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A couple of days before, Miles Guo asserted in his live broadcasting that he would hats off to those who could hold a conversation with someone in China for as long as an hour. I decided for myself to take this challenge.

As a matter of fact, I quitted WeChat more than a year ago. The phone with WeChat installed was turned off most of the time and was only turned on during the New Year’s and festivals to contact my family members. I found that this reduced use of WeChat seemed have cured my mental illnesses and I have been energetic since.

In the past, I was always on WeChat, indulge in various public accounts with exciting contents (Chinese call it the chicken soup for your brain), which made me shout for my country, for my friends. I used to think that the CCP would surpass the West and dominate the world in the near future. What a pride even to regard central committee leaders in Zhongnanhai as my sons. They’ve done great job for me.

Looking at the Moments on WeChat this morning, I really felt like entering a dreamland with the collective attack on H&M and Nike. A friend ridiculed that H&M was too poor and behaved as sour grapes. Xinjiang cotton does not care. Xinjiang cotton is of good quality and H&M simply couldn’t afford rather than prohibiting it. “Xinjiang cotton doesn’t care” has become a popular slogan in China, it has been expended as “China doesn’t care,” and applied to the likes of goods prohibited.

I also remembered the video chat with my family during the Spring Festival. My friend from childhood told me: I have had the vaccine, it’s okay. After the injection, I felt that I slept better and had a greater appetite. It’s such a messy abroad, you be careful. If possible, hurry up and get our Chinese vaccine injected!

I’ve donated to the Rule of Law Foundation quietly on behalf of my family members who work for the government and for my friends who grew up with me. When I was writing messages for the donation that day, I couldn’t help but burst into tears. On the road of faith, we’ve gone farther and farther apart.  I remembered the simple joy of playing together as child, but now we are not able to exchange more than five sentences when we meet again.

Never in my mind that you are a bad person. I remember the first time I came back to China, you told me that you were actually suffering, you were unhappy, and very exhausted. You didn’t want to do what you were doing. Later when I was back home again, I found that you became more and more quiet. You no longer opened your heart to me and didn’t bother to tell me whether you were happy or not. You seemed to have endless meetings, and everyone around you was admiring you.

It’s hurt as in my heart, you will always be that happy kid who jumped into the river with me that summer and we played together. I can never forget our laughter and joy during the holiday. I am very scared of losing you. The CCP is to be eliminated for sure but it must not take away the innocent people.

Let’s look at the overseas Chinese WeChat community, the compatriots actively and collectively attacked those who applied international sanctions against the CCP, ridiculed the local government’s policy for lockdown. Meanwhile they did not forget to praise the CCP’s prevention measures for pandemic. Some people even vowed not to take any vaccines but CCP’s because they are for the Chinese caste.

My friend once angrily scolded Taiwan not grateful. He told me, “Why is Taiwan doing so well in pandemic prevention? It was because they got notified from China and they were obedient and avoid the disaster in time! Look at the United States, Europe, what a mess they are in. Yes, China will surpass them in a few years.”

So I asked this friend, “Then you are planning to return back China and settle down?”

He quickly argued: “Oh, well, we decided for our child to grow up here. After all, working and studying conditions here are still good. At home, you know that there is too much pressure in every aspect.” Communicating with overseas Chinese who are CCP fanatics (red fans)will cause anyone endocrine dysfunction.

At beginning one would feel such behaviors ridiculous and funny, yet I have to say that myself used to be like such schizophrenic exactly.

Red fans at home and abroad, they are absorbing in WeChat and Weibo every day. The invisible firewall and the virus that has been implanted in them since childhood that the CCP is better than your parents, all these blinded the people and prevented them from seeing the truth. That’s why so many innocent people are still cheering for the CCP today.

CCP’s plot of the military-civilian integration has turned a normal person into a maniac. But fellow citizens, do you know what CCP’s military-civilian integration means? Most of Chinese soldiers on the Korean war were not killed in battlefields but were frozen to death as they were unarmed and no winter clothes on. Their flesh and blood were only things for them to meet bullets. It was the massacre by Mao Zedong.

Do you know what the CCP’s military-civilian integration is? The Lude Media tells us that the CCP deployed many missiles in the downtown and residential areas of the city! Why should the international community collectively impose sanctions on the CCP?

Because the CCP conducted genocide in Xinjiang.
Because CCP has devastated the rule of law, democracy and freedom of Hong Kong, and brutally raped and killed young people who peacefully  protested in Hong Kong.
Because the CCP made and released the CCP virus as biochemical weapons and launched the WW3 against the whole world!

My fellow citizens, the CCP has killed countless people. Wake up, the CCP will be taken down! We must not be kidnapped by them! Join the Whistleblower Movement and join the New Federal State of China! The Chinese people do not care the CCP!

We are really lucky. Following the Whistleblower Movement all the way. Miles Guo has awakened us. Now we have to act to awaken more compatriots. G-TV and G-news are platforms for spreading the truth and spreading the voice of freedom!

The Chinese are not the same as the CCP. What the evilness done by the CCP cannot make the Chinese people to pay, to be responsible for. The Chinese Communist Party is the criminal organization that should be convicted and be condemned.