Feb 2, in China, many cities far from Wuhan implement curfew in the name of protecting ‘people’s safety.’ Chinese Netizens exposed several ‘grocery shopping passes’ online.

Travel Card

Due to the current situation, in order to do a good job of preventing and controlling the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic situation effectively, minimizing migration, controlling the outbreak of the epidemic and ensuring the health of the people to the greatest extent, according to the requirements of the Province, and both Wenzhou and Ruian cities, it was decided that from midnight February 1st to midnight on February 8th, 2020, village (resident) management and control measures will be implemented throughout the city.
Note: Every household in the city will be allowed an assigned family member to purchase living materials every two days. The exceptions of other personnel are: those who are seeking medical attention due to the sickness; those who are required to work in epidemic prevention and control; those who are ensuring the operation of public utilities; and those who are working at places that are related to people’s daily living, or at companies that are involved in important national economy and people’s livelihood. In principle, do not go out.

Village (community) stamp

More Passes exposed by netizens around China.