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[Reference News reported on March 15] The Russian Strategic Culture Foundation Website published an article entitled “The world’s largest economy clarifies the “14th Five-Year Plan” and tasks before 2035″ on March 13, authored by Russia Professor Valentin Katassonov of the National Institute of International Relations, Moscow. The article stated that the communist China can reach the current high-income country standards by the end of the “14th Five-Year Plan” period; the communist China is expected to break away from the ranks of developing countries and join the ranks of economically developed countries.

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“From export to domestic selling”, the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) itself knows very well that the people of the communist China who have been enslaved and brainwashed by the CCP numbly believe in authority, the government, and overseas’ propaganda, but they don’t believe in what they hear and see. The lack of confidence makes a “worshiping foreigners”: If foreigners think that it’s okay, it won’t have any problem then. So if you look at the CCP’s official media Xinhuanet, most of the entire page of reference news is a variety of Russian media articles, American media articles, Japanese media articles, Taiwanese editorials, foreign media-focused news, or foreign media, etc. Some awakening Chinese know that all these media are bought by the CCP. These media just play as a role of the CCP’s running dog.

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On May 28, 2020, The communist China’s prime minister Li Keqiang mentioned at a press conference that ” In the total population of 1.4 billion, there are 600 million Chinese each one of them can only earn 1,000 RMB per month.” which aroused concern and discussion. Li Keqiang said, “How to protect the basic livelihoods of those in need and those newly affected by the epidemic should be placed in an extremely important position.” Now the CCP does put people’s livelihood in an important position, in the way of calling out poverty every day, builds a propaganda model every day, and prize the CCP every day without doing anything practical. Every day, the CCP play with the 1.4 billion Chinese in the propaganda. According to the CCP’s propaganda, the CCP will catch up with Great Britain and the U.S.A one day, and would to be the developed country. But what is ridiculous is that the CCP gave itself an excuse to argue that these achievements are also facing some tests, including the impact of the epidemic and the impact of China-U.S. relations. From other way to say, if CCP can’t purchase their goal (propaganda), it will be always others’ problems. The CCP will be always great, bright, and correct.

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