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G Fairy tale

Once upon a time there was a little boy who accidentally broke his mother’s beloved crystal cup.

Mother was furious.  This set of crystal cups was brought back from France, a total of eight, the outside is inlaid with intricate golden wires, and carved with exquisite patterns, so beautiful and luxurious.

Mother treasures this set of crystal cups so much.  She would only take them out for use during Christmas.  For the rest of the time, the little boy was not even allowed to touch them.

Now, one of those crystal cups was broken by him.

The little boy was terribly sad and deeply regretful for he too loved the crystal cup very much, and most importantly, he didn’t want his mother to be angry and sad.

So the little boy came to the lake, where a witch lived.  The little boy begged the witch to turn him into a crystal cup so that his mother would no longer be mad about the broken crystal cup.

The witch asked: What if your mom misses you?

The little boy thought about it for a while, and said:  then please carve my shadow onto the crystal cup.

The little boy then turned into a crystal cup, and his mother’s eight crystal cups came perfectly together once again…

[Author’s Commentary]

This is a fairy tale I wrote in March 2021, and when it was completed, my heart couldn’t help but ached with a faint of sadness.

The little boy represents the innate purity of the human soul, and the crystal cups represent sheer desires, which are formed later in one’s life.  When the soul tries to supersede the desire, in the end, out of greed and obsession, mankind will likely choose to sacrifice their soul to attain their desire …

The progress of human civilization to date, has already greatly deviated from God’s initial vision.  We have sunk deeper and deeper into the mire of materialism, ignoring the wonder and beauty of life that man, as a masterpiece of God, should experience and cherish.

True that our persistent pursuit for material comfort and fulfilment of power will eventually grant us some forms of spiritual pleasure, that is, acquiring a sense of pleasure from being respected and validated by others.   However, many spiritual pleasures in life do not necessarily require money and power, such as: family, love, friendship; trust, sincerity, understanding and support among friends; inner peace and contentment, and tranquility etc.  All such elements have largely been ignored by many people today.

In this material world, too often people sacrifice their families and friendships in exchange for financial gains; betray friends to grasp power; give up limited life in pursuit of infinite wealth, hence, they are forever immersed in their tireless missions and resentments, becoming the Walking Dead.

If we are too busy to the extent that we have no time left to spend with our children, hear their heartfelt laughter, embrace and kiss our loved ones; If we seldom have time to notice the rose tree blooming in the garden, the traces of birds flying in the blue sky, to listen to our favorite music or read regularly for pleasure to enrich our minds and souls, then what is the point to have all those power and wealth in life?

Everyone has a pure little boy living inside his heart, representing God’s fine blessing. The body is merely a vessel for the soul, and I believe that no one will be ignorant enough to cut his foot in order to fit into a shoe.  Likewise, we should not harm our “soul” just to fulfil the expectation of the “vessel”.  Do not sacrifice your soul for your desire.  This is the moral of the story.

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