More truth at GtvGnews

On March 20th, Mr. Miles Guo talked about  many things during his daily broadcast, and below is an excerpt of what he commented:

“With Joe Biden’s stumble yesterday, what problem could be sticked out?  It seems that it has stirred more hope to the New Federal State of China (NFSC) due to the imminent return of the strength of the conservatives rejected by the US. It will definitely be good for NFSC, and better still, for the tasks of exterminating the CCP. And do you know what is the best of the best? The midterm elections of 2022 are going to be excellent for NFSC, and you have to understand that Joe Biden’s relationship with the CCP has no way to go back. And that relationship is going worse than before.”

Since the inauguration of Joe Biden, there has been a huge expectation that this man will follow the path of policies on China that Donald Trump left out with the hope that this administration will take charge of implementing it, that is, follow the path to exterminate the Chinese Communist Party. But, to date, Joe Biden’s team does not show enough muscle towards this direction. Joe Biden’s triple stumble yesterday gives a certain indication that his personal health condition is not going well. There are rumors that Joe Biden’s medical team has falsified the condition report to allow this man to qualify for the 2020 presidential election race. If both the democrats and conservatives confirm this rumor to be true, the legality of this inauguration would become a powerful cause of an impeachment, that at the same time the replacement of Kamala Harris would become equally illegal. This is the democracy of the United States.

A simple fact of having won the election does not  guarantee for holding this presidential position as long as the law conceded this privilege. Any inconsistency before or after the elections could be grounds for removal.

Miles Guo says that whatever happens in the US presidency, the New Federal State of China is always going to be the winner because it all comes down to exterminating the CCP. After the so-called official visit in Alaska, the CCP uses Russia’s visit to give its “moral support”. Biden no longer has a way back in his relationship with China. He has nothing left but to sustain a tough confrontation that would end in exterminating the CCP. That’s why Miles Guo cheers with such a joy: Damn CCP, you will be eliminated soon!