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The Hong Kong Institute of Public Opinion Research (HKIPOR) released 5 core social indicators on the 23rd. The survey shows that the 5 core social indicators of freedom, democracy and rule of law are all on a downward trend compared to a month ago, hitting a new record low this year.

HKIPOR interviewed a random sample of 1,001 people by telephone from March 8 to 12. The 5 indicators are, in descending order, “freedom”, “stability”, “prosperity”, “rule of law” and “democracy”. The highest score is 10, with scores of 4.70, 4.26, 4.26, 3.92 and 3.59 in descending order. All indicators have recorded significant decreases, ranging from 0.32 to 0.72 points, and all scores are also at a new record low in 2021.

Baptist University Department of Political Science and International Relations Associate Professor Kenneth Chen believes that the trend of all five core social indicators are down is related to the revision of Hong Kong’s electoral system by the Chinese Communist Party’s National People’s Congress, and that Hong Kong’s recent political issues are numerous, such as the Central Government’s demand for “patriots governing Hong Kong”, 47 democrats were charged with violating the “National Security Law” due to the primary election. The “National Security Law” and other incidents have led to a drop in ratings.

Chan Ka-lok continued to worry that Hong Kong people’s freedom of speech will be restricted in the future, so that Hong Kong people can only rely on data to express their voices, and anticipate that academic freedom and artistic freedom will be threatened. The exhibits of the M+ Museum, for example, were accused of violating the National Security Law, but the Chief Executive only said he was vigilant about the incident rather than defending Hong Kong’s multiculturalism, describing the future as “not the most left, only more left”.

Source: Epoch Times