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Getter Video link: [March 21, 2021] Miles Guo’s Getter (1st)

[March 21, 2021] Video translation

Hello, dear honorable fellow fighters! Today is March 21. It’s a lively weekend. All the media across the world… you know, how crazy the world is! How crazy! The vaccine has caused so many deaths, but almost no one dares to report it. Seriously, we are in the age when media is the king. People across the world are all asking: Who has the greatest power in the world? Who are the most powerful people? Zuckerberg, Eric Schmidt of Google, and Jack [Dorsey] of Twitter. They are the media bosses. Everyone is saying this: “Who is the boss? The media.”  

I can indeed feel it. So many people have died abnormally. Yet, no one has reported on this. No one dares to report or only briefly covered it. It is not only the vaccine, but also President Biden’s three stumbles when boarding Air Force One. He fell over three times directly from the stairs. Well, the American media barely reported it, and the world media didn’t have the courage to report it either. This is because the U.S. media is the boss and the world’s media is controlled by the capital of the US and the CCP. Do you think the world is scary?   

Another one. Not many people dare to discuss the CCP virus. Only a few of them have the courage, but they have been blocked on the internet and their words cannot be spread. The only exception is our New Federal State of China (NFSC), our G-TV, G-News, our Whistleblower Movement (WM), and our fellow fighters, right? We don’t care who will be offended, we just tell the truth, right? This reflects the real power of the NFSC and WM. Brothers and sisters, now you see who is the hero and who stands for justice. Now everyone can see it, right? Should you feel proud, brothers and sisters? 

Let’s just move on and talk about something more absurd. All that people have been talking about these days was the Alaska meeting between the US and China. We are the only one saying that it was a show. No one else knew about this. It’s because we have the intelligence, so we are not taking a shot in the dark. If you guess blindly, you will never be 100% correct, right? We are the only media who said it was a show. In these days, many so-called media professionals with conscience along with politicians have had meetings with me like crazy, asking “How do you know it was a show, Miles?” It is very simple, brothers and sisters. I said, “Look, this is a show.” Then I made a metaphor, “What do the ‘rolling pin’ (fake) economy of the CCP and their boastings look like?” (Checking out his camera.) Wow, it turns automatically. Everything is automatic. Well, there are things that cannot be done automatically. It’s turning back. So interesting. 

I said, think about the economic and military strength of the CCP, when compared to the US, it is like a sheep, with no doubt. Considering the strength and influence of military, politics, economy, and technology, the US is absolutely a wolf. Let’s use these two animals to tell the story. Then, why dare the CCP to be so arrogant? It is because the CCP has kidnapped 1.4 billion Chinese people. Another reason is the BGY plot in the US, using all the resources netted by abusing the 1.4 billion slaves. Right? Brothers and sisters, what else can I say? The CCP only has only these two tricks, right?

I then asked, “Why did the US-China Alaska meeting have such an absurd scene?” Many people from Europe and America asked me, “What’s your take on this?” I said, “It was very simple. I can use two metaphors to describe the meetings between the CCP and the US. The so-called Empress Yang (Jiechi Yang) and Eunuch Wang (Yi Wang) were sheep covered with the skin of a wolf. Sheep in wolf’s clothing are still sheep no matter how much fuss they make, how they check around, look back and forth, kick and scratch the ground, or how much they believe they are a wolf.” 

I continued, “Then what was America like? It was a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Period. Why? It indeed treated itself as a sheep. Why was America the wolf willing to put on sheep’s clothing? It’s because others got goods on America, so that it didn’t have the courage to be a wolf. It’s because the sheep had a tacit agreement with it and asked it to pretend to be a sheep for once, in order to cheat the 1.4 billion slaves in Communist China. So, if you America agreed to put on a show with me, I, the noisy sheep in wolf’s clothing would send more sheep to you or even some other wolf’s meat for you America to eat.” 

“Simple as this,” I said, “ultimately, please remember, the America wolf will go back to its nature. The American wolf will turn back to a wolf in wolf’s skin, and the CCP sheep will still be a sheep in sheep’s skin or naked with its skin peeled. That’s it.” They all laughed.     

No matter how loud you voiced, you are still a sheep in sheep’s skin. So, I said, “It is better if they keep making more fuss. All means the CCP has used toward Hong Kong, Taiwan, Africa, and the Middle East are political tactics for its domestic politics. Please take a good look at WWII. Many critical decisions that influenced a nation’s fate made by Hitler, France, the UK, or Japan at that time were absolutely connected with their domestic politics. All the world’s politicians belong to the same family – they are all rogues. Yet, the CCP is not a rogue, rather, it is a true gangsterdom. It has kidnapped 1.4 billion Chinese and used the 1.4 billion Chinese as leverage to bargain with the world. The Americans were willing to put on sheep’s clothing, even though they knew they were wolves, because they wanted to get more sheep meat for their personal interest and get more lambs for the future, or even get some sheep placentas to eat, right? Simple as this.”   

America was humiliated this time, and the noisy CCP has solved its internal conflict between the Shanghai Gang and God Xi. More importantly, the CCP could reach its ultimate goal of harvesting the chives (referring to robbing the ordinary Chinese) and having the ordinary Chinese to pay the bills in the end. No matter to the wolf in sheep’s clothing or the sheep in sheep’s skins, in the end, it is the ordinary Chinese who will pay for the bills, the grassroots. Simple as this. Do you believe me? It doesn’t matter if you don’t.

Now in the U.S. and in the world, there are people who suddenly remembered the issue of anti-racial discrimination, anti-discrimination against Chinese, and anti-hatred. All bullshit. We have being voicing this for two to three years! Without the NFSC’s years of effort of separating the CCP from Chinese people, telling the West that it’s the CCP virus rather than China virus, repeatedly saying that the CCP has kidnapped Chinese people, and that the CCP cannot represent Chinese people, we would not have just racial hatred now, we would have something like the discrimination of Chinese decedents in Indonesia, which was basically a genocide, or even a racial turmoil. Anyone who has some conscience and think a little about this would reach this conclusion.

It’s everyone in the NFSC and the WM, our Lude Media, our doctor team, as well as our countless fellow fighters who protested in the street all over the world, the many articles on G-News, the enormous contribution of our fellow fighter volunteers, including the G-Translators, and all the volunteers who translate real-time news in the West and East, that made the West and East gradually understand that the CCP cannot represent Chinese people, the CCP virus is not what the Chinese people wanted and Chinese people themselves are also victims. We together with all the Western fellow fighters, such as Bannon, Giuliani, Pompeo, Miles Yu, and many more told the world that the virus was not made by Chinese people. This contribution and the benefit brought to Chinese people cannot be measured by money.   

This is why someone told me yesterday, “I want to invest a huge amount of money in you because my kids have safety in the West due to the NFSC’s effort in separating Chinese from the CCP.” The majority of people have conscience. So, brothers and sisters, please always remember that separating the CCP from Chinese and taking down the CCP are the only hopes and means for us to survive, and everything else is less important than these things. Don’t let your vision of the future be blurred by just one tiny piece of dust. Everything is trivial compared with taking down the CCP, which bears our future. Once the CCP is taken down, everything will be fine.

If the CCP wants to pretend to be the sheep, we will beat it back to its original shape and make a stew of its entrails. CCP, you are done! Don’t you believe? We will see. Still the same old saying, Shen and Yanggu are two adjacent counties competing with each other, so let’s wait and see who will win!

Video text contributor: Himalaya Italy Da Vinci Farm  (TING GUO)