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Almost overnight, mainland China has returned to the Boxer Rebellion time, the period before the Eight-Nation Alliance took on China.  Tiger Yang and Wang Yi are now glorified, and the legends of heroic and great Xi God and the eight old bastards of Zhongnan-Pit are shared everywhere.  The discussion led by colleges and universities that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) will lead the world, bring civilization to humankind, and be the embodiment of Jesus, God, Muhammad, and Allah has reached an inconceivably absurd point.  Someone from a teacher training school in a province was accused of spreading rumors for saying that the CCP has been committing atrocity and massacre in Xinjiang, Tibet and Hong Kong; poverty alleviation was falsified, and the CCP leaders’ own children are all overseas. 

The CCP is a “romantic party”.  For those who watch the Whistleblowers’ Movement and Lude Media would be interrogated by the discipline committee and suffer miserably.  A woman who sang the praises of the CCP’s romantic and up to date governing style was also questioned by the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and the Political and Legal Affairs Commission.  Someone from a local branch of the Agricultural Bank of China branch, who merely purchased a G-Clubs card on behalf of another person and watched videos of the New Federal State of China (NFSC) was fired and restricted from leaving Beijing.  Why is the super-confident CCP who recently even conquered the US in Alaska meeting, still relentlessly suppressing ordinary people and even forbidding them from watching videos of Lude Media or the NFSC?!

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Wang Jingyu (aka Huang Xiaojie) is a fraudster.  We definitely will not let scammer Wang Jingyu get away with it.  He used Western Union’s name disguising as a fellow fighter on to defraud others for money.  We must all be very careful.  

In the past week, I did three most important things.  First, I called some of the old chairs and people who participated in the lending arrangements, hoping they would return their chairs, their lendings, and even their G-Clubs membership cards because G-Series is an investment, not a gamble.   Investing in the G series has hardly anything to do with the Whistleblowers’ Movement and taking down the CCP.  You must have the ability to invest and satisfy the basic conditions for investment.  

If your investment was made reluctantly, then you are actually harming me and the Whistleblowers’ Movement, you are only helping the CCP.  We shall invest within your means. that is, provided you are not affecting your own families and livelihood, then show your support for the Whistleblowers’ Movement.  The investment should not become a burden.  Since 1990, I have not lost money in any of the investments I have participated in.  The return from the invested fund for the family is multiple times more than the real estate business.  But still, the process of such investment requires your stamina, determination, and trust and it should not impact on the development of other main businesses, let alone hinder your livelihood.  

For restructuring GTV this time, if we consider you are not suitable. we have the right to decline (your investment).  We don’t want to hand the power in determining chairs at GTV to the CCP undercovers, to people who are not committed to the Whistleblowers’ Movement, or to people who don’t have the resource and ability to invest in GTV.  At the same time, we will soon be establishing the collateral business using GTV-stock.  I am the advisor, consultant, and designer of the entire G series, but I have no decision-making power.  When I suggest that you withdraw from your investment, fellow fighters please don’t misunderstand me, I genuinely hope you will act within your means.  Next, the Himalaya Alliance Committee (abbr. Committee) will contact some of the fellow fighters asking them to withdraw their investment, so don’t get me wrong.

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Secondly, there are three ways that our fellow fighters have been cheated recently:  (1) someone claiming to make payment on behalf of the fellow fighters.  Those defrauded fellow fighters, please contact farms.  We will try to help but cannot guarantee the outcome; (2) using my name or the name of the farm, claiming to hold investments for you.  This is totally illegal and my video and audio cannot be used as endorsement; and (3) many people making up stories to help exchange foreign currencies, acting as an holding and purchasing agents to deceive fellow fighters’ money.  Even if they are actual fellow fighters, they need to do according to the rules, to know the person in charge of the farm, the relevant contact person.  Only upon confirming with the Committee, and making payment according to the guidelines, will we then be fully responsible for the consequences.

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Third, the Himalayan Embassy has been fully taken over by the Himalayan Alliance Committee, and Wen Bin is still managing it.   In this group, everyone can now give timely feedback.  If anybody is mistakenly kicked or maliciously removed, please take record of such, and we will ensure the issue will be addressed.

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Fourth, a few fellow fighters broadcasted on GTV and Youtube two days ago to publicly question Wen Bin. It is not advisable to praise me and scold them at the same time.  Anyone who publicly attacks a fellow fighter is no longer our fellow fighter.  GTV has the right to refuse any live broadcast that attacks me and the Whistleblowers’ Movement.  GTV and G series’ responsibilities are: (1) to take down the CCP; (2) to serve the fellow fighters; (3) the dignity and interests of the fellow fighters must be absolutely upheld; and (4) it must be firmly in the hands of fellow fighters.  All fellow fighters must abide by this principle.

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Fifth, all fellow fighters must protect their personal information. It is impossible to protect personal information when dealing with the CCP, and the best way to protect your information is not to trust others.  Your ability to judge people is essential.  The risks associated with the Whistleblowers’ Movement, the NFSC are considerable, and taking down the CCP is the most dangerous task.  If you are not fully prepared, stay away.  It is impossible to participate in the Whistleblowers’ Movement, the NFSC, without bearing any risk, and caring about privacy, whilst still making money.  We must prioritize by weighing risk and benefit. 

Nine-finger Goblin (Sara) will be put to prison, chiefly because she started to attack Miles and the anti-CCP movement.  All these investigations caused by her massive falsifications will serve as a KYC (Know Your Client) for the Whistleblowers’ Movement and the NFSC.  Deal with it as it comes.  If you haven’t done anything terrible, you will have no fear being investigated by anyone.  Trust the law of the US, and form a current judgement about the US justice system.  The CCP can only play unrestricted warfare.  The best response from you is to remain fine, stay calm, and be more robust and firmer than the CCP.  The fellow fighters from the original Phoenix Farm and VOG who have been defrauded under the lending program, shall cooperate with the Committee, to voluntarily provide proof.  In the present case, besides justice and accountabilities, there will also be other greater benefits.

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Sixth, my family fund will purchase 20 million G coins, to be applied as subsidies towards those volunteer fellow-fighters who have been interrogated, and threatened in the past.  I will not rely on anyone’s recommendation in identifying those fellow-fighters.  They would certainly be recommended among the fellow fighters of their respective farms, and further validated by the Committee in terms of the extent of the subsidy.   So anyone who promises that they can help you to give me advice, or guarantee you a certain amount of G coins is a scammer.  The subsidy, and criteria assessed against the hours volunteered and past risks suffered are my sole discretion.  The final decision will be verified by the relevant fellow fighters and the Committee, and to ensure you will be compensated in a safe and fair manner, instead of being used and represented by others, and this process cannot be done in a short time.

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Let’s talk about more romantic stories.  There are so many similarities between today’s America, the CCP, and Hitler in WWII.  After Hitler came to power, he fully nationalized private enterprise, wealth and ordered genocide against Jews.  Today’s CCP is doing exactly that.   The romance so-called by French is simply pathological.  I have not seen many brave French.  Look at the likes of Macron, the majority of those who are most willing to kneel to the CCP, glorifying communism and love the centralized power, are French.

What is more strikingly similar is that Hitler at that time built highways, the Olympic Games, propagated disinformation, racist, nationalist, aristocratic, and most importantly, Hitler, himself was the inventor of BGY (“Blue-gold-yellow” meaning corruption) to infiltrate other countries.  Today’s British royal family is in crisis again, a crisis originated from the US.  Back then, the deposed Earl of Windsor got involved with Mrs. Simpson, who had an affair with Hitler’s ambassador to France and many in the U.S. intelligence services.  In 1937 the Duke of Windsor went so far as to visit and meet with Hitler in his old camp, who bribed him with Spanish property and promised to re-establish the Duke of Windsor as king after he conquered England.  The Duke of Windsor not only supported Nazism and even encouraged Hitler to kill the British, but today’s CCP actually has quite a few Dukes of Windsor throughout the UN, Germany, Italy, including the UK, Japan, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.  And everything that has happened in America recently has resulted from the CCP’s multiple “Dukes of Windsor” and “Mrs. Simpson”. 

I told the NATO General that there are quite a number of Mrs. Simpson’s in the European Parliament.  When actions were about to be taken in Hong Kong during June-July 2020, they were malignly blocked by multiple Mrs. Simpsons and the Duke of Windsor in the European Parliament.  By November 2020, I repeatedly said there would be major action taken by Europe, however again these were pushed aside by the European Security Assessment Committee, and the PEC organization within Europe.  Mr. Pompeo went to Europe at that time and was going to launch action had they not been turned down.

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I have good news from Europe today.  The EU has finally busted the “Simpson Project” secretly run by the CCP in Europe.  When the NFSC first started working with the EU, I informed them that there were cameras and wiretaps planted by the CCP in Brussels’ EU halls.  Multiple secretaries who passed the strictest security clearance were the CCP’s honeytraps.  They didn’t believe me.  A head of Simpson Project happens to be my classmate’s father, and what I had told Europe 3 years ago has only been uncovered now, so taking down the CCP is surely not easy!

Back in 2017, I said that darkness has already descended upon us, and no one believed it then.  I don’t care whether they believe it or not; I only care if I said it or not.  The latest event means that the EU will righteously stand with the Americans and the NFSC, and be determined in taking down the CCP!  This plan is called Simpson Plan, but to me, it’s regarded as the modern version of Boxer Rebellion which took place in the Qing Dynasty in 1900.  After the Simpson Project got busted in Europe, Switzerland, Germany, and France, those that are on best terms with the CCP, were all shocked.  Now the CCP is attacking the entire world, trying to form alliances wherever they can.  They go after Russia, Japan’s emperors, including the infiltration of Europe, the buying off of German big business and experts.  A dozen of Mrs. Simpsons can be found in Number 10 Downing Street, and British Parliament.  And now, Japan is the only country still too afraid to confront the Simpson Plan, and we are working on it.  And this is our Whistleblowers’ Movement, the NFSC’s key role.  We are shooting down the agenda of the CCP (today’s Boxer Rebellion) one by one, and at the same time working to strengthen the G series,  and build our economic base.

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We are now waiting for the whitepaper report on the truth about the virus; and the report on the Hong Kong incident to be issued in the US, as well as punitive actions following the publication of these two reports.  Let the entire world be awoken, and face the truth that this virus is a bioweapon released by the CCP, another holocaust.  There is no choice but to eradicate the CCP regime.  This era is the most significant moment for us, the people of the NFSC.  Europe will fully cooperate with us on the G series, and we want to gain dominance in Japan’s cryptocurrency market.  Huobi will be just another Tomorrow Group (a financial conglomerate owned by Xiao Jianhua who is now in prison if not dead), and at the same time it has a role as intel gathering.  It’s purpose to purchase the Butterfly (“Purple Butterfly trading”?), a Japanese cryptocurrency company, is to stop our G-coin.  After they are done with competing, we will go and clean up the battlefield.  Huobi is doomed.

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Being the Queen of England is not easy.  She is a man of God, in everyday life she is kind and humorous.  The Dalai Lama is also extremely nice, honest, and humorous, but very simple-minded when dealing with the CCP.  He even got vaccinated, and called Biden to tell the CCP not to stop his reincarnation.  The Queen of England is not an ordinary person, she is full of wisdom and wit, and has a perfect insight and grasp on people and things.  She is a symbol of inspiration, an extremely influential figure in leading and encouraging the masses.  I have met all of the living royal members of the Queen’s family, but only the Queen is awe-inspiring.  She is a very devoted Christian. The two disasters she encountered in her life were both from the United States.

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Good vs evil, and true vs false are the most important things that we live for on earth.  Agora has chosen to collude with the CCP, manipulating the viewing data of GTV.  So do not broadcast shows for the sake of the numbers.  The goal of the Whistleblower Movement is to take down the CCP.  I don’t like myself on the screen.  I much prefer the real me offline.  After the CCP is overthrown, I will not do any more live broadcasts.  I will only meet with my old fellow fighters in person.

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