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A gymnastics team at the Gymnastics Weightlifting and Judo Sports Management Center of Hebei Sports Bureau suffered severe Campus violence from two 15-year-old teenagers. The video clips showed shocking footage of five kids were bullied for four or to five days. During this period, they were strangled till losing consciousness more than a dozen of times and awakened by boiling water later. Many parts on their bodies were scalded and blistered with larger than a goose egg shape.

How CCP policemen took care of this crime: it was determined to be a minor injury. The two teenagers should receive criminal detention for a few days by law; however, they were not detained due to their being under 16 years of age. The school refuses to grant any interviews with the journalists citing the matter is still under investigation and resolution process.

Campus bullying happens in many schools in CCP China. I had heard and witnessed it when I was in school. Basically, the victims swallowed their voices and let it go. Occasionally few parents came to school and asked for an explanation, then the school committee came forward to moderate and end it.
Now let us take a look at how campus bullying is handled in the United States.

In 2015, three Chinese teenager students in the United States bullied and beat up one of their classmates, burning her with cigarettes and slapping her face with their shoes up to 7 hours. Once the victim called the police, the three perpetrators were arrested immediately. After a period of judicial proceedings, they could have been sentenced to life imprisonment. Since the perpetrators and the prosecutor reached a pleaded guilty plea and commuted agreement, the three teenagers were sentenced to 13, 10, or 6 years in prison accordingly respectively.

We can see that there are not only laws in the United States, more importantly, the laws are strictly followed. It is indeed the case that there are laws and the laws are followed in the United States.

Things are different in CCP China. First of all, the current law does not have an effective intervention measure for campus bullying. Secondly, the schools do NOT take any responsibility when campus bullying happens and there is no legal provision to charge schools for such incidents. Therefore, whenever such tragedy occurs, in order to protect their reputation, the schools always try hard to cover the truth, Lower undermining the seriousness of the situation and end the trouble as soon as possible. It’s exactly the same way as the Chinese officials who handle any emergency incidence — suppressing the spread of the truth and achieving stability by settling the score forcefully.

CCP China does not have badly needed judicial system to protect Chinese people. However, the so-called “National Security Law”, which defies the whole world, could be established quickly. The CCP has truly accomplished that the law is the tool for the ruling class, rather than the last defense line for a civilized society.

When I watched the video one more time, I could hardly to look at the scars on those little kids’ bodies. It is so surprising surprised how cruel the two teenagers are, and they are supposed to treat each other like brothers or sisters. Where did the hostility come from? The CCP is lacking not only the law and justice, but also humanity! The CCP instigates its people to fight each other, instead of to help and love each other. How could children growing up in this kind of environment be full of learn to love the world in the future?