Author: MOS Wendy | Co-author: Xueli

You may see some unbelievable news in mainland China these days: H&M stores were smashed and shut down, Adidas was removed from the entire e-commerce platforms, and Nike shoes were burned, and so on. But those aren’t true. It seems crazy and you must be so confused, are Chinese people serious?

Obviously not! Some of those people who put some strange and dangerous words online were the “Wumao” army sent by the CCP, some of them are just brain-washed and don’t quite understand the world because of the Great Firewall. In China, our ideas are under surveillance by the Chinese Communist Party. Those actions and words cannot represent our Chinese.  

In fact, if we Chinese want to talk about Xinjiang with our friends online, we need to translate with “special code,” such as numbers, English letters, and other symbols in place of the Chinese words. If we reveal the truth and say something straightforwardly, we may be under surveillance or could be in danger when crossing the “red line” set by the CCP. It’s sad that we can’t talk about the truth of Xinjiang.

DEWU APP, an online e-commerce platform selling Nike, shows an increasing sale of Nike shoes during these couple of days. The data have shown our real attitude toward Nike and other brands facing backlash and boycotts over their stance on Uyghur treatment.

Stay away from the videos and words which the CCP shows you, we Chinese stand with those who support Xinjiang Human Rights.

Reviewer: Irene

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