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“Environmental Justice is just the Marxist concept of oppressor versus oppressed applied to Global Warming”[2].

First, the CCP gave us Critical Race Theory (CRT) which replaced the Marxist oppressor/oppressed paradigm with the white/minority paradigm [1]. This was a brilliant strategy by the CCP to reignite the flagging racial tension in American politics. It has been very successful. As we know, the CCP has a long-term strategy of eradicating the white race from the planet. Sounds insane, sounds unbelievable. It is both, but true nonetheless.

The next step – the real stroke of genius – was figuring out how to gain maximum control over all human beings – over production, over wealth, even over genetics and life and death itself. The most recent, and most malevolent strategy to achieve this has been the development and release of the biological warfare agent – CPP-virus (aka Covid-19). However, in this article we will discuss the earlier strategy of “Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW)” and the solution promulgated by the Marxists – the “Green New Deal (GND)”. With the establishment of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) in 1988, the ball was set rolling on what will no doubt become the most costly and transformative Quango, and hoax, in the history of mankind.

Source: cpusa.org

Just as people around the world should be very concerned about the CCP-virus, and should hold the CCP responsible for the release of this biological war agent, they should also be concerned about the Green New Deal (GND). According to Hayden Ludwig, Senior researcher at the Capital Research Centre the GND has as its core the objective of remaking society in the Socialist/Marxist mold and tightening Government control. “It has nothing to do with climate change and everything to do with introducing radical left policies to the US”[2].

“The interesting thing about the GND…is it wasn’t originally a climate change thing at all…we think of it as a how-do-you-change-the-entire-economy thing” [2]. So, said Saikat Chakrabarti, former chief of staff to Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) to The Washington Post in 2019. An extraordinary admission from the Chief of Staff of arguably the most radically “progressive” member of the House.

“Environmental Justice is just the Marxist concept of oppressor versus oppressed applied to Global Warming”[2]. Rich people are by the nature of their level of pollution considered as “oppressors” of poor ethnic minorities. Presumably, this applies to rich people regardless of the color of their skin – a logical fallacy for those who would wish it to only apply to white people – but never mind. In this way, the radical left justifies any reorganization of society – wealth redistribution, reparations, property confiscation, infringements on freedoms, preferential treatments of any kinds – based on the very tenuous thread of AGW. One can see how this could easily escalate into a scenario similar to the 1966 “Cultural Revolution” in China.

Source: freenoticias.com

The GND will allow Governments to control travel, agriculture and what people eat, even how many children they can have. This is a dangerous, radical transformation that could be used for practically anything. Anybody who thinks the American radical left is not allied with and directed by, the CCP is not living in the real world. The CCP-virus, identity politics, the GND are all master strategies originally hatched on the CCP workbench and then implemented abroad under the banner of their unrestricted non-kinetic warfare plan.

Think about it, if you can sell the idea that “if you don’t pass this Green New Deal legislation you will die, the whole world will go up in smoke”[2], then you have a license to do whatever you want. It is genius. Unfortunately, the portion of the population which is swallowing this is not.

“Traditional Socialism, like in China, seeks power over everything people do and environmentalism is the only ideology that goes beyond that; it gives the Government power of your genes, over what you get to breathe – cellular level control. It is the most extreme thing I have ever seen”[2]. It leads even to radical measures like Eugenics – trying to regulate the number of humans on the planet, and presumably which humans are desirable as well, in other words, Nazi-level Genocide policies.


When you consider that the CCP is already involved in Genocide, organ harvesting from live non-complying donors, biological warfare, and brutality towards freedom-seeking people, it is not big logical leap to imagine that they are also involved with other civilization-ending strategies like GND and its corollaries.

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