Germany before WWII.

According to the author, the Americans moral decay is beyond rescue after the fall of the Soviet Union. Without the competition from the Soviet Union, the US no longer has to use freedom and human rights to resist the communist doctrines from the USSR!

The turning point of the American way of development is the fall of the Soviet Union! After it, the US as a superpower should fulfill its mission of global prosperity, but instead, it chose a path of permanent supremacy by containing all potential competitors, like Russia, Europe, China, and Japan, and occupy and control all strategic countries for their energy and military choke points.

The US is on its way to becoming a fascist militarist country. The US military has become a gold swallowing monster and the most horrifying war monster!

Facing a severe economic crisis, the US government is over-leveraged without any chance of relief.

This is how China defend the world justice and conscience in a hostile international environment. Our army is the most righteous force in the world!  Hang Tang (the author) thinks it is not worthwhile to be too concerned about whether pneumonia in Wuhan is SARS or the rumored bioweapon attack! 

More importantly, we have to know what kind of threats we are facing, whether it is nuclear weapons, chemical weapons, or bio-weapons. Our enemies work hard in the labs on these killing tools not just to do experiments on Monkeys. Everyone should know that the reason why we did not become refugees or items-for-sale is that our country is strong!

Actually, the culture of death is part of human civilization. Now the billionaire organ transplant is one of the inducements for apocalyptic human destruction.

According to a famous quote: ” … I must devote all my life and energy into the most magnificent cause in the world — to fight for the liberation of mankind.”

Now let’s look at “gene” weapons

Gene weapon can carry out precision strikes based on unique biological attributes.

The early gene weapons were carried by viruses.

The attacker can inflict various injuries from blindness, deaf, craziness or paralysis.

It is not practical to clone humans that look like humans. “Robot soldiers” do not resemble humans. It will cause chaos and confusion if someone clones a bunch of Putin, Bin Laden, 007, etc.

The cloned soldiers can eat anything and their organs can be reproduced and multiplied.

The gene weapon is so powerful. Is gene technology evil? Those hit badly by the gene weapons must be those who demonize gene technology.

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[The Xilu screenshots were brought to you by GM22, one of the many brave Chinese risking their lives to bring truth to light.]