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Getter Video link:[March 18, 2021] Miles Guo’s Getter (1st)

[March 18, 2021] Video translation

Dear brothers and sisters, there was no sound in the last part of my live broadcast just now. Because the bodyguard who was operating the recorder moved the wire, the wire shook, and the signal was broken, and as a result there was no sound. This is normal. Human error has nothing to do with the CCP. Adherence to the truth, the only truth, is unbreakable. We can’t fool around here. It’s terrible. Many fellow fighters sent me messages saying, can you tell us what you said at the end, brother-7?  Just this, brothers and sisters, if brother-7 is a little bit opaque, then there is a big problem, right? Let me tell you about it. The first thing I said was, in the past two days, our G-Fashion company sent out some whistles and some clothes. We have encountered a few big problems.

The first problem is the packaging box. Most people don’t care about the packaging box, but at this year’s Hermès fashion show, they used stacked Hermès packaging boxes as background.  Hermès packaging boxes are the best in the world. We looked for many box manufacturers, including packaging box manufacturers in China. We had many sample boxes made, but none of them meet our requirements. We did all this through our fellow fighters. One of our brothers in Italy did a great job. Our brother Wen Ke found several manufacturers and even obtained a lot of boxes.  Packaging boxes like Gucci, Chanel are not at our level at all. Their packaging is not what we want. So, when the whistles and clothes were sent out, there was a big gap between the product and the packaging. The whistle is made of silver. Look at that box. Here is one. Look, look at this box. I received this box by mail. You see, it is poorly made inside, you know, it’s poorly made. This is simply embarrassing. This is a temporary, temporary packaging. They did it temporarily in Los Angeles, the quality is inferior. This is one problem.

Secondly, everyone has a different understanding of our G-Fashion. A fellow fighter sent me a message. Because he works in the industry, as an industrial engineer, he said that he noticed the core of the bracelet’s ring was made using a welding process instead of one-time casting molding. Then I talked to our designer about this. As you all know, he is the designer of Chrome Hearts. Wow, he was greatly irritated. He totally disagreed with the fellow fighter. He said that you should buy products from a processing assembly line if you want casted moldings. You should not buy my handmade products. The jewelry we just launched is all made by him, and probably there is only one piece for each type. Some have about three or five parts. It is simply impossible to form an assembly line for welding molding. That’s why it is called a work of art. It is a unique handcrafted piece. He said that if you want industrial products, you shouldn’t buy my products and not let me design them.

From the beginning of G-Fashion operations until now, our design cost is five times or more of our revenue. Our revenue cannot cover the design charges, let alone other costs and materials. One more thing, nothing is made in mainland China. Remember, if you find anything in G-FASHION made in mainland China, you can sue us, you can take any action, don’t trust Brother-7 anymore. You see, I receive various samples every day. This just arrived today. This is a Loro Piana (a high-end Italian luxury clothing company) product. Look at this material. This was just brought over today. Look at this, you see, this material is as simple as that. For this most exquisite material, I told them that I like this. This is cashmere, do you see it? How much is the price difference compared to an ordinary material? 10 times. The current president of the U.S. operations of Chanel will come to work here. He starts to work next Monday, right here, at this office.

Some Chanel fabrics cost 6 Euros, generally not more than 10 Euros (/cloth unit). How much does Chanel sell it for? They sell it for ​​5,000 to 10,000 Euro. Do you know how much our fabric cost? 140 Euro, 80 Euro, 70 Euro, some are more than 200 euros. Our costs of fabrics are dozens of times higher than Chanel, but do you know how much we sell our products for? Our prices are one-tenth, one-twentieth, and one-fiftieth of theirs. All the manufacturers we want to contact now are manufacturers for Gucci, Prada, Hermès, Chanel, Bottega Veneta, and Celine. All of the manufacturers work with them.

We don’t use Versace’s manufacturers, including Brioni’s manufacturers. Stefano Ricci does not have their own manufacturer. My shirt (Stefano Ricci) is not by their own manufacturer. All their products are processed on this large sub-contracted production line. This is common sense, but we must create a Chinese brand since we just started, brothers and sisters. We are now in contact with major subcontractors who have already been making these things and products for big brands. We want to use the same production lines, or sometimes even the same materials. We create similar styles combined with our G-Fashion culture and design, and then sell you them at the price of maybe a fraction of the major luxury brands. This is basic common sense. But we must first be patient. Your brother-7 is really asking everyone to be patient. Because it’s like the box, I just showed you, right? It is basic common sense.

I still have time now. Let me take that jewelry like this stuff, like this box, it is all temporary. This one is not bad. This is still okay. Look, this box is my style. This ring, still our style. Take a look at that whistle packaging box. It is simply crazy, it is so poorly made. You see, this is temporary. This bracelet is so beautiful. This bracelet is so beautiful, I like it. I normally never wear jewelry, only on weekends. This jewelry is pretty good. Wear it when you go out. So, I hope everyone can understand, and I am very sorry, this process takes some time. In the past two weeks, several prominent managers from big brands, for example the president of Chanel America who has an annual business turnover of several hundred million dollars, have agreed to come work at our G-Fashion company.

Other people used to work at Hermès, Michael Kors, and Celine. Many people come to work for us. Other people build a brand in one hundred years, we only started one hundred days ago, just one hundred days. We at least need one or two years, right? Everyone needs to be mentally prepared. If you really love G-Fashion and are happy with G-Fashion, you are in the right place. Do not buy if you are not satisfied with it. Why are you buying? If you do not believe in it, then it is over, right? The G-Club membership is a long-term status symbol. It has many functions, not just to provide you some discounts on G-Fashion products.

One more thing. I just finished the live broadcast. I have no right to intervene in my fellow fighters’ personal affairs. I repeated it again. But three fellow fighters just messaged me and asked: “Brother-7, were you referring to me?” Well, I was shocked. I was having dinner. I said: “Are you paranoid? What did my comments have to do with you?” 

Three fellow fighters’ message me about this, two women and one man. Sorry, I have to block you. I’m really not in the mood. I have no time to talk about this with you. No matter how much you have bothered me in the past, I was able to accept it. But I can’t take this behavior, and I will block you. Are there really people who would acknowledge such a thing?  Let me tell you, these fellow fighters are all unknown to most of you. You definitely don’t know them, and these fellow fighters’ family members contacted me for the first time. Haha, so don’t try to guess. No one acknowledges this. Who would recognize this?

After I finished the live broadcast just now, many fellow fighters asked questions about Himalaya Farms’ funds, and many people reported issues to me. There are no “exchange rate differences”. You will be given a receipt. The Himalaya Alliance Committee members Lao Ban Zhang (President of the committee), Chang Dao Ge (Secretary-General of the committee) are taking action, along with Cao Gen Xiao Ge and David. This is why our “Iron Blood Team” is essential. 

Now we have added An Hong and Mulan to our team. Our Iron Blood Team is no longer a five-member group but a seven-member group, including Mulan and An Hong. In the future, all the new shares of our reconstructed GTV companies, will be held in two Ultimate Beneficial Ownership (UBO) companies in the British Virgin Island. The only people responsible for controlling the orders are An Hong and Mulan. Mr. Wang Xuebing and Cao Gen Xiao Ge will be in charge of one UBO. They are responsible for all the old chair shareholders and participants in our loan projects. An Hong is in charge of the other UBO company which is responsible for VOG, Phoenix Farm, Canada, Italy, G-Dollar, G-Coin, and of selling and holding the shares.  I may ask Mulan to be transferred here for a while. Ask her to humiliate this “nine-fingered demon Sara (VOG).” She should be moved here. It is possible. So, this is the new seven-member Iron Blood Team. 

That’s my report to you all today. Time is almost up. I will stop. I was wearing a mask. I will have a meeting right away. So, I take off my mask and record something for you to answer all your questions. I really can’t reply to your questions one-by-one, my phone is about to crash, so I can’t reply one-by-one. Quoting a proverb from my hometown: people will take food, take drinks, take money, but nobody takes scandals. Nobody will claim scandal as their own, right brothers and sisters? How can that be, right? 

Video text contributor: Himalaya Italy Da Vinci Farm  (TING GUO)