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In this propaganda video spread on WeChat, the Chinese Communist Party says that the Wuhan coronavirus was created by the U.S. to attack China.

The Chinese Communist Party is spreading a video linking Wuhan Coronavirus to the U.S.

CCP video with English subtitle added by GNews:

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The Orginal CCP video without English subtitle:

English transcript from the video:

Chinese scientists uncovered terrible secrets. Four proteins identified in the virus were changed for a precision attack — specifically against genes found in Chinese people. 

Multiple research papers analyzing the novel coronavirus have already concluded that this virus could not have come from the natural world. Finally, the evidence is here. 

On January 21st, three researchers from the Chinese Academy of Sciences published a joint paper in the “Science China Life Sciences” journal, written in English. They revealed the truth about the novel coronavirus, so please watch this news closely. 

There were three researchers who found this information — Pei Hao, a researcher from Institute Pasteur of Shanghai and the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Wu Zhong, a researcher from National Engineering Research Center for the Emergence Drugs, Academy of Military Medical Sciences, and Xuan Li, a researcher from Key Laboratory of Synthetic Biology, CAS Center for Excellence in Molecular Plant Sciences. 

Together, they published a joint paper in “Science China Life Sciences” online journal in English to provide a scientific and academic explanation for the evolution, source, and human transmission of the Wuhan novel coronavirus.

The most important conclusion of the findings is this: 

even though four of Wuhan CoV’s most important proteins (interface amino acid residues) have been changed, the Wuhan novel coronavirus (2019-nCov) has been found to have a significant binding affinity to human ACE2. 

The researchers were shocked when they compared the SARS S-protein with Wuhan CoV’s S-protein and found that it doesn’t alter the structural composition of the virus even though four amino acids were replaced. 

The 3-D structures identified in the RBD domain are almost identical — so, it is no wonder that the Wuhan CoV’s similarity to SARS can easily mislead people into believing that it is SARS. 

This research points to an important discovery that the Wuhan CoV S-protein supports strong interaction with human ACE2 molecules, which can lead to infecting the epithelial cells in the upper respiratory tract. 

This discovery also told us that Wuhan CoV is highly contagious by design.

This research has laid a theoretical foundation for China to develop control, test, and intervention of Wuhan CoV in a scientific way. 

After reading the research report, people are outraged in disbelief. 

The key point of all these findings is that “four of the important S-protein have been replaced in Wuhan Coronavirus”.

First, the purpose is to disguise Wuhan CoV as SARS to make it more difficult for medical researchers and doctors to differentiate it from SARS. This misleads them into taking SARS-like prevention measures, which can result in the delay of treatment and increased spread of the virus. 

Secondly, it is so contagious that it spreads rapidly by design.

Can this type of crime through biotechnology against humanity be committed by bats or bamboo rats? 

Ten thousand years of evolution cannot produce this type of precise altering of four important S-proteins! 

The fact that the Wuhan virus was created in a lab under human influence Is indisputable. This is inhumane to the extreme.

In 2010, China won the battle against the SARS virus. 

In 2015, the PLA hospital won battles against the Ebola virus in Africa. 

This time, our enemy picked Chinese New Year for a new viral outbreak. 

We are facing a new challenge. 

All medical research and epidemic prevention personnel in our country have entered a war-ready state. 

All the people in the country are on high alert and are combat-ready. 

The Chinese people will win this war. 

The perpetrators will be punished by heaven. 

The imperialists never stop destroying, attacking or trying to contain us. 

The fast rise of China makes the imperialists tear down all their disguises to attack us openly. 

Our enemies are reckless and unscrupulous, so we must fight back reciprocally. 

Let’s emphasize again. We are human. We must do it in a human way. “A tooth for a tooth”, “blood for blood”. 

Look at the American’s shocking plan from SARS to Wuhan pneumonia! 

Sixteen years after the last SARS epidemic, a novel coronavirus mysterious emerged in China…

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The accusation originally appeared in the official Chinese military Website:

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